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Gorgeous Easter Centerpieces - 10 Creative Easter Centerpiece Ideas

Do you want to feel spring and the magic of Easter celebration at your home? It's easy - just pick the right decorations. Easter centerpieces are perfect for this purpose. Are you wondering how to make such a decoration? It's not as complicated as it might seem. There are many interesting ideas for an Easter centerpiece. We have gathered the most popular ones. Take a look and try them - the result will surprise you.

Gorgeous Easter Centerpieces - 10 Creative Easter Centerpiece Ideas

An Easter centerpiece made of living flowers

Fresh flowers are the basic decorations one can find in houses and apartments on Easter. Instead of the standard form - simply putting them in a vase, you can make an interesting looking centerpiece. Preparing such a decoration is easy, although you should follow certain rules.

First, the flowers should have access to water - thanks to this, they won’t wilt and will look fresh for longer. You can put such an Easter centerpiece in a glass container with some fresh water at the bottom. You can also use a special floral foam soaked with water.

Easter table centerpieces made of living flowers look perfect both in minimalistic and more decorative versions. You can combine the flowers with ribbons, feathers and even Easter eggs. Everything depends on your individual concept. What’s more, you can create an arrangement either in a single color or a variety of colors. Both ideas look excellent.

An Easter centerpiece made of living flowers,diy-na-wielkanoc-8-kreatywnych-pomyslow,10416171,artykul.html

An interesting Easter centerpiece

Easter centerpieces as an Easter wreath

A Christmas wreath is the most popular decoration of this type. It doesn’t mean, though that spring decorations cannot include a wreath as well - especially that they look very interesting in this form.

There are many options for making an Easter wreath. A lot depends on whether you want to put it on a table or a dresser, or hang it on the door. In the first case, you can add many more decorations to it, including candles. If you want to hang the wreath, every element has to be firmly attached.

Making an Easter wreath is simple - it’s even easier if you purchase the base and decorate it with various elements. You can use dried and living plants, as well as various ornaments such as:

  • chicks,
  • bunnies,
  • lambs,
  • birds,
  • eggs.

Easter centerpieces as an Easter wreath,wieniec-wielkanocny-7-pomyslow-i-inspiracji,10416082,artykul.html

An Easter wreath - Easter centerpiece DIY

A blue Easter wreath - centerpieces for Easter

An Easter table centerpiece in glass

Glass decorations are universal, so you can adjust them to any season - they will always look good. Everything depends on what you put in the glass dish. It’s also one of the easiest Easter centerpieces to make - everyone should be able to do it.

Are you wondering what you need to create a decoration like this? Prepare the following items:

  • a glass dish in any size,
  • decorations to fill the container,
  • fabric ribbons do decorate the outside of the dish.

You can put artificial flowers, feathers, colorful Easter eggs or even porcelain figurines in a glass vase - make sure they are visible enough. A larger container looks more interesting if you wrap a ribbon around it and tie it in a bow.

An Easter table centerpiece in glass

Unusual Easter centerpiece ideas - glass containers

Easter centerpiece ideas - a decoration on wood

Wood makes a perfect base for Easter centerpieces. There are two possibilities, in this case. You can use a natural looking, irregular piece of wood with bark. So-called wood slices are the other option.

If you want to make an Easter centerpiece on a wooden base, you also need the following items:

  • ornaments of your choice,
  • hot glue.

The preparation is not only easy, but also extremely fast. Simply attach the decorations to the wood using hot glue, and then wait until it dries. You can put such a decoration on an Easter table, but also give it to someone as a gift.

Easter centerpiece ideas - a decoration on wood

An Easter centerpiece on a piece of wood

Easter table centerpieces in baskets

A basket - regardless of the size - is directly associated with Easter celebrations. In some countries such baskets filled with food are customarily blessed before the Easter Sunday. In other places, children leave a basket for the Easter bunny to fill it with treats and eggs.

An Easter table centerpiece in a basket looks great as well. Because making it takes only a few minutes, it’s a popular Easter decoration.

Medium-size baskets are the best for this type of decorations. Just put some hair-type filling (e.g. hay) at the bottom. It will enrich the final result and support the ornaments used for decoration. You can but a bunny or a lamb inside - in the middle. Eggs in various sizes scattered around are a great addition. You can add artificial flowers or fresh boxwood branches from the hedge growing in your garden.

