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4 Best Philips Blenders for December 2022

4 Best Philips Blenders for December 2022
4 Best Philips Blenders for December 2022

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A blender from Philips - what models are offered by the brand?

Philips is a brand making the best blenders on the market - as some users claim. It’s true that the company offers many options in this regard, which is a big plus and satisfies customers. In addition to standard devices such as hand blenders and countertop devices, Philips also offers a vacuum blender. The blender and steamer in one is an absolute sensation, especially among young parents. Thanks to it, you can prepare healthy food for children when expanding their diet. It’s a perfect alternative for standard food jars parents often buy in stores, fearing the long process of meal preparation.

What power should a good Philips blender have?

As experts stress, the more powerful a blender, also from Philips, the better. It’s not a surprise, as in this case you can hope for quicker rotation, making it faster to prepare beverages and frozen smoothies. Is there a minimal power limit? It’s recommended that it’s at least 800 W. Note that most modern devices offer a power of 1400 W, which is an excellent result.

Are Philips blenders durable devices?

Philips blenders are considered the best devices of this type available on the market. It concerns not only power or functionality, but also durability. Regardless of the type, such blenders are made of high-quality materials. Durable blades are also worth mentioning. The best Philips blenders have blades made with the ProBlend 3D technology. Thanks to this innovation, the device can reach the speed of 35 thousands spins per minute.

How to maintain a Philips blender?

The basic maintenance includes simple actions like cleaning the device after every use. Thanks to this, your Philips blender will remain in good shape for a long time. Remember not to put non-dishwasher-safe elements in the dishwasher. Also, don’t blend ingredients described by the manufacturer as unsuitable. Replacing certain parts when they get worn out is a little more serious procedure. Usually, it has to be done after a few years of intense use of the blender. In this case, it’s advised to take the device to a specialist who knows what to do and how to restore its functionality.

What are the functions of Philips blenders?

As for basic hand blenders from Philips, it’s difficult to point to any modern functions, as nearly all devices from this manufacturer are equally practical. Nonetheless, the brand offers some noteworthy devices. The high-speed vacuum blender from Philips is capable of:

  • crushing ice,
  • pluse-blending,
  • preparing beverages in vacuum (just like a slow juicer).

There is another worth-mentioning model with modern functions. It’s the Philips steamer-blender Avent. Using it, one can:

  • steam cook,
  • defrost meals,
  • heat up food,
  • blend.

Furthermore, this unusual 4in1 blender has an app. Thanks to it, expanding a child’s diet is incredibly easy. The application contains various recipes and suggestions from experts. The device can be also used for cooking for older users who pay attention to healthy diet.

What are the functions of Philips blenders?


Do Philips blenders have any flaws?

Philips blenders are among the most valued devices on the market - even by the most demanding users. They are reliable, and as one can note, they have a lot of modern functions. The only flaw pointed out by some users is the noise. But keep in mind that it’s an individual matter, depending mostly on how the device is used and with which mode.

How much does a Philips blender cost?

A handheld Philips blender with basic, but quite valuable accessories (a blending cup, a crusher, a beater attachment) and strong power (800 W) costs about $50. Countertop Philips blenders are a bit more expensive - prepare to spend $200-$300. Steamer-blender is an attractive product which offers many options. Its price starts at $200 (depending on the model - some cost even $500).

Where can you buy a Philips blender?

Philips is a very popular brand, so the devices are available in any store offering home appliances. Physical stores have quite a wide choice of products, although in some cases one has to wait a few days for a particular model - but usually there’s no problem with that. Many customers decide to purchase a Philips blender online. The selection offered by online stores is quite attractive, and you can also check the reviews of other users about a specific model or compare a few products. Shopping online is especially beneficial if the store offers a nice discount. It’s not that rare, as one can spot special offers everywhere.

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