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4 Best Babyliss Hair Dryers for December 2022

4 Best Babyliss Hair Dryers for December 2022
4 Best Babyliss Hair Dryers for December 2022

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What are the distinct features of a Babyliss dryer?

Babyliss is one of a really favoured brands when it comes to hairstyling devices. The manufacturer offers many interesting devices like e.g. automatic curlers that suck in hair strands and curl them in a matter of seconds. But the flag product of the company is the Babyliss hair dryer. Many consider it a high-end device. No wonder, then, that Babyliss hair dryers are used by individual clients, as well as professional hairdressers. Nearly every hair dryer from Babyliss is quite powerful and highly durable.

What Babyliss hair dryers are available on the market?

Babyliss uses very clear classifications for their devices. That’s why the hair dryers are available in the classic and professional lines. They are dedicated to various users and respond to different needs. There are 5 types of devices, available in the following groups:

  • Made in Italy (professional),
  • Pro Digital (professional),
  • Expert Line (classic),
  • Retra-Cord Line (classic),
  • Compact Hair Dryers (classic).

Babyliss hair dryer - Made in Italy

Babyliss hair dryer from the Made in Italy line is very powerful and dries hair extremely quickly. Thanks to this, one can save up to 40% of time. The device is equipped with an engine manufactured in Italy, which can work 5 times longer than the classic one, and is 50% quieter. Babyliss hair dryers from the Made in Italy series have additional features like:

  • an ergonomic construction which makes it easier to use the device,
  • a precise concentrator, thanks to which you can dry individual hair strands in a particular direction, which is useful when modelling,
  • cool blowing, essential for finishing the hairstyle.

Babyliss hair dryer - Pro Digital series

Babyliss Pro Digital hair dryer has been equipped with a special electronically controlled engine - EC Digital. Thanks to it, the effectiveness of drying is two times higher than other dryers of this brand. Additionally, the user can turn on the Turbo function, which increases the amount of air for a moment. Hair is protected when being dried, as the temperature doesn’t exceed 70 Celsius degrees. The compact and lightweight construction is notable as well. Babyliss hair dryers from the Pro Digital series offer features of cold air and ionization (emitting 63 billion ions per second). Additionally, the user receives a thin concentrator - only 4 mm, unique on the market. The offered Babyliss hair dryer from the Pro Digital line also has a longer lifespan.

Babyliss hair dryers - Expert line

The Babyliss dryer from the Expert line is one of the most popular devices. They are energy efficient - so it’s a perfect choice for those who use a hair dryer every day. In addition to the basic airflow regulation, the device offers cold air as well, and a concentrator nozzle.

Babyliss Retra Cord hair dryers

The Babyliss hair dryer from the Retra-Cord has one most important function - the retractable cord which can be hidden in the handle. The device is perfect for those who love organization in their bathrooms. Thanks to it, one doesn’t have to worry that the cord will get tangled with cables from other devices or that it will get damaged. In addition, the Babyliss hairdryer offers cold air and a concentrator and diffuser attachment.

Babyliss hair dryers are very compact. The foldable handle makes them perfect travel hair dryers. They don’t offer many functions but you can secure the hairstyle using cold air with them, which is a big plus.

Is the Babyliss hair dryer loud?

Babyliss hair dryers aren’t very loud devices, but because of their high power they aren’t the quietest, either. Users who particularly value the noise reduction feature will love the professional line of the devices - Made in Italy. These models are even 50% quieter than the classic devices from this and other brands.

Does the Babyliss hair dryer offer ionization?

The ionization feature is individual for every model, so make sure to check if it’s present in a particular device before buying it. For instance, compact Babyliss hair dryers don’t have this function. Pro Digital models have it. If a particular Babyliss hair drier has caught your attention - learn its specification, e.g. on the brand’s website. Thanks to this, you can be sure that the device matches your needs.

Who is the Babyliss brush dryer for?

The Babyliss brush dryer offers much more possibilities than a classic hair dryer. It matches expectations of the most demanding users, who use the device for drying and styling their hair. If you don’t plan to use the styling option - it’s not worth the money. In this case, we recommend getting a better classic hair dryer.

A Babyliss hair dryer - how to pick one?

When choosing a Babyliss hairdryer, pay the most attention to the technical parameters. Thanks to it, you can make sure the device is going to work as intended. The power of the hair dryer is the essential feature. As stressed by specialists, it shouldn’t be lower than 1600 W. The higher it is, the more efficient the device is.

The option of adjusting the airflow and temperature is crucial as well. Check if the device offers cold air - but most contemporary devices have it (even those from less known brands).

A Babyliss hair dryer should be practical as well. That’s why you should check its construction, weight, noise level and additional hairstyling elements. If you take each of these parameters into account, you can be sure you’re buying a device you’ll enjoy.

How much does a Babyliss hair dryer cost?

The basic Babyliss hair dryer models cost around $40. At this price, you have to accept that it’s not the newest device on the market. If you want better functions or a professional device for a hairdressing salon, you’ll have to spend over $100.

Where can I buy a Babyliss hair dryer?

The brand’s website offers devices to purchase. You can also find some models in physical electronic stores. You can also check other online stores and auctions, where you can buy particular devices at a lower price.

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