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4 Best TVs for December 2022 - Top-Rated Models

When wondering about the best TV, one can easily notice there are many models differing not only in size, but also functionalities. To answer the question: what is the best TV to buy and match your expectations, make sure to consider several tips.

The rating of TV presented below is the list of the best devices available on the market. They have been classified according to particular categories. Thanks to this, you will easily find the right device:

4 Best TVs for December 2022 - Top-Rated Models

A TV is one of the most basic devices that provides entertainment to the family. Thanks to it, one can not only watch movies, but also experience sports emotions and play favourite games. But choosing it is not as easy as it seems. One has to remember the size, manufacturer and function of the device. What are the features of the best TV? Check the models listed below.

  • The best 50-inch TV:
  • The best 55-inch TV:
  • The best 60-inch TV:
  • The best TV from Philips:
  • The best TV from Samsung:
  • The best TV from LG:
  • The best OLED TV:
  • The best Smart TV:
  • The best 4K TV:

The best TV - what models are available on the market?

A good-quality TV is typically a serious investment. But note that quality comes along with the price, and therefore the device can be used for a long time - without risking malfunctions. Users often wonder about what model to pick. It’s not an easy task, as manufacturers offer LED, OLED, 4K devices. Each brand also offers various functions options - one has to match them with their own preferences.

So, what is the best TV to buy? To learn this, check the quality of the display, options to set various modes, and availability of additional functions like control via Google Assistant. The size of the device is important as well. 55-inch TVs are the most popular options. 50- and 60-inch models are a common choice as well.

How to pick the best TV?

Because of the variety of models offered by various brands, picking the best TV is quite difficult. For this reason, make sure to pay attention to certain criterions which might help you in this task. Setting a budget is one of the most significant issues. The brand and even functionalities of the device depend on the amount you are willing to spend on the device.

If you want to buy a $200-$500 device, 55-inch Philips TVs might be a good option. They offer an additional function of Ambilight. It’s a perfect choice for those who love watching movies at night and want to improve their display experiences. Ambilight can be matched with movies, but also with sports and music channels. It’s a universal solution, perfect for gadget lovers.

If you can afford something more expensive, OLED TVs are an interesting option. You can buy a good quality 55-inches TV for about $1,500. These are primarily LG TVs, but you can also find other brands in this price.

What are the best TVs - LED or OLED?

Despite the similar names, LED TVs are not the same as OLED models. Which are better, and what’s the difference? A LED TV has a liquid-crystal display. Thanks to the special construction, the light gets polarized, and backlighting with LED diodes creates a high-quality picture.

How do OLED TVs differ? Their matrix contains diodes in various colors. The colors hit so-called base, and create almost a print-like display. Thanks to this technology, one can get a wide-angle effect.

Best TVs - what size to pick?

The size of a TV should match the size of the room in which the device is going to stand. Medium-sized interiors usually use 50 or 55-inch TVs. But these are just two of the many possibilities offered by the market. You can find smaller models - 40, 32, 24 and 19 inches. Larger devices are typically 60-inch TVs.

Some brands also offer 70, 75 or even 85-inch devices. If you decide such a model, make sure it’s not too big for the interior. Make sure to place it in the proper distance - at least 2 meters.

What are some modern functions offered by the best TVs?

Are you wondering what functions should the best TV have? Smart TV is a crucial option, and it’s offered by most of the models from the popular brands. The main difference between certain models is that some devices have the manufacturer’s software installed, while others are equipped with Android TV.

Both options offer access to the Internet, as well as to various apps increasing the functionality of the device.

How much does the best TV cost?

The best TV should match the individual preferences of the user. It’s difficult to talk about one price range that would indicate better or worse devices. But if you consider the most popular models - 4K 55-inch TVs - a good-quality device might cost around $1,500.

Where to buy the best TV?

Both physical and online stores have similar prices and offers. For this reason, you can buy the best TV in both places. Regardless, many clients decide to buy online, and not without a reason.

If you buy at a physical store, you have to bring the device home yourself. In some cases, it might be problematic. When buying online, the device gets shipped directly to your address.

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