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Scandinavian Bedroom Design - 3 Lovely Scandi Bedroom Ideas

For a couple of years, Scandinavian style has been one of the most popular interior designs. Homeowners value it for its minimalism, informality, usefulness and most importantly - beautiful simplicity. Thanks to this, many find it truly charming. Following the trend, Scandinavian bedrooms have been the rage of the latest seasons. Such interiors are very cozy and allow for a true relaxation. No wonder then, that Scandinavian style bedroom appear both in large houses and small apartments. Check the most important ingredients of Scandinavian bedroom design.

Scandinavian Bedroom Design - 3 Lovely Scandi Bedroom Ideas

Scandinavian bedroom design - shades of grey

Bright and neutral color palette is the foundation of Scandinavian bedroom design. If white seems too boring, grey color is an excellent alternative. It’s perfect both for walls, flooring, furniture and decorations. What’s more, so called grey base of the interior provides many opportunities for design and possible changes.

Are you afraid that grey color will make your Scandinavian bedroom too “cold?” It all depends on the shade you pick. Paint manufacturers offer plenty of options in this regard - you can, therefore, choose a warmer color. What’s more, you can warm up the grey using beige or pink bedroom decorations. Textiles are perfect for this purpose:

  • blankets,
  • pillows,
  • curtains,
  • rugs,
  • bedspreads.

Scandinavian bedroom design - shades of grey

Grey Scandinavian bedroom

A Scandinavian bedroom will look much cozier if you choose an upholstered bed. It can be grey, as the main focus is on the fabric, not the color.

If you cannot find an upholstered bed that would match your taste - there is another solution. You can choose a standard bed frame and match it with a separate headboard - an upholstered wall panel. This way, you have much more options to choose from.

Are you afraid that your Scandinavian bedroom will use up all your budget designated for the renovated interior? It doesn’t have to! Just refurbish your furniture. You can use furniture paint - this way, you don’t have to invest in new equipment. It’s a good solution if you want to transform the interior for cheap.

Scandinavian bedroom - grey wall\~114971444

Scandinavian bedroom - shades of grey

Grey minimalist bedroom

Scandinavian bedroom with wood

Wood is one of the main elements of Scandinavian bedroom design. You can use it in many forms. Wooden furniture, as well as flooring made of this material are highly popular elements. Natural wood covered with a layer of a special product or transparent furniture paint is the best option, in this case. As in previous cases, bright color palette dominates here. Therefore, the most recommended wood types are:

  • oak,
  • beech,
  • pine,
  • alder,
  • ash,
  • walnut,
  • spruce.

If you decide on wooden flooring, make sure to pick hard enough material. Oak or beech are perfect for this purpose. Not only they are highly durable but also adjustable and easy to bend. Wood has to be well dried, as too much humidity could cause deformation of the floor and the planks could bend.

Apart from the features mentioned above, oak wood has yet another, great advantage. It is very resistant to wood boring insects.

Scandinavian bedroom with wood

Scandinavian style bedroom - wood

Furniture and other ornamental elements are typically made of pine and spruce. Are you wondering why? The materials are cheap and relatively easy to get. It’s a perfect choice for those who value aesthetics and don’t want to pay too much for it.

Scandinavian bedroom design likes using wood, as it makes the interior look cozy. Additionally, it perfectly matches soft, fluffy blankets and looks great with large pillows and cushions. It’s a perfect addition for the characteristic Scandinavian style colors: white, grey and beige.

White wood - Scandi bedroom

Wooden Scandi bed and furniture - Scandinavian bedroom

Scandi style bedrooms - wooden accessories

White Scandinavian bedroom - a bright and clear interior

Are you dreaming of a white bedroom and you also love Scandinavian style? We have great news for you - white color is the absolute basis in Nordic interiors. So, you can easily create your perfect oasis to rest in.

Bright (in this case white) Scandinavian bedroom looks very spacious. It’s a perfect option if you live in a small apartment and have limited space. This way, you can modify the interior and make it seem larger.

Do you think that a small white Scandi style bedroom is a little too boring interior? Remember that you can always add some distinct decorations, e.g. in pastel colors. What are the safe shades, in this case? Check the list below:

  • delicate blue,
  • mint,
  • dusty pink,
  • peach,
  • lavender.

If you decided to use some color in your Scandinavian bedroom, make sure that it doesn’t dominate. It should be just an addition to enliven the room - without overwhelming it. This is the reason more striking colors like red or purple are avoided here. They would completely overpower the premises of the modest Scandinavian style bedroom.

White Scandinavian bedroom - a bright and clear interior

White Scandinavian bedroom - colorful decorations

Scandinavian bedroom - an interesting interior

Scandinavian bedroom - white closet

Bright Scandinavian bedroom - patterned linen

📍 Scandinavian interior design bedroom - where to search for an inspiration?

You can find many Scandinavian bedroom ideas on interior design websites. Also, blogs written by interior design experts might be helpful. There are a lot of ideas in furniture catalogues you can purchase in a kiosk.

📍 How to design a stylish Scandi style bedroom?

If you want your Scandinavian bedroom to be very stylish, use simple elements and two basic colors: white and grey. A little bit of black in decorations, e.g. poster frames, vases and baskets also looks good. Scandi style bedrooms with wood looks very elegant as well.

📍 Is it a good idea to design a tiny Scandinavian style bedroom?

A small Scandinavian bedroom is a perfect choice. You can use the bright colors, characteristic for this style - white, grey and pastels to make the room look bigger. Accessories such as blankets and pillows will add some charm to the tiny Scandinavian bedroom. Don't forget about proper, strong lighting.