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Not Sure How to Pack a Suitcase? Check This Ultimate Packing List!

Are you going on a vacation and would like to rest peacefully without any disruptions? Apart from picking your travel destination, you also need to decide what to pack for the trip. A vacation packing lists may differ, depending on where you're headed. But some packing hacks are universal, and they will help you prepare either yourself or your entire family before the trip. Check what you should include in your packing checklist.

Not Sure How to Pack a Suitcase? Check This Ultimate Packing List!

How to pack a suitcase for a vacation?

Vacation packing is something few people enjoy. It’s not the most fascinating thing in the world, but it doesn’t have to be difficult, either. All you need is good preparation and a packing list of truly useful items.

Before you decide that you need everything, check what you should take when travelling to a particular place – and use some packing hacks from experienced travelers. To make sure your trip is successful:

  • adjust the size of the suitcase to the number of days you’re going to spend on the trip – having a too large suitcase or backpack, you might take many unnecessary things,
  • when packing clothes, make sure they match with each other – sometimes it’s good to create pre-planned clothing sets,
  • secure the items – just in case the weather goes bad, to prevent them from getting wet,
  • group the items into categories – this way you will be able to find them easily,
  • don’t go shopping right before the trip – new shoes might hurt your feet, and never worn clothes might not look as good as they did in the fitting room.

A typical packing list includes clothes, cosmetics, and accessories. But remember that you might also need a first aid kit in some places. It’s especially important if you’re planning e.g., a mountain vacation, or are travelling abroad, where some medications might be hard or impossible to obtain.

You can also use various clothes folding techniques. If you have little space in your suitcase, consider rolling your clothes. This way, you can save even 1/3 of the space in the suitcase.

How to pack a suitcase for vacation?

The universal packing list for vacation

Have you travelled many times, and you’re experienced in both domestic and international trips – and regardless, your head is always empty when thinking about things to pack? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Fortunately, there is a universal, ultimate packing list which predicts all necessities for any circumstances. Check what you should always have with you.

Clothes to pack for a vacation

  • underwear,
  • socks,
  • pajamas,
  • t-shirts,
  • pants, and optionally shorts or a skirt,
  • comfortable shoes – fit for the weather,
  • shoes for water (for beach vacations),
  • swimsuit (for summer vacations),
  • sweaters or jumpers (for winter vacations).

Clothes to pack for vacation

Cosmetics to pack for vacation

  • toothbrush and toothpaste,
  • shower gel or soap,
  • shampoo,
  • deodorant,
  • cosmetic with a UV filter,
  • make-up remover,
  • razor,
  • nail file.

Cosmetics to pack for vacation

First-aid kit for vacation

  • hydrogen peroxide or wet disinfecting pads,
  • plasters,
  • bandage,
  • painkillers,
  • fever reducers,
  • diarrhea drugs,
  • mosquito repellent,
  • ticks repellent.

First-aid kit for vacation

Hand baggage for vacation

  • phone,
  • charger,
  • camera,
  • documents,
  • cash and credit cards,
  • keys,
  • maps,
  • sunglasses,
  • snacks and water,
  • hand sanitizer.

Hand baggage for vacation

Vacation packing tips – learn these useful pack hacks

Are you wondering how to pack for vacation and avoid making mistakes? Use these useful packing tips. Thanks to them, you will find pleasure in your trip preparation process.

Travel packing list is obligatory

Regardless where you go, a packing checklist is always useful. Are you wondering why? Because thanks to it, you will pack only things that you really need, and you won’t forget about anything.

It’s not uncommon to throw just anything in your suitcase during last-minute packing. Most of these items are completely useless and only take space. The checklist gives you control over what’s inside your baggage.

Don’t pack unnecessary items for a weekend abroad

Packing for a longer vacation is a bit different from a weekend trip preparation. It doesn’t mean, though, that you aren’t likely to make mistakes, in this case. The problem is usually exactly the same as when planning for a longer trip – too many useless things.

