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Patio Lights - 5 Sparkling Ideas for Outdoor Patio Lighting

Patio lights is a concern of any owner of a house, as well as an apartment located on the ground floor with a small garden. Outdoor patio lighting can look really interesting - but it all depends on the solutions you use. Are you looking for a good idea you could implement in your own house? We have prepared several interesting options for outdoor patio lights that will amaze you. Check the latest and upcoming trends - and use them in your house. Some of them are easier than you think!

Patio Lights - 5 Sparkling Ideas for Outdoor Patio Lighting

Patio string lights - delicate terrace lights that will amaze you

Patio string lights is one of the most commonly used solutions when it comes to patio lighting ideas. They are fantastic in large spaces as well as in enclosed balconies. But the final result mostly depends on the lamp model you choose - there are a lot of possibilities in this regard.

If you can access electricity on the patio, you can choose really extensive patio string lights powered this way. They guarantee a really strong illumination of the patio - good enough for spending an evening with friends. String lights are available in different lengths. What’s more the lamps can have different sizes, so you will have no problem with choosing the right product for you.

Do you have the basic patio lighting and are just looking for something to add some character and create a cozy atmosphere? You can pick small ball-shaped string lights powered by batteries. This option works everywhere - not only as outdoor patio lights, but also as an element of a modern living room or a home office.

Patio string lights - delicate terrace lights that will amaze you

Patio striing lights

Hanging patio lighting

Interesting patio lighting

Outdoor patio lights

Patio floor lighting - choose the spectacular result

Have you installed interesting flooring on your patio? You can strengthen this effect by adding floor lighting. It results in a really satisfying finish, is inconspicuous and practically invisible during the day.

Single lighting points are the most common choice in this case. It’s possible thanks to small lamps installed in the floor. If you think your patio is very large and such lighting will not be enough, you can choose LED strips that guarantee even several time stronger result - depending on the model you pick.

If you want even more spectacular effect, you can also illuminate your patio furniture. It works, however, only for immovable elements that don’t have to be hidden when the weather is bad. So, you can use this type of patio lights to highlight furniture made of synthetic rattan - e.g. a sofa or larger chairs.

Patio floor lighting - choose the spectacular result

Patio floor llighting

Wooden patio - lamps in the floor

Floor lighting on patioo

Patio lights - points

Atmospheric patio lights - lamps and lanterns

Do you want to create an atmospheric patio lighting to spend a romantic evening? It’s easier than you think. In this case, all you need are lamps or small lanterns you can put at different spots.

Such elements are available in different variants. Some of them use small tealights. But the modern patio lights of this type usually use batteries, what is not only more convenient but also safer.

You can place this type of patio lights on the ground, which is a great advantage. You can also hang them. This way, you can use more of them, which might create a truly stunning result.

Atmospheric patio lights - lamps and lanterns

Lanterns - patio lights

Patio lighting ideas - lanterns

Torch-like patio lights

A lot of lights patio lighting

Modern outdoor patio lights - halogen lamps and spot lights

Do you like spending time on your patio but you also value your own comfort and want the space to be well illuminated? Or perhaps you want to read books in evenings on the patio? In this case, all you need is a single light such as a halogen lamp or a spot light.

Although those are only single light sources, they provide a lot of light on the patio, along with the garden and paths in it. Furthermore, well planned halogen lamps can expose all the most important elements and add a modern character to the whole space.

Simple but interesting-looking spot lights are perfect for modern buildings. They are the best option for this type of design.

Modern outdoor patio lights - halogen lamps and spot lights

Modern patio lights

Terrace lights

Terrace lighting

Modern and  traditional patio lights

Classic outdoor patio lights - upgraded

Do you like the functionality of classic patio lighting but you want it to be distinct? You can choose lamps similar to the ones used indoors. But make sure they have different technical parameters and are resistant against weather conditions. You can make the patio look impressive by choosing standing or hanging lamps of interesting shapes.

Although hanging lamps have been quite popular for a long time, standing models are gaining popularity. Interestingly enough, large, impressive-looking minimalist lamps are an absolute hit.

Classic outdoor patio lights - upgraded

Traditional outdoor patio lighting,101086-117377.html

Outdoor patio lights - ideas

Strong patio lighting

📍 How to design outdoor patio lighting?

Typically, patio lights are designed in such a way that they delicately illuminate the area. The lighting doesn't have to be too intense, as one can create a unique atmosphere. You can pick from the popular options: halogen lamps, spot lights, patio string lights and floor lighting. It all depends on the effect you're aiming at. Connecting the lamps to electricity should be done by an expert - don't do it yourself.

📍 What are the best patio lighting ideas?

Outdoor patio lighting should be adjusted to the particular space and your own expectations. Are you looking for a strong light source? Choose spot lights and halogen lamps or classic patio lights. Do you prefer a more romantic atmosphere? You can achieve the best patio lighting if you use string lights or lanterns.