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22 Awesome Mother's Day Gift Ideas - The Best Gifts For Mom

Mother's Day is a special celebration held in almost all countries in the world. Best wishes accompanied by a small gift make the best way to celebrate this day properly and make mom happy. The best Mother's Day gift comes straight from the heart - but if you want it to be a true source of merriment, make sure to think it through. Check top Mother's Day gifts - you will surely find something to make her smile - even if she says she doesn't need anything.

22 Awesome Mother's Day Gift Ideas - The Best Gifts For Mom

DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas

The best Mother’s Day gifts are given straight from the heart. For this reason, it is not a surprise that DIY gifts are so popular, especially among small children. Such presents, although imperfect, are the reflection of one’s heart. They are typically prepared with other family members or in kindergarten. There are plenty of ideas, although some are more popular than others.

A Mother’s Day card

The simplest Mother’s Day card is a piece of paper folded in half - the outside is decorated with drawings, and inside there’s a message - e.g. “I love you, Mom.” If you’re helping a toddler to prepare such a Mother’s Day gift, you can try more difficult decorations. You can stick certain elements to the top of the card, for instance:

  • paper flowers,
  • crêpe paper hearts,
  • dried plants.

A Mother's Day card

A paper heart for Mother’s Day

A paper heart for Mother’s Day is quite similar to a DIY card. The preparation is a bit different - you have to cut a heart’s shape - use thick paper for this - and stick a material of choice to it. Crêpe paper is popular, but crumpled aluminum foil or transparent red foil are excellent ideas as well.

A paper heart for Mother's Day

A salt-dough heart for Mother’s Day

Salt dough projects are often made by children in kindergarten. One can also prepare such a Mother’s Day gift at home. Use the following ingredients to make the base material:

  • flour,
  • salt,
  • water.

Mix and knead all the ingredients. When the mass becomes dough-like, it can be used for creating various items, e.g. a heart. Leave the project for a few days to dry and then paint them e.g. using poster paint. You can also bake them in an oven - this way, thy are ready to paint immediately after cooling off.

To preserve the decorations painted on salt dough, you can spray them with hair spray. This will also add some shine.

A salt-dough heart for Mother's Day

An original Mother’s Day gift under $5

Mother’s Day gifts don’t have to be expensive to bring a smile to mom’s face. Very often, the cheapest gifts are the most practical, and used daily. Below, you can find a few cheap Mother’s Day gift ideas under $5. It’s a budget anyone can afford.

A keychain for Mother’s Day

There are many various keychains on the market. If you’re looking for a Mother’s Day gift, you will surely find something she’ll like. Consider these keychain examples:

  • a wooden one with a burned phrase,
  • one made of letters (e.g. “Supermom”),
  • a metal one with an engraving,
  • one with a photo.

If you decide on a custom keychain, remember that its preparation might take a couple of days. Make sure to order such a gift in advance.

A keychain for Mother's Day

A string bracelet with a heart for Mother’s Day

Do you want to give your mother something she will always carry with her? A special bracelet might be a good idea. Thanks to its minimalistic design, it will match any style. Such an accessory can be worn with casual, as well as with elegant outfits.

A string bracelet can be decorated with a small element, e.g. a heart. It can also be engraved. In this case, make sure to order the jewelry early enough, so it arrives on time.

A string bracelet with a heart for Mother's Day

Mother’s Day gift ideas under $15

Are you looking for a Mother’s Day gift idea that is not expensive, but highlights the importance of this day? Personalized Mother’s Day gifts are perfect, in this case. There are many universal ideas among products under $15. The choice depends on how much time you have to purchase the gifts.

A custom mug for Mother’s Day

Custom mugs are available at different prices. High-quality products can be purchased even for $10. Everything depends on whether the product is made of porcelain or metal. The latter material is more durable, so it might be more expensive. Here are some ideas for what you can put on the mug:

  • a text,
  • a graphic,
  • a photograph.

You can also decide on the most expensive option - so-called magic mug. It has a uniform color, but when filled with a hot beverage, it changes and reveals e.g. a hidden text.

