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Pastel Colors In Interior Design - Most Gorgeous 2022 Trends

Do you want to change something in your interior design? Perhaps you are planning a renovation? Before you decide on a makeover, check the best trends of 2021. Pastel colors are the most popular shades this season. It seems that the society is searching for peace, which has been so needed lately. Home interiors will benefit from pastel colors like pink, blue, mint green and neutral beige combined with "bolder" accessories.

Pastel Colors In Interior Design - Most Gorgeous 2022 Trends

What are pastel colors?

Pastel colors are simply brighter shades of well-known colors that have been mixed with white. They can be characterized by calmness and neutrality. For this reason, they are often used in home interior design. Pastel colors can work as a base of the design, but they can also be used as accessories.

The most popular pastel colors used in home interiors are pink and blue. But it’s only one of the possibilities. Pastel color palette also includes:

  • warm grey,
  • sand,
  • creme,
  • canary yellow,
  • salmon pink,
  • dove-grey,
  • bright green,
  • mint green.

Depending on a classification, the names of those shades might differ greatly. What is referred to as creme might be called ivory in another arrangement. Similarly, salmon pink is sometimes called peach pink.

What are pastel colors?

Can pastel colors be used in any interior?

Pastel colors are referred to as “graceful” by designers. Not only they work perfectly in any home interior but also they can be matched with other colors.

Pastel colors are best for the following interiors:

  • bedrooms,
  • children’s rooms,
  • bathrooms.

There is no problem at all to use this color in the living room, the kitchen or the office as well. What’s more, bright pastel color palette has soothing properties and promotes focus and relaxation. It’s beneficial both for working and calming down before going to bed.

If you want to use pastel colors in home interiors but you think they will be too boring - simply add a strong accent. Turquoise or fuchsia are interesting options.

Can pastel colors be used in any interior?

Pastels colors cushions

How to combine pastel colors with other shades?

As already mentioned, pastel colors can be easily matched with other colors. They work perfectly with grey of various intensity levels, as well as with white. This way the home arrangements look very delicate. But those are not the only possibilities.

Pastel colors look perfectly in a bolder setting. They are great for industrial style, in combination with another color such as charcoal grey. They can also be added to rustic style, as the base on walls.

Pastel palette can be also complemented with various materials. Pastel furniture looks great with wood, raw concrete and white brick.

How to combine pastel colors with other shades?

An elegant and stylish living room - how to use pastel colors in it?

Pastel colors are gaining popularity. No wonder that those shades often appear in interiors like the living room. Furthermore, a pastel color, regardless of what shade you choose, fits both a house and apartment. The size of the interior doesn’t matter.

There is another big advantage of pastel colors. They can be used practically for any style. Thanks to this, you need only few changes to make your living room look completely different.

Are you wondering how to use pastel colors in the living room? The walls are the primary option. You can paint just one wall or all of them - depending on your concept. Pastel background is perfect for white, wooden and dark colored furniture.

Do you want white or creme walls combined with pastel colors in your house? Consider an interesting option - colorful furniture. It might be both leisure furniture and a wall unit. It’s a really interesting variant and an original addition. Pastel sofas and chairs are the most popular options. You can buy such furniture or decide on a custom project.

There is another alternative for the presented variants. You can create an interior all in cream and light grey shades, and add only a few color accents. You can use blankets, cushions and curtains for this purpose.

An elegant and stylish living room - how to use pastel colors in it?

Pastel colors salmon pink sofa

Pastels leisure

Pastel colors in the bedroom - it’s trendy!

Pastel colors are ideal for the bedroom. They support rest and relaxation. No wonder that many homeowners choose them when designing their house or apartment.

What is going to be popular in the upcoming season? The best colors for bedrooms will be: pink, green, blue and yellow. You can choose so called total look, which is overloading the interior with the same color or various shades of one color. Nevertheless, a grey or beige base complemented with pastel accessories is a more popular option.

Pastel color are perfect for a bedroom arranged in boho style, which is going to be very popular in 2021. Bright, delicate blue or mint green can be complemented with wicker accessories, dream catchers and natural fabrics.

Pastel colors in the bedroom - it's trendy!

Pastel bedroom

Bedroom pastel colors

Pastel pink bedroom

Mint pastel bedroom

Pastel interior - bedroom

Pastel colors in a children’s or teen bedroom

Pastel colors are associated with children’s room. It results from the fact that pastel color palette contains very delicate shades that fit perfectly to a baby. Those shades are also often picked by older children who can decide for themselves how their space is going to look like. Children’s rooms, especially those belonging to small girls, are dominated by bright, delicate pinks. Keep in mind that it is only one of the many options.

If you are furnishing or renovating a child’s room and you want it to last for the next few years - using neutral colors will be a much better idea. Choose beige or grey as a base and supplement it with colorful accessories.

The situation is similar with a teen room. Their taste might change several times a year. A total look design will not work in this case, as it might turn out that you will have to change everything in a month - which is quite expensive.

A good base in neutral, yet still pastel colors is the most important aspect in this case. You can add any accessories to it. This way your child can have a completely different-looking room from every now and then.

Pastel colors in a children's or teen bedroom

Pastel teen room

Pastel teen bedroom

Home office - how to use pastel colors in the design?

Home office - work from home has become quite popular in the recent times. But for it to be effective, one should think about creating a real office at home. Is pastel color palette a good choice in this case? Of course! What’s more, you have a lot of possibilities in this regard.

Creating a white base accompanied by pastel accessories is the most popular option. Are you aiming at a really consistent look? Make sure your binders, paper clips, lamps and pictures have one style - in pastel colors.

Such an elegant office will also be a perfect space for meetings with your clients.

Home office - how to use pastel colors in the design?

Pastel poster office

Pastel flower pots

📍 Pastel colors - what are they?

Pastel color palette contains very bright variants of standard colors. They are very universal and look great in any home interior. The most popular pastel colors are pink, blue and bright green. Bright grey and cream are also pastel colors.