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Peony Flower - Find Out How to Grow and Care for Peonies

Peony is one of the most popular plants among gardeners. The trouble of planting and growing them is rewarded by gorgeous flowers. A blooming peony undergoes a real metamorphosis. It transforms from a seemingly unattractive bush into a magnificent shrub full of flowers. Do you want to plant a peony bush in your garden? Check everything you should know about it.

Peony Flower - Find Out How to Grow and Care for Peonies

Peony - what is this plant, and what are its characteristics?

There are many types of peony plants. A great majority of them make a perfect yard decoration. The plants are popular among gardeners mostly because of their magnificent, early blooming flowers.

Peony originates in Europe and Asia, but one can find a few species in Northern America as well. The fact that the plant can grow in various conditions is its biggest advantage. Peony plant is resistant to frost, thanks to which it can easily survive every winter.

Peony - what is this plant, and what are its characteristics?

Peony - a flower of many varieties

Peony plant belongs to the family of paeoniaceae. Note that it’s a type of shrub. There are 33 different peony varieties. What’s more, each of them is different, but they have a few common characteristics. Flowers are the most important ones - they look truly impressive and consist of many petals in different sizes.

Peony flower - colors

The basic types of this shrub have white, pink, purple or yellow flowers. But thanks to the many varieties of peonies, one can pick different colors. Flower shops offer the following varieties:

  • double-colored,
  • with ornamental flowers, e.g. with jagged petals.

Regardless of the type, every peony flower smells wonderful. In addition to the scent, leaves are also significant in some varieties, as they serve decorative purposes.

Peony flower - colors

How to grow peonies - general rules

Peony plant can grow in one spot for many years. But to achieve it, one needs to prepare the place. First, you need to dig a 50 cm deep hole in the ground, and fill it with fertilizer. You can create your own mix or use a store-bought one.

Make sure to leave enough space between the seedlings - in accordance with expert gardening technique, at least 1 meter of space is needed for each shrub to grow properly.

Peony care - what is the best soil?

Peony bush requires the right soil. The plant prefers fertile, slightly damp soil. The pH is important - it must be medium acidic and basic. The ground in which peonies grow cannot be either too dry or wet.

Do peonies need full sun?

Are you wondering where to plant peonies and whether they need a lot of sun? The plant prefers warm and sunny places. Make sure to avoid spots located in half-shade - while a peony bush might take root in them, it will probably never bloom.

Do peonies need full sun?

Peonies care - do they need frequent watering?

Peony bushes need regular watering. But do it in moderation - remember that excessive water might damage the plant. The lack of water is equally dangerous, so make sure to find the golden medium when watering the plant.

Does peony plant need fertilizing?

Peonies need a well-prepared spot, especially when they are first planted. Use a special fertilizer mix - you can make it yourself or purchase in a flower shop. Peony bush also requires mulch, you can use bark for this purpose.

As stressed by experts, you can use special mixes to fertilize a peony plant - make sure to follow the instructions printed on the package of the product.

When to plant peonies?

When is the best time for planting peonies? While growing these plants seems complicated you need just a few simple rules to keep them in perfect condition. August and September are the best months for planting peonies. Remember that after setting the plant in a new spot, it needs at least 3 years to “feel at home.” After this time, you can expect first blooming.

Can you transplant a peony?

Peonies don’t like transplanting. If you decide to do this, you might harm the plant. For this reason, make sure to carefully prepare the place where the plant is going to grow for the first time. It’s better if it stays in there.

How to propagate peonies?

Separating new seedlings is not a complicated task. Remember to do this carefully and delicately. Be careful not to damage the roots of the seedling or the main shrub when digging up saplings.

Peonies care - what are the most common diseases and dangers?

Peonies are exceptionally resistant to diseases and pests. Nonetheless, pay attention to the pH of the soil the plant grows in. Too much acidity might damage the peony bush. If the ground is too damp, the plant might start developing fungus and gradually rot.

Have you noticed something is wrong with your peony plant? Act immediately. Thanks to this, you can save it. First, consult an experienced gardener or an employee at a gardening store.

Peonies care - what are the most common diseases and dangers?

📍 When do peonies bloom?

Peonies are incredibly difficult to grow - but their flowers are beautiful and impressive. New shoots appear in early spring - in March and later in April. Blooming begins early - as buds grow in the previous season. First flowers on peonies appear between May and June in moderate zones.

📍 How to plant peonies?

Peony bushes need proper planting. Prepare a 50-centimeter deep hole and fill it with a soil mix. Remember about the right spacing between the seedlings, at least one meter. The plant needs time to accommodate. Typically, it lasts about three years.

📍 What is the best soil for peonies?

Peonies are demanding plants, but if provided with proper conditions, they can grow in the garden for years. The plant prefers medium-acidity soil, alkaline is the best pH. Avoid excessively dry or wet spots - slightly damp place is the best option.

📍 What does peony smell like?

White peony has a subtle, almost elusive scent. It's a fresh, light and vaporous smell.