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How To Choose Air Conditioner For Apartment? Complete Guide

Are you finishing your home and wondering whether you should buy an air conditioner for the apartment? It's a very important decision and you should carefully think it through. An apartment air conditioner is not a necessity, although it provides a nice chill during hot summer days. It is particularly important if you live on the top floor, where the temperature might be much warmer. Learn what you should know when choosing an apartment air conditioner.

How To Choose Air Conditioner For Apartment? Complete Guide

Why is it reasonable to invest in an apartment conditioner?

Just a several years ago, air conditioners were used just to cool down the air in an apartment. Today, there are modern, multi-functional devices whose purpose is more than just changing the temperature in the room. Air conditioning in an apartment might also be used for humidity level control, and sometimes even for heating the interiors. Of course, those functions can be used if you choose the right air conditioner for your apartment - the particular model is key.

Air conditioner for an apartment - which device is the best?

Have you come to a conclusion that air conditioning in your apartment is a basic and absolutely necessary equipment, and you don’t want to give it up? You have a difficult task - choosing the right device. There are many models available on the market, which doesn’t make this issue any easier. Learn what are the characteristic features of each of the air conditioner types and choose the best equipment to fulfill all your expectations.

A portable apartment air conditioner - is it a good idea?

A portable air conditioner for an apartment is quite a universal solution, as it can be used basically everywhere. It’s an equipment which works perfectly both in a house and an apartment. It is commonly chosen by homeowners who live in a building where it is impossible to install an air conditioner without interfering in its construction.

Mobility is one of the biggest advantages of a portable air conditioner. Thanks to it, one can move the device to any place, where there is a need to decrease the temperature or, if the model has the function - to increase it. Another plus of such an air conditioner in an apartment is the fact that it does not need to be installed and is relatively cheap.

Unfortunately, it’s not a flawless solution. First of all, the tube carrying the water has to be led to the balcony or out the window, which might be problematic. Also, the noise and lesser effectiveness are important factors - although the modern air conditioners guarantee really good results.

A portable apartment air conditioner - is it a good idea?

Air conditioner for an apartment - should you choose a split model?

A split air conditioner for an apartment is perfect for buildings which allow for a permanent installation of those devices. Such a device has two parts. One of them should be installed inside the apartment and the other - outside the building.

Who will benefit from this type of device? It is a good solution if you need a single room air conditioner. Therefore, its efficiency might be questionable. Although this type is often chosen as an apartment air conditioner, if one wants to reach maximum efficiency, a device needs to be installed in every room. It might negatively affect the aesthetics.

A multisplit air conditioner for an apartment - a modern alternative?

A multisplit type air conditioner is basically the same as the previously mentioned devices. The difference lies in the fact that, depending on the model, the device can cool down up to several rooms - thanks to a double or triple pipe system. It’s a perfect air conditioner for an apartment with two or three rooms.

Multisplit air conditioners are perfect option for apartments - but not only. They are also commonly used in office interiors.

Apartment air conditioner - how to install?

Apart from the basic classification of air conditioners, they can be also differentiated by the place of installation. Wall air conditioners are the most popular. It’s not the only solution, however. One can also choose ceiling, floor and concealed models. Not every type is suitable for every apartment.

  • Concealed models are recommended if there is a dropped ceiling installed in the room. It is typically an option for industrial or office spaces.
  • Ceiling-mount variant is perfect for tall wall interiors. It does not disturb the interior design and is practically invisible.
  • Floor-mount air conditioners are often used if there is radiant floor heating installed in the room. They can stand in the same spot as traditional radiators, so they are concealed.

Apartment air conditioner - how to install?

An air conditioner for a block apartment - is it possible?

Before you make a decision to buy an air conditioner for an apartment, you should think whether it is possible. It concerns the permanently installed models, as a portable air conditioner can be used in every case.

The basic issue you should take care of is the approval of the building’s administration. Usually, one needs to send the right form to the administrator.

It is recommended to make a phone call to the administration beforehand and simply ask whether there is a possibility for something like this. Such an information might spare you much time if air conditioners are not allowed at all. The mentioned form is pointless in such a case.

If the administrator allows it and the building is not a protected historic building, you can start with the paperwork. Your application should contain a technical drawing with accurate depiction of the device.

Depending on the administrative laws, you are going to wait for the approval from several days to a few weeks. A lot depends on how much work the administration has at the moment.

Lawless installation - why you want to avoid it

Do you want to make it quick and install an air conditioner in your apartment without any consultation? We do not recommend! Such an action always ends the same way. The owner has to dismount the device and fix the damage done during the installation. If you disrupt the elevation, you might have to pay for it a lot - which can be easily avoided by choosing a portable air conditioner for your apartment.

Lawless installation - why you want to avoid it

What else is important when choosing an apartment air conditioner?

Similar to any other type of device, when choosing an apartment air conditioner you should pay attention to the parameters and additional functions.

  • If you want your air clean, choose a model with a special filter which catches contaminants or a device with air ionisation.
  • Do you like convenient solutions? Choose an air conditioner which can be operated via Wi-Fi. Thanks to it you will be able to set all the parameters using your smartphone.

Do not forget about the basic functions - which are important, if not the most important. The power of the device is one of the basic issues, as well as how much energy it uses. A device used for a large apartment is different than a small room air conditioner.

Furthermore, the noise generated by the equipment is also significant. This parameter is particularly important if you are choosing a portable air conditioner for your apartment. Noisy devices installed on the balcony might be annoying for your neighbours.

The temperature scale is another crucial aspect of an apartment air conditioner. The best option is a device which can cool down and heat up the room. It is a very convenient solution, thanks to which you can be comfortable during any season.

Remember that if you decide to install an air conditioner in your apartment, do not treat the price as your main criterion. Check the characteristics of the device. Learn the requirements of the building you live in. Also, check the opinions of the users of particular air conditioner models.

You can also use additional methods for air purifications in your apartment. Peace lily is one of them - it removes harmful substances and humidifies the air. A steam cleaner is the basic device for allergy sufferers. It can eliminate contamination that is too difficult even for a modern air conditioner equipped with an air purification system.

📍 What types of air conditioners can be installed without a permission?

If you want an apartment air conditioner without permission - choose a portable device. This type of an air conditioner is used inside of the room, it does not need any elements outside. It's one of the most popular solutions for those living in block apartments and tenement buildings.

📍 What is the cost of an air conditioner for an apartment?

An apartment air conditioning cost depends on the device you choose. The more functions of the air conditioner, the higher price.

📍 What is the best air conditioner for an apartment?

The best apartment air conditioner is a multisplit model. Thanks to such an equipment, one can cool down several rooms. Those devices are not always used, however, because they require a permission from the building's administration. If that is the case, a portable air conditioner is a better option.