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How to Get Rid of Pigeons? 3 Best Pigeon Repellents

Do you want your balcony to look presentable and clean? It might be difficult in larger cities - especially if you live on the upper floors. Pigeons not only build their nests on balconies but also make a lot of mess. Sometimes they also eat fresh herbs you grow or destroy balcony plants. It's not a surprise then that many people wonder how to get rid of pigeons from their balconies. We have prepared 3 effective pigeon repellents you can use to deter the pesky birds.

How to Get Rid of Pigeons? 3 Best Pigeon Repellents

Pigeon repellent - why do pigeons come to your balcony?

Pigeons seek food and shelter from other animals on balconies. They also typically appear in those places to lay eggs. If so, they first gather material for their nests and then build them in a secluded corner. Unfortunately, despite the whole discretion the birds attempt to exercise, they make a lot of mess, which is hard not to notice.

Because of the mess, many people wonder how to keep pigeons away from their balconies. As it turns out, some of the methods are less effective than others.

How to get rid of pigeons - why should you do it?

Apart from the mentioned issues with cleanliness, there are also other reasons to get rid of pigeons from you balcony. The diseases those animals spread is one of them.

Another, quite a serious problem connected to the presence of pigeons on the balcony are ectoparasites the birds spread. They are dangerous not only for humans, but also for the pets kept in the house or apartment.

A special tick variety - the pigeon tick - is the biggest threat for humans from pigeons. This parasite can survive even a year without a host, but it usually gets into the house earlier and can cause serious health issues. In some cases, its bite causes Lyme disease.

How to get rid of pigeons - why should you do it?

Pigeon repellent - what not to do?

Are you wondering how to get rid of pigeons from your balcony and are looking for an effective method? Remember that the end does not justify the means. You have to make sure that the methods are legal and humane. Although pigeons can get on one’s nerves, remember that they are still just animals. It’s good to know how to handle them and what not to do.

It is illegal to use poison and shoot to the birds e.g. using an air rifle. Fortunately, the sensibility seems to increase in the society and such unresponsible actions are scarce.

How to keep pigeons away - is it always possible to install a net?

Bird netting is one of the oldest and most effective methods of securing balconies. Unfortunately, not everyone can install it. Are you wondering why? The problem concerns mostly houses of a non-standard balcony shape that prevents or makes it difficult to attach a net without serious modifications.

Net installation is usually not possible if the balcony is made of concrete. In such a case, one has to attach special hooks that might affect the elevation structure. It’s particularly problematic if the building is situated in the city centre, where the buildings are usually under a heritage conservationist protection.

How to keep pigeons away - is it always possible to install a net?

Balcony decorations and other elements are great pigeons deterrents - unless the birds you have encountered are the smartest ones. Very often, all you need is to put several colorful pinwheels in balcony plants boxes. They spin on the wind and scare the birds away - not only visually. The spinning also makes them rustle, which also scares the pigeons away.

If the mentioned method doesn’t work, you can purchase a figurine shaped like a predatory bird. Manufacturers of such decorations offer both standing and hanging models - the latter are even more connvincing imitations of a living animal. There is one disadvantage of this solution - pigeons are quite curious animals. It might turn out that they will try to get closer to your “scarecrow,” only to discover that there’s nothing to be scared of.

Balcony decorations - a popular pigeon repellent

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How to get rid of pigeons using chemicals?

Pigeons have a very sensitive sense of smell. For this reason, special repellent products might be a good idea. It’s recommended to use them before the balcony season, as they might be unpleasant for you as well.

The ingredients of spray products are usually based on essential oils. It’s the best solution you can use. Sometimes they also contain naphthalene, hated by pigeons. So, if you wonder how to keep pigeons away from your balcony - try using mothballs or moth sheets. A few pieces should be enough.

How to get rid of pigeons using chemicals?

A proven pigeon repellent - use spikes!

None of the mentioned pigeon control methods work? Choose a classic solution - spikes. Keep in mind that you should make sure the method is humane. Do you remember the metal spikes, popular several years ago? You should avoid them, as they can hurt the birds. There is a good alternative - spikes with silicone endings. They repel pigeons without affecting their health.

If pigeons stumble upon the spiky barrier, they will surely remember that and avoid your balcony next time, restoring your peace. The only disadvantage of such a solution is the aesthetics. Not everyone finds the prospect of such decorations appealing. But this is a matter of an individual taste.

A proven pigeon repellent - use spikes!

📍 Is there an effective pigeon repellent?

Installing a special bird net that prevents the pigeons from coming inside is one the most effective methods. Unfortunately, it's not always possible to fix such an object. Alternatively, you can use deterrents - figurines shaped like predatory birds or small colorful pinwheels. If those methods don't work, you can also try special chemical products.

📍 How to get rid of pigeons perching on a windowsill?

Special spikes is the most effective method for pigeons sitting on the windowsill. You could also install a figurine, e.g. a plastic raven. If this doesn't work, buy a special chemical product that will get rid of the pigeons and solve your problem.