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3 Best Car Fridges for December 2022

3 Best Car Fridges for December 2022
3 Best Car Fridges for December 2022

Travelling forces one to seek solutions making the process more convenient even if you drive a car. Thanks to modern technologies, even travelling with a child is not a problem at all. It’s not a surprise that special car refrigerators became widely popular. They allow you to go for a long trip with any food you want. Check the most important characteristics of a good car fridge and how much such a device costs.

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What is a car fridge?

A car fridge is still a strange and novel concept for some users. But a one can note, many manufacturers add special sockets in their vehicles. They are located e.g. in trunks. You can plug in a car fridge to them.

A car fridge is an underrated device. Its true potential is typically discovered during long trips, but not only. Travelling around the city during hot days is quite tiresome. There’s also a problem when you have to transport e.g. ice cream or a cake. AC in the car is usually not the best solution, as it’s just not enough. But a car fridge is perfect for this purpose.

What are the characteristic features of modern car fridges?

Portable car refrigerators are a completely different category of cooling. Traditional refrigerators require a so-called cooling agent. Standard car fridges used special cooling packs you had to freeze in advance, but they didn’t guarantee perfect cooling during hot days. A modern car fridge is a completely different category - because there is no cooling agent, no tubes or compressors are needed. The construction of the device is very easy - a container or any shape made of insulating material, a Peltier module and a fan, one or more, depending on the model.

Peltier module keeps the right temperature inside the car fridge. It’s a semiconductor, and depending on the direction of the energy flow, it either cools or generates heat. The switch between the two modes is typically located on the upper lid of the device.

What are the advantages of a car fridge?

A car fridge is a highly convenient solution. You can use it in practically any car, provided it’s adjusted accordingly. It’s practical for anyone who is planning a long trip. Thanks to it, you aren’t stuck with packed lunch or gas station offers. You can prepare food at home and take it with you for the trip - without worrying it will spoil. The availability of many models is a big plus. Thanks to this, one can find the right car fridge, suitable for their needs, and most importantly, the vehicle.

Are there any drawbacks of a car fridge?

Despite many advantages a car mini fridge can bear, note that it’s still just a temporary solution. Thanks to it, you can protect the transported food from overheating, or from losing the heat in winter (if you pick the heating mode). Make sure to pick the right fridge matching your needs. If you choose a too big car fridge for a too small vehicle, you will end up with a problem. The device will take too much space, draw too much energy, and you won’t be able to use it properly.

Who is a car fridge for?

A small car fridge us a perfect solution for everyone. Those who travel a lot can appreciate it the most. Thanks to such a device, you can easily transport products without the risk of spoiling. The best refrigerators of this type are perfect e.g. for camping trips. It’s a useful gadget for tourists, but also for professional drivers. Thanks to it, they are able to take home cooked food for the road.

Where can you buy a car fridge?

Car fridges can be purchased in practically any store with electronic devices. They are available in supermarkets, as well as in small stores for travelers. Online shopping, however, is the simplest solution. This way, you can quickly compare prices and pick a functional model at a low price.

How much does a car fridge cost?

The cost of a car fridge mostly depends on its size, as well as cooling and heating options. The simplest and smallest models cost about $40. But devices offering more possibilities and a bigger capacity cost much more. The prices for the best car fridges can reach even over $1,000. Keep in mind that a car fridge is an investment for a long time, and that you’re going to use it many times. Sometimes it’s better to pay more for a higher-quality equipment.

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