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Your Luxury Bathroom - 4 Surprising Glamour Bathroom Designs

Glamour style is the epitomy of elegance and luxury. No wonder then, that it is often chosen by people who have large expectations for the looks of their house or apartment. Are you wondering whether a luxury bathroom is a good idea? Yes - provided that you stick to some simple rules and skillfuly combine the basic materials used in this style. Remember that a glamour bathroom can be stylish and surprising but only if you keep things in moderation. Check our ideas that will make your luxury bathroom look really impressive.

Your Luxury Bathroom - 4 Surprising Glamour Bathroom Designs

A glamour luxury bathroom - what are the characteristics of this style?

Glamour style is associated with luxury and elegance. It uses shiny or glossy materials - both on walls and flooring, as well as accessories. The lighting is also a highly important aspect, as it’s the central point of such an interior. It should look magnificent and make the impression of spaciousness.

Interior design specialists stress that a glamour bathroom is often expressed in small details and accessories that when combined together - look really impressive. The recommended colors are glass, silver or gold - depending on the rest of the fittings.

Do you want black fixtures and are wondering whether they will look good in a luxury bathroom? The color palette is not that important when it comes to accessories. Black fixtures against a bright background with strong lighting looks spectacular. You can pick them with no worries.

A glamour luxury bathroom - what are the characteristics of this style?

Modern luxury bathroom

What accessories can you use in a luxury bathroom?

Original furniture is a typical base used in a glamour bathroom. It usually has carvings and decorations, referring to English style. But it’s just one of the possibilities. You can also pick plain, bright cabinets without any decorations. They are very characteristic - especially for modern glamour bathrooms.

Apart from the cabinets, one cannot forget about the lighting. It plays a key role in a luxury bathroom. The combination of glossy surfaces and a lot of lighting is not coincidental. Shiny glamour bathroom accessories reflect the light, making the interior seem more spacious.

Classic glamour - Hollywood regency bathrooms often use crystal chandeliers and richly decorated wall lights. They are very original parts of the design. Keep in mind that as time passes, everything changes. That’s why modern luxury bathrooms often omit such decorations and use much simpler lamps instead. For instance, LED strips are a very good-looking option. They can illuminate certain elements like the shower or the bathtub, or be installed by the ceiling across the whole bathroom.

A luxury bathroom cannot exist without a large mirror. In this case, a lot of people pick a separate element in a richly decorated frame. Others decide on installing a large mirror panel on one of the walls and illuminate it in an interesting way. Both of the solutions perfectly fit glamour style, hence they are quite common in home interiors.

What accessories can you use in a luxury bathroom?

Glamour bathroom - golden accessories

Glamour bathroom - grey and silver

Bright glamour bathroom decor - choose white color and good lighting!

Every luxury bathroom needs a good basis for the interior design. It’s an element that often determines the way the whole room looks. White color is the most common choice, in this case. Bright colors are very universal, as they can be combined with various accessories. Furthermore, as research suggests - they are very calming. So, if you love relaxation - a white glamour bathroom is a really good solution.

White 3D tiles are a very interesting option for the wall finish. White color is universal, and a wall decorated this way looks really intriguing and perfectly fits glamour style.

How to use lighting in a luxury bathroom design?

Proper lighting is crucial in white glamour bathrooms, as it can completely change the looks of the interior. You don’t have to place it only in the most obvious spots. You can also pick some wall decorations and highlight them using small spotlights. Special lamps installed in the floor by a free-standing bathtub is another interesting option. Thanks to them, you will be able to take a bath in a unique atmosphere.

You can break the white color using glossy tiles with marble-like patterns on the surface. They can be used both on the floor and on the walls. Currently, it’s one of the most common choices.

Bright glamour bathroom decor - choose white color and good lighting!

Minimalist glamour bathroom

Luxury bathroom mirror

Luxury bathroom furniture

Silver, gold and even black accessories perfectly complement white color. They break the so-called “boredom” and make the glamour bathroom look elegant. You can find a lot of products in those colors, for instance:

  • lamps,
  • soap dishes,
  • laundry baskets,
  • cosmetics shelves,
  • towel racks.

