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3 Best Hand Blenders for December 2022

3 Best Hand Blenders for December 2022
3 Best Hand Blenders for December 2022

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Hand blender - what is it?

Hand blenders are small electronic devices which have become the basic equipment used in every kitchen. Hand blender, also known as stick blender or immersion blender, is used for blending and mixing - everything depends on the used attachment and model. Handheld blenders, as the rating indicated, are used for making smoothies and blending creams and soups. Sturdy models equipped with strong blades can even crush ice.

When do you need a hand blender?

Immersion blenders are incredibly convenient for everyday use. Handheld models allow for blending meals directly in the pot they are prepared. Thanks to this, you can easily make a cream soup - you don’t have to pour it over to a separate jug just to blend it.

Using a stick blender, you can make a cream soup, but also prepare various sauces, desserts and cakes. With the right attachment, it can even replace a traditional mixer.

How durable is a hand blender?

A stick blender is a common kitchen device. Because the device operates under a lot of load, manufacturers use only proven and durable materials. The casing is typically made of plastic, while cutting elements - stainless steel. The right materials are essential for the device to endure the load - especially while crushing ice.

Who should buy a hand blender?

Stick blenders make a perfect device for everyone - both cooking enthusiast and those who cook only sporadically. Because of its small size and possibility to disassemble, it takes little space and can become an addition for large and small kitchens. Hand held blenders help in creating sophisticated meals, as well as making quick snacks. Using them, one can prepare a delicious cream soup, a favourite sauce, as well as a tasty smoothie.

How powerful are hand blenders?

Hand blenders can be distinguished by the power they offer. This parameter affects the efficiency of the device - the higher it is, the better. Basic stick blender models typically offer 200 W. The most popular devices have 600 W, while the most advanced hand blenders offer 1000 W and more.

What are the advantages of a hand blender?

An immersion blender should be an element of every kitchen. Its compact size is surely the biggest advantage - after disassembling the attachments, it takes little space. Such devices are specially shaped for the most convenient use and maneuvering. An immersion blender allows you to blend food directly in a pot, which is a big plus. Depending on the manufacturer and the model, you can also get a wireless version.

A stick blender is a quiet device. Additionally, it’s extremely easy to clean.

Do hand blenders have any flaws?

A stick blender, despite its advantages, also has some flaws. When using it in a bowl with little food, you cannot switch to the maximum power - it might cause the contents to splatter all over the kitchen. In addition, using full speed is not recommended either. The turbo mode some hand blenders have should be used in a pulsing fashion.

Do hand blenders have any flaws?


Why an immersion blender should have speed regulation?

A hand blender is a device that should be equipped with speed regulation. Most manufacturers implement this feature, although some older models offer only one speed. Thanks to speed regulation, you can adjust the power to what you’re doing. When preparing a meal, you can gradually increase it.

Do stick blenders have any additional functions?

Hand blenders are manufactured in sets that often contain extra elements allowing for a more efficient use of the device. A beater is a key accessory. Thanks to it, you can quickly beat ingredients using a single device. Some brands offer special containers with blades for crushing and chopping products.

Is an immersion blender a loud device?

Hand blenders aren’t the loudest kitchen appliances. Nonetheless, the highest setting might generate more noise.

How much does a hand blender cost?

Hand blenders greatly differ by their prices. Everything depends on the brand, the quality of the materials, number of attachments and power of the device. The simplest models can be purchased for less than $20. The most expensive immersion blenders can even cost $800.

Where can I buy an immersion blender?

You can buy small kitchen appliances practically in any supermarket. Nonetheless, make sure to check stores offering electronic devices. Online shopping might be the best solution, however. They typically have a wider variety of devices and better prices.

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