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Kitchen Island Ideas - Learn How to Design a Fabulous Kitchen

Kitchen - one of the most important rooms in every house. This is where most people spend a large part of their free time - especially if the interior is connected with the living room. It is a perfect opportunity to install a kitchen island. This trend, quite typical for the United States, has become popular all over the world. Learn the best advantages of such an element. Compare the most fashionable kitchen island ideas and apply them in your own kitchen.

Kitchen Island Ideas - Learn How to Design a Fabulous Kitchen

A kitchen island - functionality and a better space organization

A kitchen with an island is a perfect solution both for large houses and smaller interiors such as studio apartments. In spaces where the kitchen is connected with the living room - a kitchen island is almost an obligatory element. It can divide the work space from the comfort zone. This is where a kitchen island helps to control the interior, organize the space and make it pleasant for everyone.

A kitchen island is also a universal solution. There are many various projects of kitchens with islands, so you can fit them to your own expectations. A kitchen island might serve different purposes - depending on your needs.

A kitchen island - functionality and a better space organization

A kitchen island - the additional work space

If you love culinary experiments and often prepare meals, a kitchen island is a perfect idea. In this case, it can serve as an additional work space where you can set out your equipment and ingredients necessary to prepare a particular dish. There’s no need to worry that you will run out of space when following the steps of a recipe.

If the kitchen island serves as additional work space, do not forget about electricity access. This way you will be able to plug in all the equipment - without using any additional cords.

A kitchen island - the additional work space

Kitchen island ideas and projects in which the element functions as addtional work space must include the material for the countertop. The right quality and durability are the basic issues in this matter.

Special countertops resistant against temperature and mechanical damage (e.g. from knives) are the latest trend on the market. If you invest in such material, you will not need additional equipment like a cutting board. You can prepare everything directly on the countertop.

Kitchen island ideas - a sink or an induction hob

A kitchen island gives you many possibilities. One of the more interesting solutions involves putting a sink or an induction hob in it. This way, you can use the rest of the room for storage of equipment or supplies. It’s a perfect idea for a kitchen island in small interiors.

Kitchen island ideas - a sink

Are you anxious that an induction hob in the middle of the room is not the best idea - due to the lack of hood? There are many modern technologies you can use to solve this problem. Special fans installed in lamps are a very interesting option. There is also a possibility to install a fan in the countertop. It is usually well hidden and if there is a need, one can turn it on at any moment.

Kitchen island ideas - an induction hob

Kitchen island with seating - for eating meals

If you’re designing a small apartment with the kitchen and dining room connected to the living room and there is no space for a dining room - a kitchen island is a perfect option for you. A counter which divides the two spaces might serve as a place for eating meals.

In this case, you can choose the classic height of the counter and chairs or decide on an elevated kitchen island and barstools. The latter solution is a common design in modern interiors.

Kitchen island with seating - for eating meals

Kitchen island barstools


Modern kitchen island

A modern kitchen island - a mini pantry

A small size is one of the problems of modern apartments - which also means little space e.g. for conserves. Not everyone can use a basement. For this reason, one needs to be creative and find the solution for such an issue.

A kitchen island which can become a small pantry for conserves, pickled goods and food supplies is a perfect option. By choosing such a solution, you get a two-in-one object. First - you get a space for your jars. Second - you can use the countertop as you wish - for instance using one of the ideas above.

If you want your kitchen island to serve as a pantry, make the countertop a work space. A stove top increases the temperature at the spot, which might be a danger for some of your preserves. Similarly, a sink is also not the best solution. The piping takes a lot of space inside the kitchen island, and you need to have access to it at any time. If you have a plenty of space, it is not that significant.

A modern kitchen island - a mini pantry

A kitchen island - is it a good idea?

For many people, a kitchen island is a dream come true. It is worth to mention that the project of it is the most important issue, so that it does not become a useless addition.

As you prepare your design, think what you expect the interior to be and how the kitchen island would help you with everyday tasks.

Only after you determine the functionality of the kitchen island, you can think of a particular style, size and accessories. The possibilities in this matter are practically endless, so you can easily prepare a truly unique design.

No idea how to design your interior? Use some suggestions on how to design a grey kitchen. If you dream of a white kitchen, keep in mind that you might add a few accessories to the interior to enliven it and make it look brilliant.