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DIY Christmas Card Ideas - The Best Homemade Christmas Cards

Christmas cards are a holiday custom, present in our culture for years. Along with the development of modern technologies, it began disappearing, although some people can't imagine another form of conveying sentiments to their loved ones. Do you want your Christmas card to be unique? Design it yourself! As it turns, DIY Christmas cards aren't just for children. Check the best ideas for homemade Christmas cards.

DIY Christmas Card Ideas - The Best Homemade Christmas Cards

What’s the origin of sending Christmas cards?

The history behind sending holiday cards to each other reaches as far as the 19th century and probably originated in Britain. Back then, the graphics depicted on Christmas cards were prepared by illustrators and distributed by local printing houses.

What did such holiday cards depict? Religious themes were the most popular. Some illustrations referred to the season.

Interestingly enough, Christmas cards were given from person to person. Sometimes, they were sold, and the proceeds were donated to charity. The tradition of sending cards via mail was developed later.

What's the origin of sending Christmas cards?

Does anyone still send Christmas cards?

Although the tradition of sending Christmas cards was cultivated by the society for many years, its popularity diminished over the years. Development of modern technologies is the main reason behind this. Thanks to the technology, sending greetings and wishes became much easier. One doesn’t have to leave the house, purchase, write and send cards anymore. What’s more, sending merry Christmas wishes as a text message – an SMS, e-mail or via social media doesn’t cost anything. One has to pay for a traditional Christmas card sent via mail – and the prices are on the rise with each next year.

Does anyone still send Christmas cards?

DIY Christmas cards – give your loved ones something sweet

Many people pick Christmas cards purchased in various places. Although they are usually exceptionally beautiful, one cannot say they are unique. If you want to give your loved ones an unforgettable gift, it’s better to prepare your own, DIY Christmas card.

Are you wondering how to make a Christmas card and whether it’s a difficult task? Not at all – their appearance depends mostly on you. If you don’t feel like you’re able to create complicated pieces of art – a simple design is an equally good idea. The most important part is that such a Christmas gift comes straight from your heart.

DIY Christmas cards – give your loved ones something sweet

Homemade Christmas cards – things you need

The list of things you need to make Christmas cards depends on the design you have in mind. Some are very basic, while others can be more complicated. Here’s the list of essentials:

  • colorful construction paper or cardstock,
  • cardboard,
  • scissors,
  • a ruler,
  • a pencil,
  • crayons or markers,
  • glue.

If you want to make your project unique, you can also use the following elements:

  • decorative paper,
  • Christmas-themed stickers,
  • embroidery floss or wool,
  • felt,
  • various ornaments,
  • glitter,
  • crêpe paper,
  • dried flowers or coniferous branches.

Homemade Christmas cards – materials you need

Simple Christmas card ideas

To get a simple Christmas card design, just bend a card in half and decorate the external part. You can draw a Christmas tree, a snowman or hanging ornaments. Each of these ideas are simple. What’s more, even if you pick just the theme of Christmas trees – each card will look different. Take a look at the ideas below.

Simple Christmas card ideas

DIY Christmas cards with Christmas trees

A Christmas tree is one of the most popular themes, as for Christmas traditions. It’s not a surprise then, that it’s popular on holiday cards. Simply cut a colorful tree and glue it to the front page of the card – this way, you can create its basic version. There are many interesting designs of Christmas cards with holiday trees. Find the best ones below.

DIY Christmas cards with Christmas trees

Foldable Christmas card with a Christmas tree

Christmas card ideas - a paper Christmas tree

A painted Christmas card design

Handmade Christmas cards - Christmas trees

Funny Christmas card ideas – cards with reindeer

Reindeer is another symbol of Christmas. These animals are particularly popular with the youngest members of the family. They have to appear on Christmas cards. Drawing a reindeer is not the simplest task – although it’s doable. You can also cut the animal out of paper, or use stickers. If you are wondering what such a Christmas card might look like – take a look below.

Funny Christmas card ideas – cards with reindeer

Homemade Christmas cards - Santa and reindeer

A simple DIY Christmas card - reindeer

How to make Christmas cards - a shiny reindeer

DIY holiday cards - a beautiful reindeer

Original Christmas card design – hand-made patterns

Are you wondering what else a Christmas card could depict? There are plenty of ideas – make sure to adjust the difficulty level to your individual needs.

Try the following patterns:

  • snowflakes,
  • snowmen,
  • bells,
  • Christmas wreaths,
  • stars,
  • gifts,
  • bows.

Get inspired with the examples we’ve prepared below. Thanks to them, you will surely create beautiful and unique homemade Christmas cards.

Original Christmas card design – hand-made patterns

Watercolor Christmas card ideas

DIY Christmas cards - simple ideas

How to make a Christmas card?

Free Christmas cards making ideas - a creative design

DIY Christmas card - made with embroidery floss

DIY holiday cards - gifts

Funny Christmas card ideas - homemade

📍 How to make Christmas cards?

Making a Christmas card is not difficult – all you need is a good idea and some materials. Colorful paper, scissors, markers, and glue will probably come in handy. You can also use various ornaments and dried flowers.

📍 When to send Christmas cards?

Make sure to send Christmas cards in time, so they are delivered before Christmas. Check the usual time of mail delivery to a particular place. When sending holiday cards to another country, do it at least two weeks before the holidays. Note that the period before Christmas is busy, and some delays might occur. For this reason, it's good to send your Christmas cards at the beginning of December.

📍 What do you need to make a DIY Christmas card?

To make a simple Christmas card, you don't need a lot of elements. Some construction paper, scissors, glue, crayons, or markers are all things you need. If you are planning a more complicated project, consider using glitter, additional ornaments, stickers, felt and embroidery floss.

📍 Where does the tradition of sending Christmas cards some from?

The custom of sending Christmas cards comes from Britain. That's where they appeared for the first time in the 19th century. Christmas cards back then were dominated by religious themes. When the custom was spread to other countries, Christmas cards took many different forms.