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Get Rid of House Bugs and Beetles - Easy Household Pests Tricks

Have you noticed tiny bugs in your house between the cupboards in the kitchen, or in the bathroom? If you don't act immediately - it might result in a big problem a few weeks later. Not all house bugs spread like a plague. But if the unwanted guests make themselves at home for good, getting rid of them might be nearly impossible. For this reason, even if you notice just one or two tiny bugs in your house - act now! Identify the house bugs by pictures and names. Check what home remedies and store-bought products can repel household pests. Try them and get rid of the house bugs once and for all... or at least for a very long time.

Get Rid of House Bugs and Beetles - Easy Household Pests Tricks

Can you avoid the problem of house bugs somehow?

House bugs appear whenever they find favourable conditions for themselves. It doesn’t have to be a dirty place, as some might think. Something as benign as humidity is enough to invite tiny bugs to your house - e.g. silverfish. They like to crawl into small cracks and crevices. They hide in there to remain unnoticed. Once their population is large enough, they attack other places in the house.

Can you prevent house bugs from appearing? The bad news is, unfortunately not always. But you can try - in most cases, you will be successful. To do this, make sure to check all nooks and crannies, e.g. under the sink. Perhaps the trap is leaking, and that’s the reason behind the whole fuss. Household pests also appear in the vicinity of trash bins. Regular emptying is the basic action you should take.

Common house bugs - what household pests appear most often in houses?

House bugs appear in various forms. Some are more troublesome than others. But it’s good to get to know your enemy before fighting them - this way, you have a chance to get rid of them easier or perhaps quicker. Find the most common house bugs pictures and names below.

Silverfish - small and cunning house bugs

Silverfish are especially common house bugs appearing in damp places. You typically find them in bathrooms and kitchens - they usually gather under the sink. They can also hide under cabinets. They don’t like bright interiors, so they usually come out when you leave the bathroom and turn off the lights. This type of house bugs can eat food leftovers, but also paper. Unfortunately, those insects are quite lively and can survive without food for a very long time.

Silverfish - small and cunning house bugs

Dust mites - the smallest bugs in the house

Dust mites are very tiresome house bugs - and difficult to get rid of, as they are practically invisible. Such household pests can be found everywhere - mostly in carpets, blankets and curtains. How do you know they are in the house? If you’ve been noting allergic reactions or skin irritation, the answer is clear. Can you get rid of them completely? It’s very difficult. But you can seriously limit their population. In this case, thorough cleaning is necessary - vacuuming with a device equipped with a HEPA filter and using air purifiers. If possible, clean bed linen and blankets in higher temperatures. This way, you can get rid of dust mites.

Moths - house bugs with wings that attack your food and clothes

Depending on the type of moths you’re dealing with - they can appear in the kitchen and the pantry or the bedroom and the closet. Both pest types love warmth and spread quickly. At first, they are very difficult to detect, but when there’s more of them, they can cause a serious damage. Do you want to avoid unnecessary expenses for new clothes or having to throw the food away? Get rid of moths as soon as you notice them.

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Booklice - house bugs living in the kitchen

Booklice are quite difficult to spot - mostly because of their small size and pale color. They love powdered and grain products, therefore, you can spot them in the kitchen, especially in dusty places. But it doesn’t mean that they turn up their noses at other food sources - e.g. meat or even wallpaper. Keeping flour and grains in airtight containers and putting food in the fridge instead of keeping it on the counter is the only way to protect yourself against those house bugs.

Booklice - house bugs living in the kitchen

Cockroaches - exceptionally troublesome house bugs

Cockroaches usually appear wherever you keep trash in your house. It can be both the kitchen and the bathroom. They eat not only food scraps but also clothes and even your hair. Cockroaches can survive without food for a long time, that’s why they are quite difficult to get rid of. Typically, when they appear, one has to use insecticides.

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Bed bugs - dangerous black bugs in your house

Bed bugs are one of the worst types of household pests. They can appear not only in carpets and cupboards with food, but in your bed as well. A moment of distraction is enough for them to invite themselves to your mattress. Although they can live without food for a long time, they come to life as soon as they sense something edible. Interestingly enough, human blood is the best food for a bed bug. For this reason, they get drawn to the places where you relax, e.g. sleeping. If you wake up one day and notice bites all over your skin, it’s a sign you have new tiny friends in your bed.

Bed bugs - dangerous black bugs in your house

What makes house bugs come to your house?

As already mentioned, you can note large and tiny bugs in the house when the humidity inside is high, plus if there are other factors like e.g. dust. But sometimes you don’t even have to encourage them to visit your house. Are you wondering how it is possible? It’s easy! Sometimes, you bring house bugs on yourself. You might carry some from public transportation, others - from the nearby trash bin. You could also have visited a friend who wasn’t aware they had bugs in their house. This way, you brought them to your home.

How to get rid of bugs using homemade remedies?

Are you wondering if there are homemade, non-invasive methods for getting rid of house bugs? Of course! Although they might not be effective, it won’t hurt to try them. Dry herbs are the essential items here, as common house bugs don’t like their scent. Mint and lavender are the best options. The former works perfectly against ants - they give it a wide berth. Satchels with dried lavender are a great weapon against moths.

Unfortunately, the rest of the mentioned house bugs are quite resistant, when it comes to repelling them. Only special insecticides can kill them. So, if you have a problem with cockroaches or bed bugs, don’t waste time on home remedies. Use more definitive solutions.

You can secure your house in case of future issues by protecting the interiors against humidity. To do this, ventilate typically humid places. Use small portable dehumidifiers. You can purchase them for cheap in basically any store. Although not very impressive-looking, they really work.

Store-bought insecticides - get rid of household pests

If you want to purchase an insecticide, make sure to identify the house bugs first. This way, you can act accurately and use the right products. You can find a lot of different bug killers on the market, for instance:

  • liquids,
  • sprays,
  • gels,
  • powders.

Special traps are also a very popular option. They lure house bugs with a scent. Inside, they contain normal insecticides.

Store-bought insecticides - get rid of household pests

Disinsection - how to get rid of house bugs once and for all

House bugs usually don’t have enough time to spread to the point professional help is needed. But sometimes the problem becomes so serious that nothing but disinsection is left. The method involves spraying performed by specialists. They come to your house and assess what type of house bugs you’re dealing with. Is it an expensive service? It all depends on the size of the disinfected area. Typically, it’s relatively cheap.

📍 How to get rid of black bugs in the house?

The black bugs might be ants or other insects like silverfish or cockroaches. To get rid of them - you have to identify them first to know what to do. You can get rid of ants using home remedies, e.g. dried mint. Other household pests require using chemicals insecticides.

📍 What are the most common house bugs?

Your house can get infested by various household pests - it all depends on the conditions you create for them. The most common house bugs include silverfish, moths, cockroaches and bed bugs. There are also dust mites, ants, flour mites, meal beetles and many more.

📍 How to keep bugs away?

You can repel house bugs by tidying your space and keeping the humidity at bay. Certain herbs and citruses also work as good repellents. You can also install special repellent sachets - they are effective e.g. against moths.

📍 Why am I seeing tiny bugs in my house?

Bugs can appear in your house because of dirt - but it's just one of the possibilities. If you live in an apartment, they could have come from the hall or the neighbour. Furthermore, you could have brought the bugs yourself to the house - for instance, on your shoes.