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3 Best OLED TVs for December 2022 - Top Brands

3 Best OLED TVs for December 2022 - Top Brands
3 Best OLED TVs for December 2022 - Top Brands

Customers searching for a TV for their homes often consider one of the modern solutions - an OLED TV. Some are wondering about the secret of these devices and the reason why they are more expensive than standard models with an LCD matrix. Does OLED technology affect the quality of the display so much? Is it worth investing in?

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What is an OLED TV?

What exactly are TVs with an OLED matrix? Such screens contain high-standard LED diodes, and the “O” prefix means they are made of organic materials.

The biggest difference between LED and OLED matrices lies in the lack of additional backlighting, which is emitted autonomously. Thanks to this, every pixel works independently, and as a result, an OLED TV has unlimited contrast configurations. The displayed colors look very realistic, and black looks incredibly deep and natural.

What are the advantages of an OLED TV?

OLED TVs have a variety of advantages. The possibility to display a perfect black thanks to the low light emission by the pixels is one of the most valued ones. Such devices offer a very low color degradation, also when seen at different angles. The contrast drop at various angles is practically unnoticeable. OLED TVs are superior to LED matrices when it comes to the sharpness of moving pictures, which depends on the display brightness. Thanks to this, the image is sharp and clear even when the brightness is high.

Hermetic seal is an additional advantage of OLED TVs. They are encapsulated during production. In practice, it means that they are closed airtight, and dust or dirt won’t get inside.

Can an OLED TV have any flaws?

Just like other types of TVs, an OLED TV can bear certain manufacturing defects. Users might define them as appearing across all devices of this type. But they are typically single instances.

The price is the most common disadvantage of OLED TVs, as stated by customers. But keep in mind that such devices provide a much better display quality, so it’s worth the investment.

Do OLED TVs degrade over time?

Many users of the first available OLED TV models were dissatisfied with quick matrix degradation. Currently, TVs are manufactured using the latest technologies. What exactly does it mean for the owner? An OLED TV can work without any issues for 100 thousand hours, which is an extremely good result.

How much does an OLED TV cost?

It’s difficult to estimate any price range for OLED TVs, because it would be very broad. The cheapest good-quality models prices start at $1,100. But buying them, you can be sure you get a really good device. The most demanding users can consider high-end products. But they come at a higher price as well. One of the most expensive OLED TV from LG, featuring 8K resolution and 77-inch wide screen might cost up to $19,999.99. It’s an expense few can afford.

Where to buy an OLED TV?

OLED TVs are widely available, and they can be purchased in practically any electronic store. But in some cases one might have to order them in advance, as they might not be available in the store’s warehouse. Many customers decide to buy online. It’s a very convenient solution - an OLED TV is delivered directly to the given address. You can also easily compare particular devices on the Web and pick the best offer.

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