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Hawthorn Tincture - Health Benefits and 3 Delicious Recipes

For years, hawthorn has been used in medicine for its health benefits. Hawthorne tincture is a great way to strengthen the organism. You can add some honey or rose jam to it to enrich the taste or make it more warming and perfect for long winter days. Why is hawthorn tincture beneficial and can everyone use it? Check the most important info on this beverage and discover three best recipes.

Hawthorn Tincture - Health Benefits and 3 Delicious Recipes

Hawthorn tincture – properties of the beverage

Hawthorn is a medicinal plant which has been in use for hundreds of years. Initially, it was used to treat insomnia, diarrhea and slowly healing wounds. Monastic medicine used hawthorn tincture to treat ulcers and hemorrhage. Modern medicine confirms the healing properties of hawthorn. Its most important benefits include:

  • better heart oxygenation,
  • lowering blood pressure,
  • antioxidative and anti-inflammatory properties.

Hawthorn tincture might prevent many diseases, including the most dangerous human ailments. Consuming a small glass of the liqueur a day may prevent heart diseases. Hawthorn tincture is also a perfect way to improve one’s immune system, especially during fall and winter.

Note that hawthorn liqueur doesn’t have an immediate effect. One needs to consume it on a regular basis. Thanks to this, you can notice first benefits.

Hawthorn tincture – properties of the beverage

Is hawthorn tincture good for the heart?

Hawthorn tincture is a prized natural remedy. The research indicates that tinctures based on hawthorn and alcohol have a positive effect on cardiovascular system. Some experts recommend hawthorn tincture to people who suffered from a heart attack. Hawthorn berries contain flavonoids which regulate blood pressure. The tincture has a relaxing effect, thanks to which the heart can work much more efficiently.

Hawthorn tincture has anti-inflammatory and anti-sclerotic effects. When used regularly, it might prevent cancer and arrhythmia. It contains a lot of niacin, which helps with vasodilation and positively affects brain function.

Hawthorn tincture – contraindications

Despite its many benefits, hawthorn tincture cannot always be used by patients. In rare cases, the liqueur might cause dizziness and headaches. Nausea might also occur. In extreme cases, the tincture might cause heart palpitations. Patients with low blood pressure and sensitivity to hawthorn shouldn’t consume the tincture. The remedy is also unsuitable for pregnant and lactating women.

People suffering from chronic conditions should consult a doctor before using the tincture. Thanks to this, you can be sure whether you can benefit from hawthorn berry tincture without accidentally harming your health.

Hawthorn tincture – contraindications

Hawthorn tincture – is it difficult to prepare?

Hawthorn tincture is very easy to prepare. It requires only several ingredients and some patience. Depending on the variety, you should gather hawthorn berries, alcohol, and some additional ingredients. Make sure to wash the fruits thoroughly, and carefully follow the recipe directions.

Hawthorn berry tincture – the recipe you must know

Hawthorn tincture, similarly to quince or aronia liqueurs, is quite simple to make. Wash a kilogram of hawthorn berries, pierce each fruit, and put them in a jar. Add about 500 ml of spirit and 500 ml of vodka. Stir the mixture and leave it for about 6 weeks. Then, add 500 grams of sugar, and leave the tincture for another 2 weeks. Filter the syrup using a coffee filter to get rid of the sediment. Mix the beverage and leave it for at least 6 months to mature.

This is the simplest way to make hawthorn tincture. You can enrich the recipe by adding e.g., wild rose jam or spices.

Hawthorn berry tincture – the recipe you must know

Hawthorn tincture with honey – perfect for cold days

Hawthorn tincture with honey is an excellent solution for fall and winter days – thanks to the warming benefits of honey. Wash hawthorn berries thoroughly and put them in a jar. The next step involves crushing the fruits. Then, add 250 ml of spirit and 250 ml of water. Leave the jar with fruits for two weeks in a bright spot. Next, heat 750 ml of water and dissolve 300 g of honey in it.

Make sure not to bring the water with honey to boil, otherwise all the benefits of honey might be lost. Add 6 cloves, a cinnamon stick, and lemon zest to the fruits. Pour the honey water into the jar and leave it again for a week. Afterward, strain the tincture through a filter and leave it for 3 months to mature.

Hawthorn tincture with rosehip jam based on spirit

Spirit-based hawthorn tincture with rosehip jam not only keeps all its benefits, but also tastes excellent. To make it, you’ll need a kilogram of clean hawthorn berries. Place them in a jar and mash using a fork. Remove seeds from rose hip fruits, wash them and dry. Add the fruits to the hawthorn berries. Pour 1 kg of sugar over the fruits and leave for at least 2 weeks until they produce juice.

After two weeks, add 1 l of vodka and 500 ml of spirit. Leave the mixture for the next two weeks, shaking the jar every few days. Then, filter the tincture, pour it into bottles and store them for at least six months in a dark and cool place.

Hawthorn tincture with rosehip jam based on spirit

📍 What does hawthorn tincture taste like?

Hawthorn tincture tastes great. It's even more intense if you add some spices to it. They give it a characteristic flavor. Note that the addition of spices doesn't alter the benefits of hawthorn liqueur.

📍 How to make hawthorn berry tincture?

Are you wondering if hawthorn tincture is difficult to make? The recipe is incredibly easy. Puncture a kilogram of fruits and put them in a jar. Add about 500 ml of spirit and 500 ml of vodka. Close the jar thoroughly, shake it from time to time, and strain the tincture after 6 weeks.

📍 How to use hawthorn tincture?

You have to use hawthorn tincture for about 6-8 weeks to observe any medicinal benefits. Drink a small glass of the liqueur once per day. You can prolong the treatment to even 10 weeks, provided your doctor approves of it.

📍 What's hawthorn berry tincture good for?

Hawthorn berries contain procyanidins, aminoacids and aromatic amines, which positively affect the organism. They are relaxing, hinder allergic reactions, strengthen the heart, regulate the pulse and dilate coronary vessels.