What to pay attention to when going for a short break? First, check the weather, and if possible – take a peek at live webcams. Thanks to this, you will take only necessary clothes. Also, it’s always good to pack one warmer item just in case, even if it seems the weather is going to be good.

Use practical clothing only

Your baggage should contain only accessories and clothes that can be practically used. What does it mean? A large shawl is a perfect protection from the sun and the wind, it shields you from cold during evenings, and if needed – you can sit on it.

Cycling shorts can be used during a morning jog, and combined with a tunic for an evening city walk.

Lightweight plastic flip-flops are great for sightseeing, plus you can wear them in the shower to protect you from bacteria.

Plan your trip preparation early enough

Lack of time is highly disadvantageous when packing for vacation. For this reason, don’t leave it to the last minute. The worst you can do is begin packing a few hours before having to go. Last minute vacation deals are the only exception. Otherwise, it might turn out you forgot to take something, or worse, you didn’t take something you clearly planned to take. Speedy packing might also make you pack things you don’t need at all.

Leave some space in your suitcase

Leaving some free space in the suitcase is a good habit, and many people remember about it. Why is it a good custom? Because thanks to it, you will be able to bring some souvenirs without worrying about excess baggage. It’s important especially if you travel by planes. Many airlines have really high excess baggage fees. It’s not worth the risk – plus, you probably won’t even use the additional pair of pants or that extra shirt you haven’t worn in years.

Leave some space in your suitcase

Things to pack for a trip with a baby

Are you worried about travelling with your baby because you have no idea what to take with you? It’s definitely easier if you travel by car – this way, you can take more potentially useful things. Depending on where you’re going, you might need e.g., a portable baby bed and a set of bedsheets.

But we recommend asking whether such equipment can be rented locally. Many hotels, guesthouses, and even holiday farms offer such an option.

But you should always have certain products with you – even if you travel by plane. Take a look at the packing list below:

  • comforter,
  • favourite toy,
  • standard diapers,
  • waterproof diapers (if you’re planning going swimming with the baby),
  • wet wipes,
  • headwear,
  • UV clothing,
  • sunscreen (SPF50 or SPF70),
  • milk bottle,
  • baby formula or cereal (depending on the infant’s age),
  • bib,
  • fever reducers,
  • painkillers,
  • saline vials,
  • thermometer,
  • plasters,
  • teething gel,
  • insect bite gel,
  • baby monitor.

The travel checklist above is quite long, and these are only some things you can take with you to be prepared for anything. The mentioned items are the absolute necessities – especially if you’re travelling abroad to a warm-weather country.

Things to pack for a trip with a baby

Packing list for a vacation with toddlers

Travelling with older children is usually less stressful, which doesn’t mean the preparation is any less challenging. What to pack for a trip with toddlers? You might need items such as:

  • first-aid kit,
  • hygiene products,
  • UV clothing,
  • water shoes,
  • beach toys,
  • books, coloring books or games (in case of bad weather),
  • beach accessories, e.g., a lightweight foldable tent,
  • sunglasses,
  • water filter bottles.

If you’re planning camping or going to a place without luxuries, consider taking a small bathtub or a wash basin, a potty, a high chair or a carrier. Although such gadgets take nearly half the trunk, they might prove very useful for your child.

Packing list for a vacation with toddlers

What to bring to the beach? A beach packing list

Are you wondering what to take for your beach vacation? Just like any other trip, this one also requires preparation. It’s even more important in this case, as the weather in some coastal regions is unpredictable. A sunny day might get disrupted with rain within minutes.

Here is a basic beach packing list:

  • clothes for warm and cold days,
  • underwear,
  • headgear,
  • swimsuit,
  • shoes,
  • flip-flops,
  • waterproof jacket or rain poncho,
  • towels,
  • cosmetics and hygienic products,
  • first-aid kit,
  • UV sunscreen – preferably SPF30 or SPF50,
  • beach mat,
  • deck chair,
  • beach tent,
  • water filter bottle,
  • snack containers,
  • anti-mosquito and anti-tick products,
  • float toys.

