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Fall Decorating Ideas 2022 - 10 Most Interesting DIY Fall Crafts

Fall is the season of many great possibilities for home decor. It's also the season when nature provides entertainment for children. Leaves, chestnuts, acorns - all of them can be used creatively. Thanks to this, kids are not bored when they have to stay home. Fall crafts are also a great option for those who want to enliven their interior. Nothing can create such an amazing atmosphere in a room as fall decorations.

Fall Decorating Ideas 2022 - 10 Most Interesting DIY Fall Crafts

Dried flowers - DIY fall decorations for everyone

Do you want to introduce a fall atmosphere into your home, but you have no idea how to do it, nor time for making DIY fall decorations? Autumn decor does not have to take as long as it might seem. Dried flowers make a beautiful decoration, and they do not require too much effort. Just pick some flowers in your garden or buy them in a nearby flower shop. It is important to spread them in a dry place. You can put a piece of cardboard underneath. Depending on the species, the plants might dry even up to one month, so make sure to begin the process early.

If you want to achieve an extra effect - paint your dried flowers fall decoration in various colors. You can use spray paint, so it will take only a couple of minutes.

Dried flowers - DIY fall decorations for everyone

Autumn decorations - dried flowers in a pinkish shade

An ornamental jar - simple fall crafts

Those who want to have fall decorations at their homes but do not have too much time for it, might use an arrangement with a jar. What is needed to do it? Just prepare:

  • a medium-size jar,
  • a plate,
  • an ornamental ribbon in a chosen color,
  • autumn leaves,
  • dried branches,
  • pine cones.

Spread some leaves on the plate. Put the jar in the middle. You can add some pine cones and branches, if they fit the plate. You can also put the fall decorations or a candle inside the jar. Choose one good-looking branch, a few leaves and tie a ribbon around them, holding the decorative elements by the glass wall. This way, you have created a very interesting arrangement.

If you want your fall decor to be more durable, you can use hot glue to attach each of the elements.

An ornamental jar - simple fall crafts

Fall decor - jar decorations ideas

Fall crafts from wool

Fall decorations from wool are an option for “more advanced” crafters. One has to know at least the basics to make this type of decorations. If you have some experience with making e.g. decorative tray cloths, toys and clothes from wool - you will not have any problem with this task.

Look for inspirations and patterns on the Internet across various websites for those who make this type of decorations. It doesn’t mean that you have to use already designed layouts. You can invent your own pattern, too. DIY fall crafts such as small wool pumpkins or acorns are a very interesting option. They perfectly match real leaves or branches.

Fall crafts from wool

Fall decorations made of wool - acorns

Fall decor - conker crafts

Horse chestnut or conker fall crafts is a perfect activity for children, although one should remember that the fall decorations should be prepared under an adult’s supervision. What are some conker craft ideas? One can make:

  • people figurines,
  • animals,
  • necklaces.

In fact, the possibilities are endless. Use your own imagination plus a few elements you surely have in your house. Together, you can make interesting fall crafts your child will show off at school. It is also a nice remembrance for the parents.

Fall decor - chestnut crafts

Chestnut hedgehog

Fall crafts with pinecones

Pinecones are typically associated with Christmas. As it turns out, they can be also used in the context of fall decor at home. How to do that? There is plenty of ideas.

Pinecones can be used to create an interesting fall decorations - such as an arrangement on a tree trunk slice. It doesn’t take too much time. What is needed for this fall craft:

  • a tree trunk slice,
  • two pinecones,
  • a small glass container,
  • decorative sand,
  • small succulents in pots or candles,
  • a hot glue gun with sticks or all purpose glue.

Just attach the pinecones to the base using the ordinary or hot glue. Place the glass container next to them and fill it with sand. Put the plant or a candle inside - a lovely fall decor for your house!

Fall crafts with pinecones

Pinecones and pompoms - fall decorations

Fall crafts - foxes with pinecone tails

Fall decor with painted pumpkins

Although pumpkins are generally associated with Halloween, you can use them in various ways. One of the fall craft ideas involves painting creative patterns on the pumpkins. They make perfect fall decorations outside the house. You can also place small pumpkins in home interiors, as temporary replacements for e.g. vases with flowers.

Fall decor with painted pumpkins

Fall decorations - figurines made from pumpkins and fruit

There is yet another way you can use a pumpkin for your fall crafts - it will be surely appreciated by the youngest ones. Use miniature varieties of vegetables and fruits, e.g. quinces or apples - to make interesting figurines. What is needed? Gather:

  • a small decorative pumpkin,
  • an apple or a quince,
  • some hay or straws for a hat,
  • a decorative ribbon or string,
  • a pin to make the nose,
  • a marker to draw eyes and mouth,
  • hot glue to connect everything.

Start making your fall decor from connecting the pumpkin and the apple or quince. You can use hot glue to do it. Wrap the neck of the character with a ribbon or string. Cut the straws or hay and tie a piece of string on one side, forming a hat. Glue it to the head of your figurine.

The face is the last step to finish your fall decor. Here, all depends on you. You can use the pin to make the nose. Draw everything else - or make another interesting version.

Fall decorations - figurines made from pumpkins and fruit

If the pumpkin is very small, you can use a nut to make the head of the figurine. You can try and modify our instructions according to your own fall decorating ideas.

Fall crafts for doors - autumn leaf and fruit wreath

Door wreaths make a perfect decoration regardless of the season. In winter pine wreaths are popular, in summer - flower wreaths and in fall… the ones made of leaves and autumn fruit. Rowan berries, dog rose or even acorns and hazelnuts are ideal for natural fall decor.

The simplest fall crafts and decorations in this case are wreaths made of plants and colorful leaves. Look for an inspiration around you. Each tree has leaves of different shapes and colors, so you can make a unique decoration every time.

Fall crafts for doors - autumn leaf and fruit wreath

Fall crafts - a wreath

Acorns - fall crafts for children

Children love creative works and they will surely be excited if you suggest creating together some fall crafts using acorns. The simplest DIY fall decorations can be made using plasticine. Just form small elements to make e.g. an owl.

This way, you can make practically any animal or figurine. Children are the best inspiration in this case - they will know exactly what they want to create for their fall crafts.

Acorns - fall crafts for children

Chestnut and acorn figurines - fall crafts

Fall crafts from leaves and paper - it’s easy!

Do you want highly creative fall decorations to decorate your child’s room? You can make some fall crafts with your child, using paper and leaves from garden shrubs - dried or fresh.

Just print out an animal template downloaded from the Web and glue some leaves at the appropriate spots. This way, you can create any autumn decoration you think of.

Fall crafts from leaves and paper - it's easy!

Fall decorations DIY - leaves and paper

Fall decorations made of paper and sticks

Fall crafts - autumn leaves owl

You can also check some ideas for Christmas ornaments. Their preparation might take some time, so start making them in autumn.

📍 How to make fall decorations?

You can prepare fall decor using materials you find outside: fallen leaves, acorns, chestnuts. Just find an interesting idea and start working on it. You can also use pumpkins and fruit: apples and quinces. It all depends on your own imagination and creativity.

📍 Paper fall crafts - how to make them?

Fall paper crafts can be made by matching paper with colorful leaves. Various types of cut-outs are very popular. It's one of the easiest fall craft ideas.