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5 Best Pans for December 2022 - Top Brands

The following rating contains the best equipment for December 2020. The products have been grouped according to several parameters. Thanks to this, it’s easier to make a decision.

5 Best Pans for December 2022 - Top Brands

Picking the right pan is only seemingly simple. The market offers many types of various shapes, sizes and characteristics. It’s difficult to tell what is the best pan - because there are various types of stoves and hobs. There are several issues determining the choice of the right pan. Make sure to think them through. Check the best pans in the following categories.

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  • The Best Grill Pan:
  • The Best Cast Iron Pan:
  • The Best Ceramic Pan:
  • The Best Tefal Pan:
  • The Best Cuisinart Pan:
  • The Best Green Life Pan:
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A pan is essential equipment used in every kitchen. If you want your meals to taste excellent, you need the right gear. It might be difficult to find the right product among the plethora of offers. Manufacturers advertise all of them as the best pans. But in fact, you should pick the equipment in accordance with your own needs. What should you pay attention to, so the model you choose is the best skillet for you?

How to pick the best pan?

When purchasing a new pan, it’s difficult not to notice the wide selection of products on the market. Various models have different materials, non-stick coating and other criterions you can refer to when shopping. This way, it’s easier to separate the best pans from low-quality products.

The choice depends mostly on the intended use of the skillet. Most users search for a universal product, which is suitable for preparing most meals. Also, think how many family members live in the house. The best pans for big families are large and deep. Thanks to this, one can prepare a meal for the whole family using a single dish. A standard-size pan is a perfect choice for singles and couples. If you want to pick the right model fit to a particular purpose, take a look at a frying pans rating.

The best pans - what to pay attention to when choosing one?

Manufacturers offer many solutions, which are supposed to increase functionality and user’s comfort. When looking for the right product, you can notice that pans have different non-stick coatings. There are surfaces made of Teflon, ceramics, stone, and some skillets don’t have any coating. The base material of a pan is important as well. The market offers pans made of steel, iron cast, copper and aluminum.

Before buying a pan, make sure to know the type of stove a particular model is suitable for. Gas stoves can work with practically any type of skillet. But if you have an induction or ceramic hob, you have to pick a suitable model for this kind of equipment. Various products have different prices. The cheapest models cost $5-$6, but the price for the best frying pans might exceed $100. Consider paying more for a high-quality product, which will serve you for a long time.

What is the best non-stick pan material?

The non-stick material is one of the most essential features most users pay attention to when buying a pan. Until recently, models with Teflon coating were considered the best pans. This type is the most popular frying equipment, mostly because of its good price and the features preventing food from sticking to its surface. Their flaw, however, is poor resistance to scratches. Because of this, even the best non-stick pan with Teflon coating becomes unusable after some time.

Pans with ceramic coating are the second popular choice. Their perfectly smooth surface is the biggest advantage of these products - it’s health-neutral and easy to clean. This type is much more resistant to scratching than Teflon pans, although one should still use silicone and wooden spoons for them. The surface is less resistant to sticking and needs using more oil when cooking meals.

Many consider stone pans the best skillets. They are typically coated with granite. Such dishes are extremely durable. What’s more, they have a non-stick layer, thanks to which you don’t have to use a lot of grease - unlike in ceramic models. Additionally, they are safe - they layer doesn’t react with food.

Picking a pan without a non-stick layer is a good solution as well. In this case, you have to use more oil when cooking. The best pans of this type are made of stainless steel or cast iron.

The best skillet - cast iron, steel, copper?

Before deciding what is the best pan for a particular kitchen, one has to know what the skillet is made of. It’s not as important in non-stick surface pans. Nonetheless, one should know what materials have been used in the production - because it’s crucial for health. Pans with Teflon, granite and ceramic non-stick surfaces are typically made of aluminum. Because of this, if the surface gets damaged, they are unsuitable for further use - the metal can trigger a dangerous reaction when in contact with food.

