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3 Best Ionic Hair Dryers for December 2022

3 Best Ionic Hair Dryers for December 2022
3 Best Ionic Hair Dryers for December 2022

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An ionic hair dryer - what are the benefits of such a device?

A hair dryer helps in removing excess moisture from hair in a quick time. Regardless, using an ordinary model might be dangerous for hair. An ionic hair dryer not only dries hair, but also protects it from damage.

During the process of hair drying, the airflow is charged with cations, atoms bearing a positive electric charge. Because of this, the cells of the hair cuticle open, the hair gets frizzy and full of static. An ionic hair dryer helps to prevent these problems. It neutralizes cations, and hair is not exposed to damage anymore.

Are all offered devices ionic hair dryers?

Ionic hair dryers aren’t the only devices available on the market. One can still purchase a standard model with just the drying function. In addition, ionic travel hair dryers are a rarity.

What brands offer ionic hair dryers?

As for ionic hair dryers reviews, the users don’t point to a single favourite. Brands like Rowenta, Dyson, Babyliss, Remington and Philips offer a variety of ionic hair dryers.

How to pick a good ionic hair dryer?

When choosing an ionic hair dryer, consider the same parameters as when picking a standard device. The power of the dryer is crucial, as well as the length of the cord - the longer, the easier to use it is. The shape and weight of the device might be key features, too. An ionic hair dryer shouldn’t be too heavy - a bulky and heavy device is uncomfortable to use.

Do ionic hair dryers have any additional features?

Apart from hair protection from cuticle opening, an ionic hair dryer offers many other advantages as well. Depending on the model and brand, you can count on additional enhancements such as ThermoProtect. This option can be set by a switch - thanks to it, the hair dryer blows with a continuous and optimal hair drying temperature. This way, hair is protected from overheating.

Advanced models have functions like OPTIheat. The technology provides heat where it’s exactly needed, making it easier to dry and style hair.

In addition to advanced technologies, most ionic hair dryers allow adjusting the basic parameters. One can adjust not only the power of the airflow, but also its temperature, from cold and warm to hot air.

Is an ionic hair dryer a large device?

A typical ionic hair dryer is a standard-sized device. It doesn’t differ from basic hair dryers. Of course, the device is larger than a travel-sized device. Ionic hair dryers are usually professional devices which are longer thanks to the detachable nozzles.

Do ionic hair dryers come with additional accessories?

Depending on the model, an ionic hair dryer can come with some extra elements. It can have a diffuser and additional attachments directing the airflow.

What are the effects of using an ionic hair dryer?

An ionic hair dryer is a perfect device for anyone who wants to get rid of static from their hair. Using the device, one can also get more shine, and because the cuticle cells are closed, the hair gets smoother and looks healthier.

How much does a good ionic hair dryer cost?

The price of an ionic hair dryer depends on the device’s parameters, extra functions, accessories and brand. The cheapest models of this type cost about $30. Professional models from the best brands may cost up to $500.

Where can I find ionic hair dryers?

You can buy an ionic hair dryer in any supermarket or electronic store. Pay attention to Internet stores offers. They might have a better choice and prices.

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