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Mango Seed Germination - Learn How to Grow Mango from Seed

Do you like plant-related challenges? Have you already tried growing an avocado from seed – and it worked? Time for another task. Perhaps you can try growing a mango from seed. Surprisingly, it's not as difficult as it seems. Check what you should know about it and what the entire process looks like.

Mango Seed Germination - Learn How to Grow Mango from Seed

Mango – what kind of fruit is it, and where does it come from?

Mango is a fruit from a tree called Magnifera indica, which is also known under the same name as the fruit. The tree is cultivated mostly because of its precious, incredibly tasty fruits.

Mangoes in India account for nearly half of all fruit grown in the country. It is estimated that mango groves occupy an area up to 1 million hectares. These trees are cultivated not only in India – they are popular everywhere in tropical and subtropical climates.

Trees on which mango fruits grow can be even 300 years old. The maximum height of a mango tree is 40 meters. The leaves are long and grow up to 25 centimeters.

Mango – what kind of fruit is it, and where does it come from?

What are the benefits of mango fruits?

A mango fruit is rich in minerals, antioxidants and precious vitamins. Eating mangoes is beneficial for:

  • digestive system,
  • eyes,
  • skin,
  • immune system.

Note that the fruit has anti-cancer properties. Mangoes can be eaten in a variety of ways. The simplest one is eating the fruit as it is. It can also be added to various salads and smoothies. Many people like adding it to their oatmeal or millet porridge.

What are the benefits of mango fruits?

Can you grow a mango from seed?

Growing a mango from seed is completely possible in domestic conditions. The process is not very complicated, so anyone can decide to try it. Make sure to be patient, as mango seed germination takes time. The seed can begin to sprout after a long time, and also it might need some previous preparation.

How to open a mango for seed?

A ripe mango is a juicy fruit, so make sure to cut it over a bowl or on a mat. Don’t squeeze the fruit too hard. Examine it carefully before doing anything, to locate the seed’s position.

To peel the mango, you need to make two cuts – one over, and one under the seed. As a result, you get two juicy pieces of fruit for eating, and a seed for planting.

How to open a mango for seed?

How to grow mango from seed? A step-by-step guide

If you want to grow a mango tree from seed, first pick the right fruit. It has to be ripe, without any visible marks on the skin. Spring is the best time for planting a mango. That’s when the days become longer and warmer, so it’s easy to provide the plant with enough sunlight and adequate temperature.

Taking out the pit out of the fruit is the most important step. To do this, cut off the fruit under and over it – as a result, you get the seed along with some fruit flesh. Use a small knife or a sponge to carefully clean the pit off the flesh and fibers.

Mango seed germination can be made faster. You can decide on one of the two methods:

  • make a 5 millimeter deep cut in the pit,
  • rub the entire seed with sanding paper.

There is one more method, but it might damage the seed if you are not careful enough. Put the pit in the vise and increase the pressure gradually to make it break. Carefully take the kernel out and plant it under a shallow layer of soil.

If you decide on the standard planting process – without breaking the pit, soak it in water of the temperature of 20-24°C (68-75.2°F) for 24 hours. Afterwards, put it in prepared soil.

There is yet another method of sprouting a mango seed. After cleaning the pit, put it in a jar filled with water for 2-3 weeks. The pit begins to break and sprout after this time. Clean water is the key ingredient here – make sure to change it every day. The seedling grows very quick after planting.

How to grow mango from seed? A step-by-step guide

What is the best soil for a mango seed to grow?

If you decided to grow a mango from seed, you have to remember not only about choosing proper soil but also following certain planting rules. The best soil for a mango plant is rich and loose. You can achieve perfect conditions by mixing some potting mix, peat, and pearlite. The correct pH level is between 5.5 and 7.5.

The bottom of the pot where the mango is going to grow needs a drainage layer. Thanks to this, any excess water is removed from the container. The pot should be placed in a sunny and warm spot. Cover it using a piece of plastic wrap with small holes – until the seed sprouts. This way, you create a mini greenhouse for the plant.

When planting a mango seed, direct the pointy end towards the bottom. One mango seed requires a pot of at least 8 cm diameter.

How does a mango seed grow?

A mango seed begins sprouting after about 4 weeks from planting in a container. After you notice the first signs, remove the plastic cover to let the plant grow freely. Put the plant in stronger sunlight gradually, to avoid scorching the young leaves.

How does a mango seed grow?

Does a mango from seed require any special attention?

A mango grown from seed needs a special care from the moment of planting. Cover the pot using a plastic wrap with holes to let the steam out. Thanks to this, the seed sprouts faster.

Mango prefers a lot of sunlight and warmth. Because of this, you can put the pot on a southern or western window. The plant likes high humidity and well-ventilated interiors. But avoid leaving the container in a drafty area.

Make sure the soil is constantly damp, but not too wet. Water the plant with boiled water of room temperature. If the plant sprouts and leaves appear, avoid making them wet.

Does a mango tree from seed bear fruit?

In nature, mango trees bear fruit once they become fully developed. For this reason, your mango plant can serve only as a decoration. Don’t expect it to bloom. Nonetheless, it’s an interesting plant and a challenge for a plant enthusiast – just like growing an avocado from seed. That’s why many people decide to grow a miniature mango tree from seed.

Does a mango tree from seed bear fruit?

📍 How to plant a mango seed?

Planting a mango seed is not a difficult task. Make sure to soak the pit in warm water for 24 hours. Afterwards, you can plant the seed in soil.

📍 Mango from seed – how to grow it?

The soil for a mango sprout should be a loose mix. Make sure to enrich it with some expanded clay. After planting, remember to water the soil so the plant can properly develop.

📍 How to grow a mango plant?

Mango seeds sprout almost every time. Make sure to begin the process right after taking the pit out of the fruit. Put it in soil and be patient – mango seed germination begins after 3 weeks.

📍 How to use mango seed?

Mango seeds are inedible. But sometimes they are used in flour production – in areas where the trees grow naturally.