Easter table centerpieces in baskets

Easter centerpieces - plants and Easter eggs

Decorations with Easter eggs - a traditional Easter centerpiece

Painted eggs are a symbol of Easter - it’s not a surprise such elements appear in centerpieces as well. Furthermore, they look amazing.

You can paint eggs for your Easter centerpiece yourself. But if you don’t have enough time, don’t worry. The market offers plenty of decorations you can use.

How to make an Easter centerpiece in this case? All you need is a small dish - put the eggs in it. Fill the gaps with feathers, fresh flowers or green branches.

Decorations with Easter eggs - a traditional Easter centerpiece

Easter table centerpieces - Easter eggs and other decorations

Fabric decorations - unusual Easter centerpieces

Easter decorations aren’t just classic centerpieces one can typically see in a house. They are often fancy decorations, including fabric ornaments. Using just a small towel, you can create an interesting looking bunny. With other decorations, it can form an Easter centerpiece.

Easter decorations are typically made of classic, soft textiles, as well as felt. Carrots or tulips made of these materials look particularly fascinating. If you’re creative, you will easily make your own Easter centerpiece DIY. You can use manuals found on the Internet and create impressive looking chicks or bunnies.

Fabric decorations - unusual Easter centerpieces

An Easter table centerpiece - felt tulips,507034,1062

Easter table centerpieces - bird nests

Do you want a simple yet exciting decoration that roughly resembles an Easter centerpiece? Prepare small nests - you can fill them with feathers and put birds in them. It’s one of the easiest Easter centerpiece ideas, and making it takes just a few minutes.

You can buy a “nest” in nearly every flower shop. Sometimes they are available in supermarkets and on the Internet as well. Decorate it with little birds, feathers and tiny eggs.

Easter table centerpieces - bird nests

Easter centerpieces - nests with eggs,113385,23147709,dekoracje-wielkanocne.html

Chicks and chickens - intriguing Easter centerpieces

Chicks and chickens are the next animals that, like bunnies and lambs, are associated with Easter. They often appear in Easter centerpieces. Just like in other cases, they can take many forms. One can make interesting looking Easter chicks from:

  • fabric,
  • wool,
  • paper.

Such decorations look perfect as stand-alone ornaments, but you can add other traditional Easter symbols to them - eggs, feathers, flowers. You can also place a chick on a green cress you have planted before in a container and use it as an Easter table centerpiece.

Chicks and chickens - intriguing Easter centerpieces

Crocheted chicks - tiny Easter table centerpieces

Easter bunnies - inspiring Easter centerpieces

Easter centerpieces with bunnies are absolute classics. They are typically made of wood. If so, you can use them in a flower arrangement or put them in a glass vase. Small bunny-shaped bowls are a curious option, too - they make a perfect base for an Easter centerpiece.

You can use bunnies to complement an arrangement created on a wood slice. This way, the whole decor piece reflects eco style, and perfectly matches Scandinavian and minimalist interiors.

Easter bunnies - inspiring Easter centerpieces,113385,19774208,jadalne-dekoracje-wielkanocne-na-stol.html

A minimalistic Easter centerpiece

📍 How to make an Easter centerpiece in a glass container?

It's easy to make an Easter centerpiece in glass - all you need is a dish and a few characteristic decorations. You can fill a glass vase or bowl with Easter eggs, plants, flowers and feathers. Adding a bunny or lamb figurine is also a good idea.

📍 How to make a paper Easter centerpiece?

You can use a wooden base for your paper Easter centerpiece. Prepare various decorations using stiff paper. Attach them to the wooden base using e.g. hot glue and add some fresh flowers to the arrangement. It's a perfect option for children who want to make their own Easter decorations.

📍 How to make an Easter centerpiece using branches?

Easter centerpieces from branches can be minimalistic or rich decorations made of many elements. Flexible willow branches are perfect for the base. You can also simply purchase a base, e.g. a nest, and add some elements to it. Remember to be creative.

📍 How to make an Easter centerpiece in a flower pot?

Use a flower pot, fresh flowers, floral foam, green elements and painted eggs to make an interesting Easter centerpiece. Put the foam soaked with water in the pot and stick the flowers and green plants in it. Add an egg in the center. You can decorate the pot using a ribbon.