If you have enough space in your car, you can also take a travel fridge with you. You can fill it with some snacks and beverages for the road. It’s useful especially if the trip is going to be very long.

What to bring to the beach? A beach packing list

Mountain trip packing checklist

A list of things to take to the mountains differs from a beach vacation packing list. Such trips are usually planned for just one day. Sometimes one spends a night in a mountain lodge and comes back the next day. But even in this case, you don’t need many things, especially considering you have to carry everything on your back.

Mountain trip essentials list:

  • backpack,
  • trekking shoes,
  • comfortable sports clothes,
  • thermal underwear,
  • rain jacket,
  • sunglasses,
  • high-calorie snacks (e.g., energy bars, chocolate, bananas),
  • water,
  • a flashlight – preferably so-called head torch,
  • first-aid kit.

People who wander in the mountains often suffer from various injuries. Sometimes it’s a small scratch, sometimes a twisted ankle. That’s why you should be prepared for anything. Especially that the wait for help might last a few hours. In the meantime, you have to manage somehow. So, what should be inside a first-aid kit for a mountain trip?

  • a wound disinfectant,
  • regular and elastic bandages,
  • plasters,
  • aluminum thermal foil,
  • single-use gloves,
  • a triangular bandage.

Are you planning a trip into higher mountains? Take care of your safety. In this case, you’ll need crampons and a climbing helmet.

Mountain trip packing checklist

What to pack for an all-inclusive vacation?

All-inclusive vacation deals are one of the most popular forms of relaxation. It’s not a surprise – one has everything provided during such vacations. You don’t have to worry about food and bevereges, as well as entertainment. Many hotels offer interesting programs adjusted to any needs. Baggage deals also tempt to take more things with you. But most of them are useless in the resort.

Good hotels offer e.g., towels and cosmetics. You don’t even have to worry about a hairdryer, which is a part of the room’s equipment. You will find an umbrella and a blanket in there as well. Such places often have a clinic and a pharmacy, and basic hygienic products are provided at the reception.

So, what to put on an all-inclusive vacation packing list? Most importantly:

  • cosmetics with UV filter,
  • clothes,
  • swimsuit,
  • sunglasses,
  • headwear,
  • pool inflatable,
  • waterproof phone case,
  • travel guide.

In some countries you might need a travel adapter because power outlets are not the same everywhere, and as a result, charging your equipment might be problematic.

Of course, don’t forget about your documents and the trip purchase confirmation. Make sure to remember your insurance policy number in case of an accident. You can purchase the insurance in the travel agency, but sometimes it’s better to do it individually.

What to pack for an all-inclusive vacation?

What to pack for Egypt?

Egypt is an exceptionally warm state, so make sure your baggage includes the following essentials:

  • light clothes,
  • headwear,
  • cosmetic with UV filter – preferably SPF50,
  • sunglasses.

We recommend packing something for sunburns. Sometimes the skin needs soothing and moisturizing after the first day, despite using filters.

In addition, Egypt is a perfect place for snorkeling. If you’re a fan of this acticity, take a mask, a snorkel and water shoes or flippers with you. If you’re planning a desert trip – another very popular activity in Egypt – you need tough boots to protect your feet from hot sand.

Many people are afraid of going to Egypt because of the so-called “Pharaoh’s Revenge” – a sickness affecting one’s digestive system. Make sure to wash all vegetables and fruits before eating them – use bottled water. Don’t use tap water for drinking or brushing teeth. We also recommend “getting yourself covered” and bringing special medicine with you – against diarrhea, vomiting and dehydration.

There are certain restrictions about things you can bring to Egypt. They concern alcoholic beverages (up to 1 liter) and cigarettes (up to 200 cigarettes or cigars). You cannot transport morphine- and narcotic-based drugs – they are illegal and punishable by death. Carrying expensive jewellery is also forbidden, unless registered with customs.

