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How to Clean Burnt Pot? 7 Surprisingly Effective Methods

You left a dish just for a moment? A second of distraction usually means one thing - a burnt pot. Do you think you will have to throw it out and buy new equipment? Before you make this decision, check how to clean a burnt pot. There are many methods thanks to whose you can remove the dirt quickly and effectively. Cleaning a burnt pot is not as difficult as it seems. Use one of the hacks and restore the shine of your pots.

How to Clean Burnt Pot? 7 Surprisingly Effective Methods

What should you know before trying to clean a burnt pot?

Have your kitchen adventures led you to a burnt pot? Don’t worry - thanks to our methods you will learn how to clean a burnt pot. But before you try one of them, check if the problem is as extensive as you think. Sometimes the dirt seems worse than it is in reality.

A simple method for cleaning lightly burnt pot is pouring some water and boiling it. You can add some universal dish soap. Small burns should start peeling off after a few minutes. You can also try to wipe them using a soft cloth.

Under no circumstance use hard or wiry sponges to clean a burnt pot. This way you will only damage the surface and you will have to throw the scorched pot away.

How to clean a burnt pot with salt?

Salt is one of the most popular methods for a burnt pot. It’s a perfect solution if the bottom of the pot has been burnt. It’s worth pointing out that cooking salt has antibacterial properties, therefore it deals very well with dirt and other harmful substances.

How to clean a burnt pot with salt? First of all, pour a significant amount of salt to the bottom. Depending on how large the pot is, it might be half of or whole cup. Then, pour twice as much of water. Leave the dish for minimum several hours, preferably overnight.

Most of the stains should flake off the bottom by themselves. If you didn’t notice any results, prepare the same saline solution again and boil it on a low heat. After the water cools down, clean the bottom of the pot using a soft cloth.

How to clean a burnt pot with salt?

Baking soda - perfect for a burnt pot

Baking soda is a perfect remedy if a burnt pot is made of other material than aluminium. In this case the plan is the same as with salt. Pour several teaspoons of the powder to the bottom of the pot and mix it with a small amount of water so that you get a consistency of paste. Set it aside for several hours and clean with a soft cloth afterwards.

How to clean burnt pot with vinegar? It really works!

Vinegar is a highly effective method for cleaning a burnt pot. Although some might be skeptical about it, it really brings satisfactory results. How to clean a burnt pot with vinegar? It’s easy! Just mix a few spoons of vinegar with a cup of water and boil it for a few minutes.

Using vinegar for a scorched pot is a very universal and safe way to clean various type of dishes. It means that you can use it also for aluminium pots, which is not always possible with the other methods.

Citric acid - can it clean a burnt pot?

Citric acid is quite a multifunctional substance. It not only can help you get rid of unaesthetic burns from a pot, but it will also clean other stains and make the surface look shiny. Many people, although they don’t have a problem with a burnt pot, use citric acid from time to time to restore the shine of the kitchen equipment.

Are you wondering how to clean a burnt pot using citric acid? Similar to other methods, the same rule applies in this case. Pour several teaspoons of citric acid to the pot, add some water and boil it. After it cools down, the stains should be easy to remove.

Dishwasher tabs - a burnt pot won’t stand a chance!

Standard washing in a dishwasher is not always effective for a burnt pot. There is, however, a clever method with dishwasher tabs which can get you fantastic results.

Pour some water to the pot - 4-5 cm from the bottom. The amount depends on the size of the pot. Next, put one or two dishwasher tabs and stir until they dissolve. Leave the pot with the solution for several hours - depending on how badly burnt it is. Wash it normally in the dishwasher the next day.

Dishwasher tabs - a burnt pot won't stand a chance!

Coca-cola - not only for rust, but also for a burnt pot

Coca-cola is a very universal beverage. It is not only perfect for thirst, but also has many other uses. For instance, it’s highly effective for rust removal. This beverage can also help with stuck rusted screws.

It is more rarely used to clean burnt pots. As it turns out, it is perfect for this purpose. Just pour the beverage to the pot and boil it. Do not wait like with the other methods. The result is instantaneous.

Coca-cola is not recommended for cleaning enamel pots. It might accidentally damage the layer.

How to clean a burnt pot with rice?

You probably know that rice is a perfect method for getting rid of humidity. You can use it if your phone gets wet by accident. But not only! It is also ideal for cleaning dishes. How to clean a burnt pot using rice?

Just boil a small amount of rice in a cup of water. The mass you get as a result should pull up the burns and make them easier to remove with a cloth and dish soap.

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