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How to Choose a Mattress? Practical Mattress Shopping Tips

Do you want to wake up well-rested every day? It's a dream of many people. You should know it's possible – all you need to do is learn how to choose a mattress. As it turns out, it's more difficult than it seems. Check what to pay attention to when picking a mattress. Our mattress shopping guide might help you.

How to Choose a Mattress? Practical Mattress Shopping Tips

How to choose a mattress for a healthy, restful sleep?

Many people aren’t aware of how sleep and comfort during nighttime rest affect one’s daily life. A wrong mattress might make your nights far worse than they could be.

Have you ever woken up much more tired than the night before? That’s right! A wrong mattress might also be at fault for this. What else can raise your suspicion? Most importantly:

  • a headache,
  • back pain,
  • lack of concentration,
  • general irritation,
  • bad mood.

How to choose a mattress for a healthy, restful sleep?

How to buy a mattress – does size matter?

Size is one of the most important issues you should consider when picking a mattress. A too small sleeping surface, even if on a mattress of the highest quality, won’t give you enough comfort at night.

Long and narrow mattresses are perfect for single beds. Experts suggest avoiding products slimmer than 90 cm (35 in) – although, of course, various manufacturers have them for sale.

For a double bed, one can use a 200 cm long and 140 cm wide (80 x 54 in) mattress. It’s the minimal size for two average people. Of course, wider models are far more comfortable:

  • 160 cm (63 in),
  • 180 cm (70 in),
  • 200 cm (78 in).

How to buy a mattress – does size matter?

How to choose a mattress judging by the filling?

Many people surely remember times when the selection of products available on the market was very limited. For this reason, spring mattresses were the most popular option… although they weren’t always comfortable. Today, the situation is completely different. Also, the design of contemporary mattresses doesn’t resemble the ones sold years ago.

When going mattress shopping, pay attention to the filling of the product. Currently, pocket sprung models are one of the most popular products. Their main advantage is that, they spread the body weight evenly – without collapsing at certain points. They are also highly resistant and comfortable. But when wondering which type of mattress is best for your body, you can also consider models such as:

  • foam mattresses,
  • bonnell spring mattresses,
  • memory coil mattresses (helix-type),
  • latex mattresses,
  • coconut mattresses.

If quality-price ratio is your top priority, bonnell spring and foam mattresses are the best options for you. Helix-type mattresses are the most modern products. Latex and coconut models are good for allergy sufferers, and limit bacteria spread rate.

How to choose a mattress judging by the filling?

Mattress shopping guide by firmness level

Do you believe the best mattresses are the ones you can sink in? As it turns out, a soft surface is not the best option for resting, and surely it’s not great for your spine.

Soft H1 mattresses are designed for children or people of low body mass. In estimation, a mattress of such a construction is good for someone whose weight doesn’t exceed 50-55 kg.

  • Mattresses of medium-soft firmness level – marked as H2 – are designed for people weighing from 55 up to 80 kg.
  • A medium-hard mattress, marked as H3 is perfect for people no heavier than 100 kg.
  • The firmest models, known as H4 mattresses, are ideal for those who weight over 100 kg.

Considering the classification, can you be sure that an H3 mattress from one brand is the same as a model from another manufacturer? Not necessarily! The exact product parameters can slightly differ. It has a tremendous significance for your rest.

Mattress shopping guide by firmness level

What mattress should I buy – does price dictate quality?

There’s a common opinion that only the most expensive are worth buying, as only they can guarantee the highest comfort. Is it true? Of course, price might partially affect quality of a product, but it’s not the most important aspect. Price doesn’t always match the level of comfort you’ll receive.

Several, already mentioned aspects should be considered when mattress shopping: size, material, and the level of firmness.

What mattress should I buy - does price dictate quality?

📍 How to pick a mattress to make sure it's comfortable?

Picking a mattress is an individual matter, as everyone has different expectations. To make sure you'll sleep comfortably, pay attention to aspects such as the product's width, firmness, and material. Type of the mattress is equally crucial – spring models provide different type of comfort than foam-based mattresses.

📍 How to choose a mattress for a couple?

A comfortable mattress for a couple has to be large enough. 140 cm is the minimal width. But as experts suggest, it's better to pick 160 or 180 cm variants, which guarantee more space for each partner.

📍 How to pick a mattress topper?

A mattress topper can work as an addition to a regular mattress, or as a cover for a sofa, to make the surface more comfortable. The thickness is the main aspect you should pay attention to – 5-6 cm is the minimum. Thanks to this, you can reduce irregularities of the surface and sleep more comfortably.

📍 How to buy a mattress for a child?

Soft mattresses marked as H1 are the best models for children. The size of the element is important – it must be adequate to the child's height and age. Pay attention to the quality of the product – hypoallergenic materials are recommended, as they are the safest.