What to pack for Egypt?

Greece vacation packing list

The list of things to pack for Greece looks very similar to checklists from other warm-climate countries. Proper clothing, UV-filter cosmetics, and headwear protecting from stroke are essential. Sunglasses might also be useful.

Because most Greek beaches are pebbled, you might need water shoes. Thanks to them, your feet are protected from injuries. What’s more, it’s also a good protection against sea urchins – there is plenty of them in Greek waters.

Are you planning to visit various parts of Greece, such as Athens or Zakynthos? Certain sacred places require special clothing, which means your shoulders and knees should be covered. Take a shawl with you, just in case – you can use it to cover yourself.

Those who take medications on a permanent basis, and want to take them to Greece, should have a doctor’s certificate with them, preferably translated to English and Greek. Otherwise, they commit a crime. One cannot transport medications with tramadol, codeine or pseudoephedrine – they are typically painkillers and drugs against an upper respiratory infection.

Greece vacation packing list

Turkey travel essentials

The list of thing to take to Turkey is not very surprising. First, make sure you have your passport, so you can cross the border. Depending on your nationality, you might also need a tourist visa. Usually, it can be purchased on the airport from a customs officer – but make sure to check the current laws before the trip.

Other essentials to take with you include:

  • light and airy clothes,
  • swimsuit,
  • headwear,
  • cosmetic with UV filter,
  • medications (although most of them can be purchased in Turkish kiosks without a prescription.

Turkey allows foreigners to drive cars – taking your driving license might be a good idea. Exploring the country this way is very interesting, as it allows you to see more. Also, Turkish car rentals are among the cheapest in the world.

Of course, just like other countries, Turkey has certain limitations about what can be brought inside the border. The restrictions concern e.g., cosmetics. As for hygiene and make-up products, you can transport only a few items per person. Perfumes and lotions cannot exceed 600 ml, otherwise there is a suspicion that they are meant for sale. The restrictions also apply to phones, laptops and cameras – travellers can have only one of each equipment per person.

Turkey travel essentials

Croatia vacation packing list

The list of things to pack for a trip to Croatia is very close to the one from Greece. Lightweight clothes are essential – because of the high temperatures. Cosmetics with UV filter, headwear and sunglasses are obligatory items that should land in your baggage.

Croatian beaches are specific, full of pebbles, so walking around them without water shoes is uncomfortable. Such footwear also protects from sea urchins – just like in Greece, there are a lot of them in Croatia.

Transport limitations aren’t as strict as in other countries, but you should rememeber about them as well. Dangerous items and weapons are forbidden. Even an ordinary pocket knife belongs in this category, so be careful. Technical and specialistic equipment is also a subject of special rules. You can bring it, but it has to be reported to customs officers. Remember about the limits of transported alcohol and food items.

Croatia vacation packing list

📍 What to pack for a vacation trip?

Your travel packing list depends on where you're planning to go. A swimsuit is useful at the beach, while mountain vacations require a rain jacket and trekking shoes. Always take basic medications and disinfecting products with you. If you're travelling abroad, you also need documents and insurance.

📍 How to pack for vacation fast?

If you're going for speedy preparation, a packing list might prove very useful. Thanks to it, you'll take only essential items. You'll also avoid extra baggage you'd have to pay for.

📍 What are some good packing hacks?

A list of things you have to take with you is the basis of vacation packing. A mountain trip list is entirely different from an all-inclusive vacation overseas. Search for some tips from experienced travellers to avoid taking something which is illegal in a particular country.

📍 What are some things to pack for a trip with children?

Children have it more difficult to adapt to new surroudings – make sure to prepare well. Special cosmetics used daily at home are your basis. You might also have to take a potty, a travel bed, a small bathtub or a high chair – but such items can be taken only for road trips.