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How to Get Rid of Cockroaches? Find the Best Way to Kill Roaches

Cockroaches are insects that love damp and warm places. These pests are incredibly dangerous, as they transmit various diseases and fungi. When scavenging, they contaminate food, which then might cause health issues if consumed by humans. Where do cockroaches come from? They are attracted to dirty places, full of food they can eat. Once they get into a house, they stay there for a long time, building nests and multiplying. Check how to get rid of cockroaches effectively.

How to Get Rid of Cockroaches? Find the Best Way to Kill Roaches

What are cockroaches?

Cockroaches, also known as roaches are a group of insects from the Blattodea group. About thirty species live where humans live. Certain types are particularly prominent, for instance the German cockroach (Blattella germanica) or the oriental cockroach (Blatta orientalis).

Despite having wings, these insects can’t fly. They are only capable of gliding in the air. The size of a cockroach depends on the conditions and the region it live is. Typically, they are from 17 to 28 mm (0.7-1.1 in) long. They can be brown or red.

Female cockroaches lay over a dozen eggs at a time. Depending on the temperature, they hatch after 42 to 81 days. Warmer environments speed up the process. The pests live about two years, but keep in mind that one female can lay up to 250 eggs per one season.

What are cockroaches?

What do cockroaches eat?

Cockroaches prefer a nocturnal lifestyle, so it’s difficult to locate them during daytime. They eat mostly:

  • flour,
  • sugar,
  • vegetables,
  • baked goods.

Interestingly enough, these household pests can live up to 40 days without eating. They can also endure high doses of poison, as well as radiation.

Cockroaches and diseases they spread

A cockroach in a house is an unwanted pest which doesn’t just contaminate food. Cockroaches also spread diseases and bacteria. As many sources claim, this animal can spread plague, tuberculosis, and cholera. About 80 different germs causing foodborne illnesses can be identified on the insect’s body. These pests also carry gastric flu viruses and rotaviruses.

Cockroaches are the reason behind many allergies. They might be caused because of consuming infected food and insufficient hand hygiene. Their presence might also intensify an existing allergy and cause coughing, airlessness and runny nose.

Cockroaches and diseases they spread

How to get rid of cockroaches with beer

Beer is one of the most proven and effective methods for killing cockroaches in the house. It involves soaking an absorbent cloth with the alcohol and placing it somewhere you usually observe these insects.

Attracted by the new element, the cockroaches will begin inspecting it intensely. The alcohol will make them collapse motionless around the soaked cloth. As it happens, collect the insects in the morning and get rid of them. You can throw them in the fire or pour boiling water over them. Repeat the whole process until you get rid of all insects from your home.

Get rid of roaches with coffee grounds

To catch cockroaches roaming around your house, you can use a strong coffee, or rather what’s left of it – coffee grounds. You can use the grounds from your espresso machine. The more of the material, the better. The intense smell is highly attractive to the insects. Getting rid of them with this method involves luring them to a spot with the grounds, and making it impossible for them to get out. You can use a glass jar for this purpose. After catching the cockroaches this way, remove them.

Get rid of roaches with coffee grounds

How to kill cockroaches – use the magical pea and plaster powder

Using a homemade cockroach killer is another effective method for getting rid of these insects. To prepare it, mix some powder from blended peas and plaster. Use dried peas and blend them or crush in a mortar until you get powder. Add some sugar and sifted plaster. When combined, the ingredients form light powder which is a deadly trap for cockroaches. Spread the product around their usual scavenging spots.

A mixture of boric acid and sugar – an effective way to get rid of roaches

There is yet another homemade cockroach killer you can try – a mixture of sugar and boric acid. You can purchase the acid in a drugstore, but be careful when using it. It’s because it’s poisonous, and therefore dangerous for humans and household pets. Make sure you don’t expose the family members to it when using it. Mix the acid with sugar – to lure the insects.

Spread the powder in spots where cockroaches usually appear. Collect the insects in the morning and repeat the procedure until you get rid of all pests. Then thoroughly clean and disinfect all places in which you have used boric acid.

A mixture of boric acid and sugar – an effective way to get rid of roaches

What to do if home remedies aren’t working?

Homemade cockroach killers are effective, but sometimes it’s not possible to remove all insects. In this case, you might try store-bought cockroach repellents.

If all attempts have failed, hiring a specialist is a must. Disinsection is a process performed by professionals. Thanks to it, not only the insects, but also their nests and eggs are removed. To achieve this, strong poisonous chemicals are used. If cockroaches are a problem in an apartment complex, pest control has to be performed not only in a single apartment, but also in the entire building.

What to do if home remedies aren't working?

📍 How to detect cockroaches in a house?

If you are wondering how to check whether you have a cockroach infestation in the house, you should know they leave droppings that look like 1 mm dust particles. A cockroach also leaves egg and exoskeleton remains. If you notice these elements, you can tell there are cockroaches in the house.

📍 What are the reasons for cockroaches in a house?

A cockroach likes warm and humid places. It's also attracted by mess and dirt in a house. Uncleaned and regularly left food remains are particularly attractive to these pests. Cockroaches tend to build their nests in basements, kitchens, and pantries in houses.

📍 How to get rid of cockroaches forever?

Cockroaches in the house generate a constant fear about your loved ones and stored food. It's not a mystery that these insects spread various germs, so it's essential to take appropriate steps as soon as you notice them. You can try effective home remedies, but if the infestation is serious, pest control services will help you get rid of cockroaches once and for all.

📍 What is the best way to get rid of roaches?

You need to take action as soon as you notice cockroaches in the house. You can try various homemade cockroach killers and methods to get rid of them. Using remedies such as beer and coffee grounds might be helpful. If you don't want to deal with the problem yourself, pest control services are the best option.