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4 Best Portable Fridges for December 2022

4 Best Portable Fridges for December 2022
4 Best Portable Fridges for December 2022

Are you planning to travel? A portable mini fridge is an essential element of every car trip outside the city or any longer journey. The simplest models are small and don’t require access to an electric socket. Manufacturers also offer more advanced portable fridges - but they cannot be used in every situation. What are the characteristics of a travel fridge and which models are worth buying? Check the best options we’ve compiled for you.

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Where can you use a portable mini fridge?

A travel fridge is a perfect solution for many situations. Thanks to it, you can pack necessary products and e.g. go on a picnic outside the city - making sure the food won’t spoil. The function of cooling the contents is incredibly useful when transporting food on long distances.

The simplest models of portable fridges work thanks to special cooling packs. But if you spend long hours travelling, an electricity powered device is a much more convenient option. Keep in mind that electric portable mini fridges have an additional heating option - so, depending on the settings, you can eat a warm meal while traveling.

What portable fridges are available on the market?

The market offers two basic types of portable fridges. They can be divided into the already mentioned containers (coolers) with freezer packs and devices cooled by the power of electricity. The first category of travel fridges is very convenient. There are no limits of use and there’s no need for electricity. Thanks to this, you can use the portable fridge wherever you go - it’s perfect for camping and picnics. The proper temperature inside is retained thanks to special packs you have to freeze earlier. The walls of the cooler have a layer of styrofoam or polyurethane foam inside, providing insulation. Small weight and low price are additional advantages of this solution. The minus is keeping the low temperature for a short time.

Electric portable fridges are the best solution for more demanding users. They can be divided into car fridges and portable fridges powered by a compressor. The best travel fridges installed in a car have a special ending which allow you to plug it into the car’s lighter socket. This way, constant flow of electricity is provided, and the fridge can cool its contents.

The last type of portable fridges are powered by a compressor. Thanks to this, the device functions similar to a full-size model. It needs constant flow of electricity. The fact that it can freeze the contents down to 0˚C is the biggest advantage of this solution. The downside is the low price.

A portable mini fridge - how to pick the best one?

When picking a portable fridge, one should pay attention to its parameters. First, you have to choose the right type. The capacity is important as well. But it doesn’t mean that bigger is always better. Large portable fridges require more time to get to the right temperature. It’s a crucial element in coolers powered by freezer packs. A small portable mini fridge is also a better choice if you need a mobile version to transport from your car to the beach.

Modern solutions offered by portable fridges

Portable fridges powered by electricity can be adjusted to two modes. The first one keep the temperature low. The other allows for increasing the temperature inside the fridge - up to 50˚C. Some travel fridges are equipped with so-called thermoelectric system. Thanks to it, the fridge recognizes the temperature of its surroundings automatically, and adjusts its cooling power.

How much does the best portable fridge cost?

The price of a portable fridge depends on many parameters. The method of cooling is the most important one. The capacity is another crucial aspect - the smaller the travel fridge, the lower its price - and vice versa.

The cheapest portable fridge models cost around $30. The price grows along with efficiency - the best and most powerful portable fridges cost $300.

Where can you buy a portable mini fridge?

Travel fridges can be found in most stores with outdoor and camping equipment, electronic shops, and sometimes in supermarkets. If you don’t like wasting your precious time, find the right model in an Internet store. Online offers are often far better than those in physical stores, and you can count on additional deals or free shipping.

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