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5 Best Industrial Vacuum Cleaners for December 2022

5 Best Industrial Vacuum Cleaners for December 2022
5 Best Industrial Vacuum Cleaners for December 2022

Are you looking for a vacuum cleaner that can be used both in everyday life and in extreme working conditions? An industrial vacuum cleaner is definitely the best choice, in this case. You have no experience with such devices and are wondering which model is the best option? Check the ranking of the best industrial vacuum cleaners we have prepared for you.

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How does an industrial vacuum cleaner work?

Industrial vacuum cleaners are inseparable elements of every construction site and renovated place. Thanks to the hardy and durable build, they can be used for extreme tasks and removing the scrapes after breaking or sanding a wall. Just like other household devices of this type, industrial vacuums are supposed to suck up dirt.

An industrial vacuum cleaner can help in cleaning a surface from many small particles that might damage an ordinary vacuum with a bag or a handheld device. The industrial vacuum is also perfect for paint, varnish or even mold. Professional models are also used in machine shops and woodworking workshops.

When and why should you purchase an industrial vacuum?

Industrial vacuums can be divided between three categories, so that you can pick the right one for a particular job.

  • L-class devices are designed for cleaning dust and small particles, including crumbs resulting from e.g. wall breaking.
  • M-class vacuums clean dust and small scraps. They can also remove paint and plaster remains.
  • Devices from H-class are in the third category. Those models are designed for removing the heaviest dirt. They perfectly remove mold, asbestos and lead. They also deal with the same particles that L and M vacuums remove. H-class industrial vacuum cleaners have special filters that clean the sucked-in air.

What are the functions of an industrial vacuum cleaner?

Depending on the model, industrial vacuum cleaners have various features. The first significant difference is the build quality. Cheaper models are made of plastic, while the better-quality devices - of aluminium.

An overflow sensor is a very convenient solution. Models with this feature turn themselvess off automatically if dirt overflow is detected - it’s also a signal for whoever uses the cleaner that it has to be emptied.

Pay attention to the type of the filter. H-class industrial vacuum cleaners typically use HEPA filters. Thanks to this, the air can be thoroughly cleaned.

What are the best parameters of an industrial vacuum cleaner?

Apart from additional features, the length of the cable, the way the vacuum is transported and the system of emptying the container, pay attention to the class of the device. An industrial vacuum cleaner should match the type of work it is going to be used for. M and L-class vacuums are perfect for standard renovations and workshops where various types of dirt needs to be collected, e.g. paint or small particles.

For more advanced jobs involving e.g. cleaning the walls from mold, one has to consider the H-class designed for professionals.

Also, pay attention to the power of the vacuum - the higher it is, the better the vacuum removes dirt. The weight of the device is not important. Industrial vacuum cleaners are equipped with convenient and durable wheels to move them easily.

How much does the best industrial vacuum cleaner cost?

The cheapest heavy duty vacuum cleaner can be purchased for around $60. But such models are quite limited and they are designed for e.g. removing ash from a fireplace. Professional industrial vacuum cleaners are much more expensive. A high-quality device with many features and a durable build. High-quality equipment with many features and durable build might cost even a few thousand dollars.

Where to buy an industrial vacuum cleaner?

Look for industrial vacuum cleaners in hardware stores and large construction products centers. Make sure to browse through online stores as well. They typically offer the most expensive and effective high-class models. Additionally, if you buy online, you can count on the better prices and additional benefits.

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