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How to Grow Sunflower in Pots? Potted Sunflower Care Guide

Sunflower is one of the most popular plants picked by their enthusiasts. The decorative flowers grow in gardens, as well as indoors. A potted sunflower is a quite popular way to decorate e.g. your apartment. Check how to grow sunflowers in pots and how to take care of such plants.

How to Grow Sunflower in Pots? Potted Sunflower Care Guide

Where can you grow a potted sunflower?

A sunflower is one of the most popular decorative plants, which, until recently, has been grown exclusively in gardens. A potted sunflower is quite popular nowadays, though. Such a plant can be grown on a balcony and patio, or indoors, in a house or apartment. It’s a beautiful decoration and a perfect addition to interior design.

Note that not every type of potted sunflower can be grown indoors. You probably remember sunflowers from house yards and how tall they can be. How to solve this issue? Pick the right variety. Dwarf sunflowers are typically grown in containers. This way, you can be sure the plant doesn’t grow too tall.

Where can you grow a potted sunflower?

Do you think every sunflower looks the same? It’s a flawed thinking! The market offers plenty of varieties, which differ between each other. Are you wondering which are the best to grow indoors? Consider the following sunflower types:

  • Sunspot,
  • Double Dandy,
  • Teddy Bear,
  • Paciano Gold,
  • Italian White.

If you pick any of these varieties, you can be sure it will look great in your house or apartment. Most importantly, you don’t have to worry the plant will grow too tall. These types aren’t taller than several dozen centimeters.

Ornamental potted sunflower - popular types

What is the best place for a potted sunflower?

A potted sunflower needs constant access to sunlight. For this reason, make sure the spot where you place the plant is sunny most of the day. Putting such a houseplant on a balcony or a patio is usually the least problematic solution. If you want to keep an indoor sunflower, simply place the pot on a windowsill.

How to grow sunflowers in pots?

Flower shops offer sunflower seedlings - you just need to repot them to an appropriate container. But did you know you can grow a sunflower from a seed? Many people decide on this solution. What’s more it’s not as difficult as it seems.

How to grow a sunflower from a seed? Follow these steps:

  • Prepare a large enough container filled with soil.
  • Dig a 3-centimeter hole in the middle, put the seed in it and cover with dirt.
  • Remember to water the seed regularly.

You will notice sprouting after a while - it should take no more than 8-10 days.

Pay special attention to the pot - it should be large enough. An indoor sunflower doesn’t tolerate repotting well. Because of this, make sure the plant has a proportional container with enough space after it grows.

How to grow sunflowers in pots?

How to care for a potted sunflower?

A potted sunflower needs enough sunlight, as well as regular watering. Most varieties have to be watered every day - but not too intensely. Overwatering might result in rot.

Temperature is another crucial issue. If the potted sunflower is kept indoors - there’s no problem, as room temperature is perfect for this plant throughout the whole year. If you’re growing sunflowers in pots outdoors and live in a cold climate zone, it’s different. You can put such a plant on a balcony or a patio, but you have to wait for late spring. Make sure the temperature isn’t going to drop drastically, and that no frosts are forecasted for the upcoming days. If this happens, the plant might not survive.

How to care for a potted sunflower?

Do you have to fertilize a potted sunflower?

Regular feeding is the crucial step in a potted sunflower care. It should be done frequently, every 7-10 days. Thanks to it, the plant receives all the necessary nutrients, and can grow beautifully.

What are the best fertilizers for a potted sunflower? Multi-component products are the most popular ones. You can find them in any gardening center or buy them online - possibly at a lower price.

Do you have to fertilize a potted sunflower?

📍 How to take care of a potted sunflower?

A potted sunflower needs to grow in the right place - it should be sunny. Watering the plant every day and feeding it once a week is essential as well. If you take care of the plant this way, it will look beautiful.

📍 How to grow a sunflower in a pot?

Growing a sunflower in a container is easy. First, pick the right (dwarf) variety, which is suitable for growing indoors. After planting it, follow a few basic rules. It's not difficult - even a beginner gardener will manage.

📍 How to water a potted sunflower?

You should water a potted sunflower regularly - even every day. But make sure not to overwater the plant. Potted sunflowers prefer a soil which is not too moist and not too dry.

📍 How to grow a potted sunflower from seed?

Growing a potted sunflower begins from a seed - it has to be planted 3 centimeters deep in the soil. Then, water it every day and observe - it should sprout after a week. As the plant grows, place it in a sunny spot and feed it systematically with universal fertilizers.