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Living Room Plants - Discover 4 Perfect Plants for Your Living Room

Do you love plants and cannot imagine living in a house or apartment without them? Houseplants are a great way to decorate an interior, although you shouldn't pick them randomly. Plants influence humans' wellbeing and introduce good energy. Are you wondering what plants you should place in your living room? Check which ones are the best for this purpose. Take a look at the best living room plants.

Living Room Plants - Discover 4 Perfect Plants for Your Living Room

Why would you put plants in the living room?

Living room plants are an important part of home decor. They fit many styles, e.g. Urban Jungle style. Not only they affect the aesthetics of the interior, but also work as a great accent. It has been confirmed that plants positively influence one’s wellbeing. Some of them, e.g. peace lily can purify the air. Some plants can be used in homemade cosmetics - for instance, aloe vera. For this reason, you can gain a lot by putting plants in your living room - more than just decoration.

Why should you put plants in the living room?

Can you put plants in any living room?

Many homeowners are anxious about putting plants in their living rooms, thinking they will take too much space. But keep in mind you don’t have to pick tall plants for your living room - smaller species are equally good, and perfect for tiny interiors.

Hanging living room plants are another great option. They don’t clutter the usable area of the room, and at the same time they look interesting. Perhaps that’s why many people decide on a vertical garden.

Living room plants in large interiors are a perfect addition to the room. They fill up the empty and unused space, and might give some character to the room - which is hard to achieve otherwise.

Can you put plants in any living room?

Fig trees, often called ficus, are among the most popular plants used in homes, especially living rooms. As it turns out, there are many varieties of this species - thanks to this, everyone can pick the most suitable plant for them. Take a look at the most popular types within this group:

  • weeping fig (Ficus benjamina L.),
  • rubber fig (Ficus elastica L.),
  • creeping fig (Ficus pumila L.).

Ficus is fairly easy to take care of. Interestingly enough, it tolerates dry air well - so winter and the heating season don’t affect its wellbeing. Note that damp soil is the absolute essential for this plant.

How to find the best spot in the living room for a plant like ficus? This species loves well-illuminated places, but dislikes direct sunlight. The sun rays have to be scattered, so it’s definitely not a windowsill plant. A place by the balcony window is a better idea.

What are other advantages of a ficus? It’s such a universal-looking plant that it fits to any style and interior. You don’t have to worry whether it matches your room.

Ficus - popular living room plants

Asparagus fern - simple yet unusual living room plants

Asparagus fern (Asparagus setaceus) is quite a unique plant. It resembles a regular fern plant, and these two species are sometimes confused. But if you look closely, you can notice its leaves and branches are different. This plant has other requirements as well. It’s not as complicated as the mentioned regular fern plants.

Do you like the looks of an asparagus fern? Remember, although it’s quite a simple plant, it has particular needs. Here are the most important ones:

  • spot - partial sun or half shade,
  • soil - moderately dry, not overwatered,
  • temperature - it can’t be too high, 18-20°C (64.4-68°F),
  • protection - especially against drafts, which are dangerous for this plant,
  • air - humid, if the interior is dry, the branches need to be misted.

Asparagus fern doesn’t have any special care needs. Just make sure the plant grown in proper conditions, and you can expect great results.

Asparagus fern - simple yet unusual living room plants

Sago palm - exotic living room plants

Sago palm (Cycas revoluta) is an interesting exotic plant - perfect for those who look for unusual species. It’s also known as Japanese sago palm, although it’s quite an incorrect term, as the plant is not a real palm.

These living room plants have been domesticated, as they naturally grow in Asia. When kept as houseplants, they aren’t as tall as in their natural habitat. You can also control their size by trimming, although it’s not obligatory.

A sago plant needs room temperature for growing. Moderate watering and regular feeding are important as well. Thanks to such conditions, a sago palm can grow as a living room plant for many years.

Sago palm - exotic living room plants

Maranta - colorful living room plants

Maranta is one of the most decorative living room plants. Its leaves are particularly intriguing. They have colorful patterns. They depend on the species you decide on. Here are the most popular ones:

  • Fascinator Tricolor,
  • Erythroneura,
  • Massangeana,
  • Kerchoveana.

Unfortunately, there’s one minus - marantas are difficult plants. It needs steady levels of soil moisture and air humidity. Furthermore, the temperature is significant as well. In moderate zones, this factor depends on the season. It can be higher in summer, when it can reach 25-26°C (77-78.8°F). But from autumn to late spring, so-called room temperature is much better for this plant.

Maranta fits perfectly to glamour and Art Deco styles. Its ornamental leaves match bottle-green and indigo colors.

Maranta - colorful living room plants,p1285831835,dom-i-ogrod-p

📍 What are the best living room plants?

The best plants for the living room love indirect sunlight, room temperature and moderate air humidity levels. Universal plants like ficus and monstera are good choices. An asparagus fern might be interesting for some as well. If you like lots of colors, perhaps a maranta is a perfect living room plant for you.

📍 How to decorate the living room with plants?

Cut flowers placed in a vase on the table are popular living room plant decorations. It's a good choice if you want to decorate the table. Potted houseplants look great on windowsills and by balcony doors.

📍 What are the most popular tall plants for the living room?

It's difficult to point to any particular plant species for the living room, as the choice is very broad in this regard. Palms, ferns, monsteras, ficus, and marantas are quite popular living room plants. Make sure you like the plant, and take a good care of it.

📍 What are the best plants for a dark living room?

Plants for a dark living room are not an exception. Peace lily and zamioculcas are quite popular picks. Sansevieria and aglaonema are also perfect living room plants that dislike excessive sunlight.