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Scandinavian Christmas Tree - 4 White Christmas Tree Decor Ideas

Is Christmas grandeur not your cup of tea, and therefore you dream of a neutral white Christmas tree with minimalist decorations? There are more people like you than you think. But if you don't want your tree to be boring, you have to come up with a good idea. A Scandinavian Christmas tree is a perfect solution. Check how it might look like. Learn the most interesting ideas and get inspired to create your simple white Christmas tree design.

Scandinavian Christmas Tree - 4 White Christmas Tree Decor Ideas

Is a Scandinavian Christmas tree a good idea?

A Christmas tree is one of the essential elements of Christmas house decorations. It doesn’t mean, though, that it has to look the same every time. A Scandinavian Christmas tree is a perfect idea for all those who had enough of traditional ornaments, splendor and multiple colors in one place.

Many associate a simple white Christmas tree with Scandinavian style. But in fact, it’s just one of the many possibilities. The fact that the tree doesn’t contain many color variants, colorful baubles and lighting doesn’t mean it has to be white.

A Nordic Christmas tree is mostly minimalistic and leaning towards nature. You can use wooden ornaments, dried fruits, cinnamon sticks and anise stars - they will add some atmosphere to the interior.

Is a Scandinavian Christmas tree a good idea?

Unusual Scandinavian Christmas tree

What interiors does a Scandinavian Christmas tree fit into?

A Scandinavian Christmas tree is a very universal solution. What’s more, every tree in this style can look different. Because of this, one can state that a white Christmas tree (or any other, designed in Scandinavian style) is always a good choice - regardless what the interior looks like.

What about the size of the tree? The market offers Christmas trees in various sizes, so pay attention to the space you can afford. Remember that the tree should take most of the room. If you live in an apartment and your living room is not the largest, a smaller tree is a much better option. It doesn’t mean it’s going to look less impressive. Remember - the idea is the most important, while the rest is not that significant.

What interiors does a Scandinavian Christmas tree fit into?

A modest Scandinavian Christmas tree

Big or small Scandinavian Christmas tree?

It’s generally accepted that a Christmas tree should be prominent. Is it still true? Currently, things go quite the opposite. Christmas trees are often smaller and more modest. All you need is a few small ornaments and delicate lighting to have an impressive Scandinavian Christmas tree.

Interior design specialists stress that sometimes it’s better to pick a smaller natural tree instead of a large artificial one - the latter looks much worse.

So, what’s better - a small or big Scandinavian Christmas tree? It depends - on your individual preferences, the free space you can spare and trees availability.

Big or small Scandinavian Christmas tree?

Tiny Scandinavian Christmas trees

A white Christmas tree with minimalistic ornaments

A white tree is not as easy to decorate in Scandinavian style as one might think. It’s easy to go in the wrong direction and end up with a kitschy result.

Note that you can decide on two solutions, in this case. One of them is purchasing an artificial white Christmas tree. But keep in mind that decorating it is much more difficult. Not mentioning the fact that a white Christmas tree might not look like you’d expect.

You can also choose a Christmas tree with branches looking like frosted or covered with snow. This way, you can avoid the fake effect, and decorating such a tree is much easier.

Decorating a neutral Christmas tree using light colors is the other option. In this case, make sure not to use too many ornaments. Remember - sometimes less is more - and looks better. You can use the following items to decorate your white Christmas tree:

  • feathers,
  • stars,
  • reindeer,
  • angels.

A white Christmas tree with minimalistic ornaments

A beautiful white Christmas tree

A modest Scandinavian Christmas tree decor

White Christmas tree and dried fruit

Are you looking for unique white Christmas tree decorating ideas? Do you want to have a Christmas tree unlike any other? A Christmas tree with white ornaments and dried fruit might be a good solution. Although dried oranges are the most popular in this case, you have other options as well. For instance, you can use lemon or grapefruit.

But dried fruit is not all. If you want your Christmas tree to be even more natural and scented, you can add:

  • anise stars,
  • cinnamon sticks,
  • decorations with cloves.

You can add pine cones, walnuts and hazelnuts to your Nordic Christmas tree. Decorating the tree with Christmas gingerbread cookies is another minimalist idea - you can make them yourself with other family members.

White Christmas tree and dried fruit

Scandinavian Christmas tree and dried fruit

Fruit and other ornaments - Scandinavian Christmas tree ideas

Scandinavian Christmas tree and wooden ornaments

Scandinavian style in architecture is often associated with naturalness and wood. It’s no different when decorating a Christmas tree. If you decided that you want a Scandinavian Christmas tree in your house this year, use wooden ornaments.

Many people give up the idea of such decorations, fearing they will have to make them themselves. But the selection of store-bought ornaments is so big nowadays that you won’t have any problems to pick the ones you like. Many manufacturers offer wooden stars, angels and even baubles.

You can also decorate your Christmas tree using the following items:

  • wooden reindeer,
  • jumping jacks,
  • rocking horses,
  • elves,
  • cars.

When picking wooden ornaments, the selection is typically not limited to just a few shapes. What’s more, many companies offer custom orders in any shape, as they can cut them using special tools. Thanks to this, you can decorate your Christmas tree with many interesting elements you wouldn’t find in a store.

Scandinavian Christmas tree and wooden ornaments

Nordic Christmas tree - Scandi style

Wooden Christmas ornaments - Scandinavian Christmas tree

A Scandinavian Christmas tree - animal ornaments

Scandinavian style often uses a reindeer theme, which can be spotted on Christmas clothing or pillowcases. You can pick this theme for your Scandinavian Christmas tree as well. In this case, you can use the mentioned wooden decorations or pick something entirely different. Ornaments made of fabric or felt are an intriguing option. They fit into Nordic minimalism perfectly, looking beautiful and original.

Apart from reindeer, you can sometimes see other animals in Scandinavian style - for instance, owls. Tiny owls made of fabric and felt are a popular trend of the recent years. But remember that if you want to keep your Christmas tree in Scandinavian style, pick light and neutral colors. Consider the following options:

You can also use light pastel colors. Apricot, delicate blue and dusty pink are perfect options. But in fact, everything depends on the design of the whole interior.

A Scandinavian Christmas tree - animal ornaments

A wooden owl - Scandinavian Christmas tree ideas

📍 What are the features of a Scandinavian Christmas tree?

A Scandinavian Christmas tree means moderation in the choice of ornaments. This style uses natural materials as well - wood, dried fruit, walnuts. Light colors and a form of minimalism are its characteristic features.

📍 What are the best lights for a white Christmas tree?

A white Christmas tree looks perfect with delicate lighting. Make sure to pick a color close to a lamp lightbulb. In some cases, large lights might look good. Alternatively, you can pick a non-standard shape, e.g. stars.

📍 How to decorate a white Christmas tree?

If you want your white Christmas tree to look good, make sure not to use too many ornaments. This color looks good with wooden decorations, as well as dried fruit.