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5 Best Cordless Vacuums for December 2022

5 Best Cordless Vacuums for December 2022
5 Best Cordless Vacuums for December 2022

Are you wondering what vacuum cleaner to pick? You can use traditional models but they are not as convenient as cordless vacuum cleaners. The modern devices can clean the whole house on a single charge! Are you wondering what the best cordless vacuum cleaner is? No problem! We have prepared a few tips that might help you.

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How does a cordless vacuum cleaner work?

Cordless vacuum cleaners are becoming a common option offered by manufacturers to their clients. Currently, the vast majority of customers decide on such models. The operating principle of a cordless vacuum is exactly the same as in a traditional device. The only difference is the lack of a tiresome and messy cable under your feet.

Cordless vacuum cleaners are equipped with a battery of a given capacity. Depending on the setting of the suction power, one can achieve a different cleaning time result on one charge. The dirt is accumulated in a special container - its volume varies depending on the model. After it fills up, it has to be emptied. So, it’s also a bagless vacuum cleaner.

Is a cordless vacuum cleaner worth purchasing?

Buying a cordless vacuum cleaner is a really good solution. Modern cordless devices have many advantages. They are possible to achieve thanks to various technological solutions.

Compact dimensions and a variety of attachments designed to reach difficult spots and vacuum different surfaces are the biggest advantages of a cordless vacuum. But don’t forget about another huge benefit - the lack of annoying cable that was so limiting in traditional models.

What are the functions of a modern cordless vacuum?

Modern cordless vacuum cleaners have many additional amenities. Depending on a particular model, you get special attachments that not only clean but also wash surfaces. Special electrobrushes help in thorough cleaning of carpets and furniture - which is crucial if you have pets.

Almost every cordless vacuum cleaner has HEPA filters that clean the air and remove bacteria, dust and allergens. It’s a perfect option if small children or allergy sufferers live in the house.

How to pick the best cordless vacuum cleaner?

If you decide on a cordless vacuum cleaner, pay attention to several important parameters of the device. First and foremost - operation time on one charge and battery charge time. Better models work for a long time, and the charging time is very short.

Cheaper models might not provide enough time for cleaning large spaces, e.g. over 80 square meters. Also, pay attention to the additional accessories - traditional attachments and electrobrushes.

Is a cordless vacuum cleaner better than a traditional one?

A cordless vacuum cleaner is definitely a much better solution than a regular vacuum cleaner with a bag and a cord. First of all - it’s much lighter and more convenient. The lack of cord offers practically endless possibilities. Just detach the pipe, add the right attachment - and you are ready to clean e.g. car seats - it works just like a handheld car vacuum.

Thanks to compact dimensions and low weight, a cordless vacuum cleaner can be used by the youngest members of the family. Additionally, the silent operation allows for cleaning even in the evening, without having to worry that you will wake up the children.

How much does a good cordless vacuum cleaner cost?

The prices of cordless vacuum cleaners depend mostly on the additional equipment, power, brand and functions of the device. A good-quality cordless vacuum can be purchased for no more than a hundred dollars. But more advanced devices from a renowned brand costs even a few hundred dollars.

Where to buy a cordless vacuum cleaner?

Cordless vacuum cleaners can be purchased in practically every supermarket or an electronic store. Check online offers as well. This way, you can find lower prices and additional deals.

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