A luxury bathroom - elegant grey

Glamour bathrooms express elegance and beauty. It doesn’t mean, though that white color is your only option. Other bright shades, especially pastel colors look equally good. Beige and grey are very good choices - the latter is currently very popular in bathrooms.

As with white, grey color looks very good in company with strong lighting, as well as silver and gold accessories. Thanks to such a combination, you can achieve a truly stunning result.

Can you combine various shades of grey in a glamour bathroom?

Do you want a unique and extraordinary interior? Combine different shades of grey in the bathroom. Are you wondering how to do it? Just use very bright, glossy tiles as the basis. You can lay them both on the floor and walls, as in both cases they make a perfect foundation for the design. As a complementary element, use fixtures and ceramics in darker grey hues.

You can use natural concrete instead of glossy wall tiles. If you decide to do so - be careful, as it’s a “raw” material. Strong lighting is also very important if you choose this material, as it breaks the “coldness” of the interior.

A luxury bathroom - elegant grey

Luxury bathroom - grey

Glamour bathroom decor marble

A dark glamour bathroom - is it possible?

A luxury bathroom doesn’t have to be designed in a bright color, as some might think. If you prefer darker shades - you can use them in your house or apartment. Of course, you have to carefully plan the whole design, to avoid an overwhelming effect.

Black, charcoal grey or dark blue are perfect for large luxury bathrooms. But one has to keep things in moderation. Very often, just one wall designed in this color is enough.

How to highlight the unique character of a dark luxury bathroom?

The mentioned colors are so universal that they can be matched with various accessories. Silver and gold lamps and mirror frames look good. Transparent glass is also an interesting option. If you want an original decoration, pick interesting-looking lamps with a golden or silver basis and transparent or smoky glass shades.

Do you want to design a dark glamour bathroom? Remember to pick glossy surfaces and a lot of lighting points. This way, the design will look good.

A dark glamour bathroom - is it possible?\~l_170007

Dark-gold glamour bathroom decor

Black Hollywood regency bathroom glamour

Unusual luxury bathroom

Black and white glamour bathroom decor

Dark blue luxury bathroom idea

Hollywood glamour bathroom decor

A small glamour bathroom - it can be beautiful as well

Homeowners who have a limited space in their bathroom often pick classic designs or minimalist Scandinavian style. Obviously, it’s not a bad choice. It’s good to know, however, that one can also design a glamour bathroom in such a place.

A small interior has no space for a free-standing bathtub, which is a very characteristic element of glamour style. You can replace it with an interesting-looking shower. A curbless pan with transparent walls and metal construction in gold or black is the best option, in this case. Add some characteristic fixtures in the same colors to it. Keep the ceramics classic - pick a white sink and toilet bowl.

How to make a small luxury bathroom look bigger?

Add a large, illuminated mirror over the sink. You can also use LED strips by the ceiling and the floor. This way, the interior looks larger. Additionally, pick wall tiles with a delicate grey or golden print instead of classic white ones.

A glamour bathroom designed like this looks great, even if it’s small. It will surely amaze you, and you will fall in love with such an interior.

A small glamour bathroom - it can be beautiful as well\~l_170007

Luxurious glamour bathroom decor

Glamour bathroom with pink

White and silver luxury bathroom

📍 What does a glamour bathroom look like?

A glamour bathroom is characteristic for its elegance, thanks to which it looks luxurious. Such an interior mostly consists of glossy materials - silver and gold. Lighting is an important base of a luxury bathroom - the more, the better. A typical glamour bathroom is designed in bright colors - white or grey.

📍 What are the best glamour bathroom accessories?

A glamour bathroom design cannot do without a lot of lighting and mirrors - those are two basic elements. Apart from this, you can choose silver, gold or pink-gold fixtures. Other recommended accessories include glass cases with shiny metal base or cups for cosmetics, kept in the same color palette.