A custom mug for Mother's Day

A t-shirt with a print for Mother’s Day

Does your mom like curious clothing items? You can design a special t-shirt for her. It’s a truly unique gift, and it doesn’t cost more than $15. Preparing such a gift is not complicated, a company of your choice does everything for you. All you have to do is pick a color and size of the t-shirt and send a graphic or a text that will appear on it.

A t-shirt with a print for Mother's Day

A shawl or a scarf for Mother’s Day

A scarf or a shawl is a perfect addition to any outfit. Some women cannot imagine leaving their house without this element. If your mom is one of them, consider giving her an exceptional shawl as a Mother’s Day gift. Prices of scarves and shawls differ, it depends on the material they are made of. The Internet offers truly original patterns at low prices up to $15. Such a shawl is not large, but it will perfectly complement both everyday and classy outfits.

A shawl or a scarf for Mother's Day

A charm for a bracelet - a Mother’s Day gift

Bracelets with charms have been hugely popular for some time. They make a perfect casual jewelry, but it’s also a great way to collect souvenirs from places one has visited, or elements related to important events - such as Mother’s Day. Charms are available in various forms, and consequently - at different prices. But you shouldn’t have a problem with finding elements for $15.

A charm for a bracelet - a Mother's Day gift

An original coffee or tea as a Mother’s Day gift

Tea or coffee make perfect gifts for various occasions. You can use them as housewarming gifts, as well as a present for Grandparents’ Day. There’s nothing wrong with giving them to your mom, too - especially if she drinks coffee or tea every day. In this case, you can pick blends she’s never tried before. She will definitely like such a gift.

An original coffee or tea as a Mother's Day gift

Awesome Mother’s Day ideas under $25

Do you always forget about Mother’s Day, but this year you decided to prepare early - and you even managed to put some money aside for this purpose? Can you afford a more expensive gift thanks to this? Perfect! We have a couple of ideas you could use - your mom will surely love them!

A cinema or theater ticket as a Mother’s Day gift

A cinema ticket is a small expense - even in big cities, it costs up to $15. But you can always pick a VIP package for your mom to make her feel special. Some theaters offer shows for up to a dozen of viewers. Watching a movie this way is far more convenient. Alternatively, you can also purchase a theater performance ticket for under $25. Perhaps it won’t be a premiere, but even the usual program should offer something interesting.

A cinema or theater ticket as a Mother's Day gift

Silver earrings for Mother’s Day

Silver earrings make a universal gift for a mom at any age. One can find fascinating models for under $25 - of various shapes and decorations. Earrings with colorful zircons are quite popular. You can also pick simple but weighty earrings - they look great with long hair.

Silver earrings for Mother's Day

A massage for mom - a perfect Mother’s Day gift

Moms often forget about themselves in the turmoil of everyday life, they are tired and have no energy for anything. It’s completely normal, especially if there are many children in the house. Sending mom for a massage as a Mother’s Day gift is a great idea. A relaxing session with warm chocolate or hot stones will surely positively affect her mood.

A massage for mom - a perfect Mother's Day gift

Mother’s Day gift ideas under $50

More money definitely means more options. Although many people think $50 is not much - when spending this money on Mother’s Day gifts, one can afford quite a lot. Just think what the gift’s recipient likes and buy it - especially if it’s a last-minute Mother’s Day gift.

A favourite perfume for Mother’s Day

Has your mom been using the same perfumes for years? She will surely be delighted if you give her a supply. It’s a fool-proof gift idea - but only if you pick products you already know. If you have no idea what your gift’s recipient likes, don’t risk unknown scents - they might not be appreciated.

A favourite perfume for Mother's Day

A spa treatment gift card for Mother’s Day

Do you want make a gift for mom with others (e.g. your siblings)? It’s a great occasion to gift her a spa visit! Perhaps there is such a center in the area - if so, you can buy a treatment or even an entire day of relaxation. There are many options. Consider such a gift, especially if your mom complains about being tired all the time.

