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4 Best Hair Dryers for December 2022 - Top Models

Picking a hair dryer might be a difficult task - as there is no one best device matching the needs of all users. But it can get easier thanks to a few tips. Using them, you can pick the best hair dryer, perfect for your individual needs.

Find the rating of the best hair dryers below - grouped into categories:

4 Best Hair Dryers for December 2022 - Top Models

How do hair dryers work?

A hair dryer generates a stream of hot air. Thanks to it, one can remove water from hair by evaporation. A dry blow in a high temperature makes hair drying process much quicker.

Is a hair dryer a safe device?

A blow-dryer is a safe device anyone can use without a problem. Just remember the general rules for using a machine connected to electricity. The best hair dryers are safe for hair as well.

What hair dryers are available on the market?

Devices that are efficient and hair-friendly are the most popular ones. In addition to basic dryers offering just the hair drying option, the market offers devices with additional functions, e.g., ionization. As one could note, the basic classification includes:

  • travel-size hair dryers,
  • professional hair dryers,
  • hotel hair dryers.

What brands offer the best hair dryers?

There are a few very popular hair dryer brands on the market. You should note that depending on the manufacturer and the model, you can get devices of different quality levels. The most popular brands include Rowenta, Dyson, Babyliss, Remington and Philips.

What is an ionic hair dryer?

A good hair dryer is supposed to not only dry hair, but also protect it. Ionization is one of the highly valued parameters that help to neutralize the positive charge of hair. Positive charge makes hair prone to damage by opening the hair cuticle cells. Thanks to ionization, hair cuticle remains closed - hair is smooth and shiny.

Are there special hair dryers for dyed hair?

What is the best hair dryer for dyed hair? It’s worth noting that the market offers devices specially designed for dyed hair. They are supposed to protect hair from overheating. Such a function automatically adjust temperature to hair, protects hair from fading, which could be caused by high temperatures.

Dryer or dryer brush?

The best hair dryers are often available in the form of two devices in one - a dryer and hair curler. A dryer brush allows you to work on wet hair, and thanks to two functions combined in one device, you save time spent on managing your hair. Thanks to a lower temperature than in a standard curler, your hair is protected. A dryer-brush is a perfect device for those who want to quickly dry their hair and style it in an interesting way.

Hair dryers - when should you buy a professional device?

A professional hair dryer is a recommended device for anyone who wants to take care of their hair. The devices from professional lines have much better parameters, and often contain hair-protecting functions, preventing high-temperature damages.

A hotel hair dryer - what are its features?

Hair dryers used in hotels are a completely different category of such devices. Depending on the model and brand, one can have various looks and regulated parameters. Such devices have a simple construction, and are typically fixed to a wall in a bathroom. They don’t offer any additional feature apart from drying hair.

When should you choose a travel size hair dryer?

Travel size hair dryers are an option for those who travel a lot and often stay at hotels that don’t offer dryers. The travel size device is simply smaller, and can spare a lot of space in your luggage. Additionally, it’s typically very cheap, so it won’t be a loss if you damage it - unlike a full-size professional device.

How to pick a hair dryer?

If you’re looking for a hair dryer, consider several important issues. The most important ones include the power of the device, cord length, additional features, as well as the construction of the device, its shape and weight. Also, pay attention to additional elements coming with the device and the noise level generated when drying hair.

Are hair dryers loud devices?

The best hair dryer doesn’t just dry hair quickly without damaging it. It’s also a device which can be used in the evening as well, without having to worry that you will wake the rest of the family. The best models are designed in such a way that they don’t generate much noise despite being powerful.

A cordless hair dryer - pros and cons of the solution

A cordless hair dryer is a very convenient solution, thanks to which the bathroom won’t be occupied by someone who has to dry their hair. Devices of this type from the best manufacturers offer practically the same parameters as standard models. The lack of cord is the biggest advantage of this solution. But the biggest problem occurs if the hair dryer dies while you dry your hair. In this case, you have to wait until it recharges.

How much does a good-quality hair dryer cost?

Depending on the model, offered functions, additional element and brand, hair dryers can differ in prices. The simplest devices offering standard hair drying can be purchased for $10. Advanced hair blow dryers combining the latest technological solutions might cost even $400.

Where can I buy a blow dryer?

A good hair dryer can be found practically in any supermarket. Regardless, make sure to check online stores as well. Internet shops offer a wider choice, and often at a much better price than in a physical store.

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