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3 Best Built In Fridges for December 2022

3 Best Built In Fridges for December 2022
3 Best Built In Fridges for December 2022

A fridge is the most important device in every kitchen. Thanks to it, you can safely store food in a particular temperature, sustaining their high quality. Currently, manufacturers offer innovative models, designed to fit the specifics of certain interiors. An increasing number of people decide on tailored kitchen units, which are practical and provide plenty of storage space. In this case, a built-in fridge is a perfect choice. Thanks to its special construction, it’s practically invisible and doesn’t stand out against other furniture pieces. Are built in fridges better than traditional, freestanding appliances? What is the best built in refrigerator, which one to pick? Before you choose, check what you should know about such devices.

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Built in fridges have become popular not so long time ago. What makes them so special? They are installed in special closets, and finished with fronts looking the same as the rest of the kitchen. Thanks to this, the built in refrigerator becomes practically invisible. You can match it with the kitchen furniture regardless of the kitchen’s style, without having to disrupt the whole effect with an ordinary looking fridge. It’s a particularly popular solution for interiors combining a living room and a small kitchenette. Thanks to it, the entire design looks elegant.

What are the characteristic features of a built in fridge?

Not every fridge is suitable for concealing. Remember about this when picking kitchen appliances. Built in fridges are, in fact, a separate category of products. It means you cannot just pick any model and fit it into the kitchen unit. If you do so, it might turn out the device doesn’t work properly, which might lead to eventual malfunction.

Built in fridges are typically smaller, which allows one to match them with standard kitchen fronts. Every modern built in refrigerator has an additional installation system - thanks to it, you can open the device just like a normal kitchen cupboard.

Are built in fridges cheaper from standard models?

The price of built in fridges is often lower than freestanding models with the same parameters. But is it really true? If you decide on a built in refrigerator, you have to prepare for additional expenses, not so obvious when looking at a price tag in a store.

First, you have to prepare the place where you are planning to install a built in fridge. During installation, you have to design a ventilation system in the furniture to protect the device from overheating. The cost of fronts, hinges and handles is yet another issue. If you sum everything together, the final cost of a built in fridge is the same as of a freestanding model - or even higher.

What are the functions of a modern built in refrigerator?

The best refrigerators in this category are typically equipped with a No Frost system. Thanks to it, frost and ice accumulation in the freezer is reduced to minimum, which makes using the device much easier. Thanks to this function, you don’t have to defrost the device, which saves you a lot of time.

What exactly is the No Frost system? It removes warm air from the fridge, and replaces it with cold one. Thanks to this, the appliance gets dried without the user’s involvement.

Who is a built in fridge for?

A decision to purchase a built in fridge is typically a result of the kitchen’s layout and picking particular furniture. Built in fridges are highly popular among homeowners who decided to combine the kitchen with the living room. In this case, a built in refrigerator helps in designing a perfect and uniform space.

Where to buy a built in refrigerator?

Build in fridges can be found in basically any store offering household appliances. Regardless, don’t limit yourself to just these places. Consider checking online stores as well. They often offer a wider variety of models. Internet stores are also more convenient. You can purchase any device without leaving your house, having compared parameters and prices before. What’s more, online stores also offer special deals, so you can save even 10% - it’s particularly beneficial with expensive devices.

How much does a built in fridge cost?

Prices of build in fridges differ greatly. They depend mostly on the manufacturer, a particular model, its size and additional parameters. Typically, prices start at $500 for the smallest and simplest models. The most expensive built in fridges cost over $2,000.

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