A spa treatment gift card for Mother's Day

Top practical Mother’s Day gifts

Many women dislike gifts that are placed on a shelf only to collect dust. In such a case, you have to make effort and think of a practical Mother’s Day gift that will be used every day. It doesn’t have to be a huge investment. Sometimes, small gadgets can bring much pleasure. You don’t have to think too hard about it - just take a look at the great ideas below.

A moka pot for Mother’s Day

There’s nothing better than a sip of fresh, aromatic coffee in the morning. But even a good coffee machine might not be able to provide such an experience. A special moka pot makes the best coffee ever. You can find such products in online stores. Make sure to pay attention to the quality of the product, in addition to its visual aspect. The simplest moka pots cost about $15. But their quality might be questionable. We recommend searching for trusted brands. They offer more expensive products, but you can be sure such a moka pot can endure many years of every day usage.

A moka pot for Mother's Day

Favourite cosmetics - a Mother’s Day gift

If your mom is a fan of cosmetics and has been using the same, trusted products, there’s no better gift for her than a fresh supply of them. It’s one of the most practical Mother’s Day gifts - you can be sure that it will be used and enjoyed.

Favourite cosmetics - a Mother's Day gift

A gel nail polish kit for Mother’s Day

Women who take care of their appearance but don’t want to spend too much on visiting specialists might enjoy a gift of a kit to use at home. A gel nail polish kit is a perfect idea. Mom would have to spend about $40 per month at a beauty salon. With a device and a set of special products, she can take care of her nails at home, whenever she wants.

A gel nail polish kit for Mother's Day

Mother’s Day gifts from children - cheap gifts

Mother’s Day gifts don’t have to be expensive, especially if they are from kids. Toddlers often decide to save their own allowance and buy something for their mom. You can help them and use one of the cheap Mother’s Day gift ideas you can find below.

A book for mom for Mother’s Day

A book is a universal and practical Mother’s Day gift. It’s perfect especially, if the mom loves reading. It’s also not expensive. It typically costs no more than $13-$15. If more than one toddler is purchasing the gift, they should be able to afford it without an issue.

A book for mom for Mother's Day

Scented soaps as a Mother’s Day gift

Drugstores - physical and online - often offer various natural face or body soaps. It’s a great and cheap Mother’s Day gift. Such a soap bar costs no more than a few dollars - so one can buy a single item or a whole set. The most popular soap bars contain ingredients such as:

  • lavender,
  • calendula,
  • rose petals,
  • root spices,
  • orange,
  • coffee,
  • pomegranate,
  • honey.

Scented soaps as a Mother's Day gift

A phone case with a photograph for Mother’s Day

A phone is an item without which one cannot imagine to function. Most people carry it with them everywhere, so a custom case is a perfect personalized Mother’s Day gift. You can order such a gadget online at a relatively low price. Everything depends on the model of the phone and the appearance of the case.

A phone case with a photograph for Mother's Day

Flowers as a last-minute Mother’s Day gift

Have you completely forgotten that today is Mother’s Day? Or perhaps there are a few days left, but you won’t be able to buy anything satisfactory? Flowers are a perfect solution. They are always a good choice. Just go to a flower shop - purchase a beautiful bouquet and give it to your mom along with best wishes straight from your heart. It’s more than any expensive gift.

Flowers as a last-minute Mother's Day gift

📍 What are some simple Mother's Day gifts?

Picking a Mother's Day gift depends on the budget you can afford for this purpose. Some simple gifts include keychains, bracelets, earrings and custom mugs. If you have more money, you can pick your mom's favourite perfume, a massage gift card or a movie ticket. You can always choose flowers - the most universal Mother's Day gift.

📍 How to make a Mother's Day gift?

DIY Mother's Day gifts are typically made by small children - with some help from adults at home or in kidergarten. A card is the simplest idea. One can also make a paper heart or a beautiful gift made of salt dough.

📍 How to wrap a Mother's Day gift?

Wrapping a Mother's Day gift depends on which idea you use and what you buy. A wrapping paper or a special gift bag is a good option in most cases. If you purchase a voucher or a cinema ticket, a beautiful envelope will do the job.