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5 Best IKEA Mattress Deals for December 2022

5 Best IKEA Mattress Deals for December 2022
5 Best IKEA Mattress Deals for December 2022

IKEA is a worldwide known brand of interior design products. It’s highly valued for practical solutions available in any budget. IKEA is mostly associated with a wide selection and simplicity of its products. As you search for the right mattress, take this brand into consideration. What models does the manufacturer offer? We suggest what to pay attention to when picking the best IKEA mattress.

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What are the characteristic features of an IKEA mattress?

IKEA mattresses are mostly innerspring, foam and latex models. The brand offers most of the standard sizes. The manufacturer also has children mattresses - designed for extendable beds and baby cots.

Foam IKEA mattresses typically have one layer of polyurethane foam but there are also multi-layered mattresses available. You can also choose from various materials, such as memory foam and latex. The store chain also offers spring mattresses - both pocket sprung and Bonnell types. Regardless of the material, IKEA manufactures firmer models, to provide the proper support for the user. Very soft mattresses are not available. The offered products have various heights - make sure to pay attention to this feature when making a purchase.

Typically, an IKEA mattress has a casing made of polyester or a polyester-cotton wool mix. The brand also offers models padded with natural materials - cotton wool, linen and wool.

What is the best IKEA mattress?

It’s difficult to determine the best IKEA mattress. Picking the right model is a really individual matter, so one product can be rated differently by various users. If you want to find the best mattress, make sure to think about your own needs and analyse the solutions offered by the brand. The choice of products available at the stores is really wide. Thanks to this, most people can pick the right IKEA mattress for themselves. Many of the physical stores provide a service from a physiotherapist, who can help in choosing the right model. Before going to a store, it’s recommended to check IKEA mattress reviews to know which model you should take into consideration.

What are the advantages of an IKEA mattress?

The low price compared to the offered parameters and products from the competition is the biggest advantage of IKEA mattresses. The brand is perfect for those who have a limited budget and at the same time expect a product fit to their expectations. IKEA mattresses are typically available in most of the standard sizes, thanks to which you can find the right product for your bed frame.

The wide choice of materials is a great benefit - one can find spring, foam and latex models. IKEA mattresses are covered by a warranty - even up to 25 years. It protects you in case of hidden flaws of a model. What’s more, an IKEA mattress can be exchanged for another model within 90 days from purchase.

Do IKEA mattresses have any flaws?

IKEA mattress reviews often point to one common flaw, which is durability. Many users complain that the products lose their properties very quickly. Deformations of the surface and irreversible depressions are among the commonly mentioned defects. IKEA mattresses might also be too firm for those who like sleeping on a soft surface. Most models can be purchased in two available hardness levels - hard and medium hard. Many IKEA mattresses have only one hardness level - pay special attention to this feature. Because of it, an IKEA mattress might turn out to be uncomfortable for some users.

How much does an IKEA mattress cost?

An IKEA mattress is one of the cheapest products of this type on the market. The prices start at a few hundreds of dollars. The most expensive models in the largest size typically don’t go over $1,100. It’s a great advantage for anyone who wants to quickly purchase a mattress but cannot afford too much for it.

Where to buy an IKEA mattress?

IKEA mattresses can be purchased only at the brand stores. They are available in the chain of physical stores, but they can also be purchased online. Some models cannot be bought on the Web - in this case, ask for a particular model at the store. Regardless of the preferred purchase method, consider visiting the physical store. This way, you can check whether the model is comfortable for you. Then, you can buy it online.

Should I buy an IKEA mattress?

An IKEA mattress is a perfect choice for those who have a limited budget. If fit to individual needs, the IKEA mattress will surely be comfortable. At the same time, it’s a perfect option for those who need a mattress only for a short period of time, for instance students or people designing rental apartments. In this case, individual needs are not important.

Why are IKEA mattresses worth purchasing?

IKEA mattresses are very versatile, which is a huge plus of those products. The brand offers innerspring and foam mattresses. One can also buy latex models. The wide choice of various sizes is another advantage. IKEA offers smaller twin-size mattresses as well as the most popular queen-size models.

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