The material is also crucial in pans without coating. Steel pans are the most popular and often considered the best cookware. They are highly durable, can be scraped, metal cutlery won’t damage them. Such pans are not suitable for oil-free cooking, but they are perfect for frying meat. Iron cast skillets are coming back to the market as well. This type is resistant to any damage - you don’t have to worry about denting or deformation. It can be used in the oven, too. A pan of this type takes a long time to heat up but also keeps warmth longer. Its weight is a significant disadvantage. Some users might have trouble with lifting a cast iron skillet filled with food, therefore it might not be the best everyday cookware.

Copper pans are interesting, although pricey products. In addition to the stylish look, they distribute heat very well. Such skillets are coated with a layer of steel on the inside, thanks to which steel doesn’t react with food. Copper cookware is popular among professional chefs.

The best induction pans

Gas stoves work perfectly with all types of pans. Unfortunately, it’s not the same when it comes to induction hobs. Stoves of this type use electromagnetic waves to heating up a dish. For this reason, a pan has to have a ferromagnetic surface - meaning it can conduct waves like this.

Induction cookware can be made of various materials. The bottom should be completely flat, so that the whole surface can heat up evenly. The best pans for induction hobs have special symbols. Thanks to them, you know the item can be used with a certain stove type, and it will heat up efficiently.

Traditional copper pans aren’t suitable for induction hobs. But some brands offer specially modified models. Regardless of the pan type, make sure to pick a skillet with a thick bottom - at least 4 millimeters. This way, you can be sure the pan won’t get deformed, which might decrease heating efficiency.

What is the best pan for a family, and what’s better for a single?

Picking the right frying pan mostly depends on the number of people living in the house. While those living alone are happy with minimal cookware, a large family needs different types of pots and skillets.

Those who cook only for themselves don’t need a lot of pots. They only require a few basic vessels, including the right pan. A universal model is the best choice, as you can make various types of meals in it. A thin crêpe pan with just one function is impractical, in this case. The best pan, in this case, has 25 centimeter diameter and a non-stick layer. It’s a perfect utensil for making a meal for one, and in case of unexpected guests - for two or three.

If the family consists of a few people, you need several types of pans. The best pans for families are large and deep. Thanks to this, you can make a meal for many people in one dish. One or two smaller pans are also worth having, if two people want to make separate meals. If there are kids in the house, a crêpe pan comes in handy when you want to quickly cook crêpes or pancakes.

The best pans - what is the best shape?

The most popular pans are round. This shape is the most convenient - thanks to it, stirring food is easier without the risk of something jumping out. But some pans have other forms - square ones are valued among home chefs. They have a larger frying surface, thanks to which cooking is more effective. This shape is also common in grill pans with ridged bottoms. Square cookware looks very stylish. Pick this shape if you want to serve meals directly on the pan. This way, food is well-prepared and looks fantastic.

Pans with holes in various shapes are also popular models. They are used for frying pancakes, muffins and fried eggs. Thanks to the depressions, food can take a perfect form - for instance, round or heart-shaped. Such utensils are the best pans for children. Fancy shapes will bring them lots of joy, and will encourage picky eaters to eat the whole meal - often with seconds.

What kind of handles do the best pans have?

The best pans have comfortable handles which prevent burning your skin and slipping off. You can pick between various types and materials they were made of. Most cheap pans have plastic handles. They provide good isolation, but high temperatures might make them break. A poor positioned pan or too large flame are the common caused of damaged elements. As an alternative, you can pick a wooden handle. It looks incredibly stylish, but it requires special attention as well - wood burns if the temperature or the flame is too high. The most durable, resistant to damage handles are made of metal. Quick heating up is their biggest flaw - you have to use an oven mitt to avoid burning your skin.

The way the handle is attached is important, too. The most popular solution involves a single screw - but it can loosen up in time. Handles cast along with the pan provide the most stability. Some skillets have detachable handles, for an easier storage.

Pay attention to the shape and profile of this element. The best pans have comfortable handles that fit well into hands and don’t slip. If you pick a large skillet, consider picking the version with two handles. Thanks to them, picking up the heavy dish filled with food will be easier.

How much do the best pans cost?

The prices of the best pans depend on issues like the brand, type and material used in production. Ceramic models are typically the cheapest - the prices start at $10-$15. The best cast iron frying pans cost more - starting at $50. But is the price the main indicator? Not necessarily. Sometimes, the best skillets don’t cost a fortune, and they serve well for years.

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