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Delicious Christmas Dinner - Choose The Best Christmas Food

Christmas is coming soon. Are you looking for Christmas dinner ideas for this year? You could, of course, refer to the Christmas traditions and choose something you prepare every season. But many people seek for modern dishes from other countries. Check what Christmas dishes you could put on the table - inspire yourself with recipes from other countries.

Delicious Christmas Dinner - Choose The Best Christmas Food

Christmas food - how about delicious fish?

One of the Christmas traditions practiced by many nationalities is meat abstinence on Christmas Eve. Instead, fish are eaten. In Eastern Europe - Poland, Slovakia and Czech Republic, fried common carp is one of the traditional meals included in the Christmas Eve menu. But that’s not the only option. Consider other types of fish for a Christmas dinner idea - for instance trout, cod or salmon.

Instead of bread crumbs, which might be quite unhealthy, you might try other modern recipes. You could, therefore, prepare a steamed or grilled fish for your Christmas dinner. A salmon grilled on a grill pan does not only taste fantastic but also looks quite exquisite. Such recipes are quick and simple - perfect if you’re looking for an easy Christmas dinner menu.

Are you wondering what kind of snacks you could put on the table for your guests? Take a few crackers, spread some cheese on them and put a piece of salmon on top. It’s a posh version, which can be used both for a Christmas dinner and other celebrations.

Christmas food - how about fish?

Christmas food - how about fish? Appetizers

Christmas dinner ideas from around the world

Each country has its characteristic Christmas food. Some are similar, while others are completely different from your traditional Christmas feast. In times when an increasing number of people spend their holidays abroad or among people of different nationalities, it is good to learn other Christmas traditions.

12 Christmas Eve dishes - a Polish generational tradition

Poland is a country of many traditions, and Christmas is the best time to observe them. Polish, who value their family roots and cultivate Christmas traditions, prepare 12 dishes for Christmas Eve. It’s one of the most characteristic Polish Christmas traditions. What are those dishes?

  • Borscht with ravioli
  • Mushroom soup
  • Sour rye soup
  • Cabbage with peas
  • Pierogi with cabbage and mushrooms
  • Fried carp
  • Carp in jelly
  • Herring
  • Poppy seed cake
  • Ginger cake
  • Pasta with poppy
  • Kompot (a beverage from boiled fruit)

Interestingly enough, the compilation of the dishes depends on the region of Poland. In some places, cabbage and mushroom patties are served instead of pierogi with the same filling. Instead of a carp in jelly, many Polish people eat a Greek-style fish. There are other dishes as well - a herring or vegetable salad, fried cod and almond soup.

12 Christmas Eve dishes - a Polish generational tradition pierogi

12 Christmas Eve dishes - a Polish generational tradition herring

12 Christmas Eve dishes - a Polish generational tradition pasta with poppy,kolacja-wigilijna-jak-ja-zorganizowac-zeby-nie-wydac-za-duzo-pieniedzy

12 Christmas Eve dishes - a Polish generational tradition poppy cake

Christmas dinner in Ukraine

Christmas is celebrated at a different date than the majority of the word due to the religion. The dishes are very similar to the ones from Poland. Similarly, the most important part is the 12 dishes. Here, you will also find beetroot soup (borscht). Kutia, or kutya is a traditional Ukrainian dessert - it is made from wheat berries, poppy seeds and honey.

Christmas dinner in Ukraine

Spanish Christmas dinner menu

Spanish Christmas food is considered one of the best in the worlds, although a lot depends on the region. Not every place serves the same kind of food.

One definitely cannot say that the meals are frugal - from the beginning of the Christmas feast you will find a lot of appetizers such as hams, pies, seafood and other tapas, depending on the region.

One Christmas food that is characteristic for the whole country is a special broth and a nougat with almonds and honey.

Spanish Christmas dinner menu

Norwegian Christmas feast - fish, and more

Norway is famous for its fish, therefore, it is an obligatory position during a Christmas dinner. The biggest treat is a dried fish, an ingredient of various traditional recipes and served with side dishes. They might be potatoes or a special green pea purée.

Apart from fish, meat is also a popular Christmas food in Norway - for instance ribs with potatoes and sauerkraut.

There is an interesting Christmas tradition in Norway - serving 7 types of desserts. They are typically special cookies. If the family from various regions gathers in one house, it is important that the cookies come from that particular house.

Norwegian Christmas feast - fish, and more

Italian Christmas food - fish and seafood

Italians celebrate Christmas ceremoniously, although the Christmas Eve dinner in this country consists of fasting meals. It is respected in most families - Italians are very traditional in this regard.

The Christmas food is dominated by various types of baked fish, as well as spaghetti, which is essential. The Christmas version of this dish is usually served with mussels.

Italian Christmas food - fish and seafood

A Christmas feast in Portugal - fish and sweets

In Portugal, similar to other regions, people cannot imagine a Christmas Eve menu without fish. They also have their favourites - the most popular is boiled cod with vegetables: carrots, broccoli, turnips and cabbage. It’s one of the traditional Christmas dishes which always appears on the table.

Apart from this, sweets are a very important part of a Christmas dinner in Portugal. The most popular dessert is called Bolo-Rei, which can be translated as “King-Cake” - and it really looks like a crown. Rabanadas are quite popular as well, and not only in Portugal. They are bread coated with egg, sugar and cinnamon, and fried. It’s a treat which can be tasted on the streets during the Christmas season - it is sold for 1 Euro.

Christmas feast in Portugal - fish and sweets

One can find many inspirations across the world when it comes to Christmas food. It is a perfect occasion to try something new - and perhaps add a new tradition to the ones you already know and love.

Remember that Christmas atmosphere does not only involve food. Check how to decorate Christmas table and make sure that there are Christmas ornaments around the house. If you don’t know what to give to your loved ones for Christmas, use some ideas and choose the best Christmas gift for them.