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Put Some Plants in the Kitchen - 4 Best Kitchen Plants

The conditions in the kitchen are much different from other rooms in the house. The interior is affected by everyday meal cooking. A high temperature and a lot of humidity - these aren't the greatest for some houseplants. Because of this, make sure to pick the right species if you want plants in the kitchen. Are you not sure what plant to pick for your kitchen? Take a look at our suggestions.

Put Some Plants in the Kitchen - 4 Best Kitchen Plants

Are plants in the kitchen a good idea?

Some think keeping plants in the kitchen is not the best idea. Of course, many plants simply won’t grow well in such an interior. If you decide to put them there, you will quickly note that they are in a bad shape. But it turns out that certain plants grow perfectly in nonstandard conditions of the kitchen.

Depending on the plants you pick for the kitchen, they can become an important interior design element and an aesthetic enhancement. But some kitchen plants bear additional benefits. Peace lily is the best example - it can purify the air.

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What is the best location for plants in the kitchen?

Most people who decide to have some plants in their kitchen, simply put them on a window. In fact, it’s a good option for many plants. Windowsill plants, however, are just one of the many plant types you can use in the kitchen. Some species don’t like too intense sunlight. What to do, in this case?

Kitchen plants can be placed on a countertop. But make sure they aren’t an obstacle during everyday tasks. Don’t place them in the middle, but e.g. somewhere by the sink.

A plant in the kitchen looks great as the main decoration on the table. Some homeowners decide to hang kitchen plants on the wall. It’s practical for plants like ivy.

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How to care for kitchen plants?

Caring for plants in the kitchen is a bit different from managing other houseplants. Why? Mostly because of the mentioned high humidity level in the interior. It’s possible, then, that your kitchen plants need less frequent watering. But it depends on a particular species.

Make sure you don’t place the kitchen plants by a radiator or a stove - otherwise, high temperature will affect them. Also, experts suggest not to put plants and fruits close to each other - especially apples. The fruits emit special substances which might make plants in the kitchen age faster, wilt and dry.

How to care for kitchen plants?

African violets - small kitchen plants

Sainpaulia is a plant also known as African violet. It’s a small type of kitchen plants - so it’s perfect both for tiny and large kitchens.

African violet is not a difficult plant, so even an inexperienced plant lover will be able to take care of it. Sainpaulia doesn’t like direct sunlight, so don’t place it on a windowsill. It’s a perfect plant for a kitchen countertop - put it nearby the window, so the plant gets indirect sunlight.

African violets look quite interesting. Their leaves are covered with tiny hairs. When the plant blooms, you can enjoy beautiful, large flowers in various colors such as:

  • white,
  • pink,
  • light purple,
  • dark purple.

Some varieties have two colors. They look even better than the ordinary types - hence their popularity.

African violets - small kitchen plants

Cyclamens - beautiful but difficult kitchen plants

Cyclamen, although stunning, is a flower for those who have at least basic knowledge about keeping houseplants. This kitchen plant loves high humidity and direct sunlight. You can put it on a window, as an additional decoration.

If you decided on a cyclamen, make sure to ventilate the kitchen often - if possible. The plant doesn’t like high temperatures.

Cyclamens have beautiful decorative leaves, but their flowers are the real ornament. They stay for at least several months - from fall to spring. Furthermore, they have different colors. Here are the most popular ones:

  • pink,
  • purple,
  • red,
  • claret.

Thanks to such a wide variety, you can easily match a particular type with your interior design.

Cyclamens - beautiful but difficult kitchen plants

Aspidistra elatior - a kitchen plant for everyone

Aspidistra elatior is a very popular houseplant, widely known as cast-iron-plant, because of its looks and durability. Cast-iron-plants are perfect plants for the kitchen, able to survive any conditions. It’s a perfect choice for those who have never had any plants at home.

You can place an Aspidistra practically anywhere. It will endure both full sunlight and shade. It can stand on a kitchen countertop, on the table or by the window.

This type of kitchen plants loves humid air and quite dry soil. Because of this, don’t water it too frequently. Instead of pouring water into the pot, you can mist the leaves every few days.

Aspidistra elatior - a kitchen plant for everyone

Ivy - hanging kitchen plants

When picking plants for the kitchen, many homeowners don’t take ivies into consideration, thinking they are demanding plants. But in fact, it’s a perfect choice for interiors like the kitchen - you just need to know how to use this plant.

Ivy doesn’t like standing in full sun - so don’t place the pot by the window. It grows perfectly on a shelf or a planter hanging on a wall.

Kitchen plants of this type love moist soil, but don’t water them too much. Too excessive watering might cause root rot - if it happens, the plant won’t survive.

Keeping ivy in the kitchen has another advantage - it can clean the air. Large plants of this species can remove harmful substances from the interior - you will surely notice the difference.

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📍 What are the best plants for a kitchen window?

Kitchen window plants love sunlight. You can pick African violet or aloe vera. If you are forgetful about watering your plants, a cactus is a good choice.

📍 What are good plants for a dark kitchen?

Plants for a dark kitchen like indirect light. Ivy is the most popular species in this category. Peace lily and snake plant are other shade-loving houseplants you can put in the kitchen.

📍 What plants look good in the kitchen?

Contrary to popular belief, kitchen plants make a big group of species. Dracaena and ficus are popular choices. Many pick ferns and peace lilies for their kitchens. You can choose whatever you like the most, but make sure the plant likes humidity and the peculiar conditions in the kitchen.