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16 Best Espresso Machines for December 2022

16 Best Espresso Machines for December 2022
16 Best Espresso Machines for December 2022

Coffee enthusiasts have to choose between brewing methods. Apart from the traditional pour-over coffee, one can also use high pressure. To do this, you need a good espresso machine, so that the coffee has a unique taste. What are the characteristic features of espresso makers? Which device is the right one?

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What is an espresso machine?

Espresso machines, as the name indicates, are designed to make espresso - they use the power of high pressure for this purpose. Hot water is run through ground coffee beans and that’s how an aromatic beverage comes into existence. Thanks to this method, coffee is less acidic and contains less caffeine than in a traditionally brewed coffee. Traditional espresso is the base for many types of coffee drinks.

Espresso machines are very popular. The market offers a lot of devices of this type, in different prices. Thanks to this, everyone can find a good model for themselves. Many think such devices are the best coffee makers on the market, and it’s a basic kitchen equipment every coffee lover should own.

What is the best espresso machine?

When browsing through espresso machine offers, one can easily note the wide variety of such devices in this category. The available models have different parameters and level of automation. Make sure to learn the characteristics of each of them. This way, you can make the best choice.

The simplest espresso machine doesn’t even need electricity - it’s just a moka pot. To make coffee, you just need to fill the sieve with coffee and the bottom compartment with water, and heat up the pot on a stove. It takes about 15 minutes to make a cup of coffee this way. This type of espresso machine requires the most attention and effort. It’s also one of the cheapest coffee equipment.

Of course, most people are interested in the electrical devices. They are available as semi and fully automatic espresso machines. The first type requires filling the sieve (“handle”) with ground coffee, just like in a moka pot. The device heats up the water and runs it through the beans. Such devices don’t have a grinder - you have to use pre-ground coffee or grind beans in a separate appliance.

Fully automated espresso machines are definitely more popular. They need the least attention, and can make coffee after pressing just one button. Pod coffee makers also fall within this category - they use capsules, special pods filled with coffee.

What are the advantages of an espresso machine?

An espresso maker is a device which can prepare the highest-quality coffee. A beverage from such a machine is aromatic and without too much acidity. Most espresso machines are easy to use. There are more automated devices, as well as the ones allowing for experiments. Thanks to the wide price range, they are the best coffee makers, when it comes to fitting them to individual preferences and financial possibilities.

What are the possible disadvantages of an espresso machine?

Every espresso machine, regardless of the type, has some flaws. Semi automatic machines, just like moka pots, need more attention to prepare a beverage. Because of this, the process is more time-consuming and requires more skill. Fully automatic espresso makers are easy to use, but also more expensive than other models. The last type - pod coffee machines are cheap, but more likely to malfunction than others. Also, the price of coffee pods is far from perfect, in most cases.

How much does an espresso machine cost?

The prices of devices from the “espresso makers” category greatly differ. Automatic machines are the most expensive. They cost from a few hundreds to over a thousand dollars - it depends on the parameters of the device. Semi automatic espresso makers are a cheaper alternative, often picked by customers. As for pod coffee machines, even though initially they cost very little, they might be expensive in the long run. Moka pots are the cheapest devices - you can get one for a couple of dollars.

Where to buy an espresso machine?

Espresso machines are the basic devices offered by home appliances stores. There are various brands and types available. You can find moka pots in stores with kitchen dishes and appliances. As for the electrical devices, make sure to compare their parameters to decide which ones are useful for you. Users who own particular models often write reviews online. By checking them, you can avoid buying a low-quality device. Online shopping is a good idea, as this way you can find attractive deals.

Who is an espresso machine for?

An espresso machine is the basic equipment for any coffee lover. Because of the wide variety of such devices, everyone should be able to find something for them. An espresso maker is a good choice for those who enjoy a slow ritual of coffee brewing, as well as for busy people.

Such a device is not a good choice for those who don’t like the taste of espresso. In this case, a drip machine is a better choice. If a connoisseur of traditional coffee and an espresso coffee lover are living under the same roof, an espresso and coffee maker combo is a good option. Such a device combines an espresso and drip machine in one.

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