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Christmas Cookie Designs - 25 Gingerbread Man Decorating Ideas

Gingerbread man decorating is one of the favourite things to do before Christmas. Both adults and children love putting icing on cookies. When decorating gingerbread, one can let their imagination go wild and create brilliant Christmas decorations, and use them e.g. on the Christmas tree. Are you looking for Christmas cookie decorating ideas? No need to scratch your head anymore - we have some inspirations for you. Check them out and let the decorating begin!

Christmas Cookie Designs - 25 Gingerbread Man Decorating Ideas

What to use for a gingerbread man decorating?

Icing is the basic ingredient used for Christmas cookie decorating - but it’s not the only option. More and more ideas come in this regard with each year. For instance, sugar paste and melted chocolate have become quite popular choices for decorative Christmas cookies. Furthermore, you can also use store-bought products for your gingerbread men. Here’s the list of the most popular ones:

  • gummies,
  • M&Ms,
  • sprinkles,
  • nuts,
  • edible glitter.

A lot depends on an individual view on gingerbread men decorating - there are no limitations here.

Decorating a gingerbread man is definitely easier with special accessories. No wonder then, that most cookie decorators use them when creating their Christmas cookie designs. Which ones are essential? Take a look:

  • cookie cutters,
  • a pastry bag with nozzles,
  • a sugar paste modeling kit,
  • icing spatulas,
  • cookie hole cutter,
  • icing pens,
  • decorative stencils,
  • special brushes.

Minimalist gingerbread man decorations - white icing

Do you want to decorate your cookies quickly and avoid spending too much time on it? Basic topping is a good solution. White icing is extremely simple to make. What’s more, you can save even more time if you just buy it. All you have to do is decorate the gingerbread cookies using your own designs.

Are you concerned that such minimalist cookies decorated with just frosting aren’t going to look good? No need! Such simple designs are truly impressive - the rule more is not always better applies here.

Minimalist gingerbread man decorations - white icing

White icing stars - Christmas cookie decorating

Colorful gingerbread man decorations

Christmas is typically associated with gingerbread men, so you cannot forget to put them on your Christmas table. They are easier to make than you think. You just need a special gingerbread man cutter. Stores offer small and large sizes. After baking the gingerbread men - it’s time to decorate your Christmas cookies.

If you want to make the process of decorating gingerbread faster, use special icing pens in different colors. Just warm them up in your hands and start decorating. Do you have more time? Prepare homemade icing for your gingerbread cookies in several colors and let your imagination go wild. You can equip your gingerbread men with hats and scarves - to add an atmosphere of winter to your house.

Colorful gingerbread man decorations

A gingerbread man - decorating Christmas cookies

Many think gingerbread stars cannot be an exciting decoration. They couldn’t be more wrong! Everything depends on how you decorate them. White icing is the most common element used on gingerbread stars. But the cookie will look far better if you add something to the basic glaze. You can, for instance, draw a snowflake pattern using an icing pen.

You can also use colorful icing for your gingerbread stars. If you pick a few colors, you can create small art pieces using a toothpick. Remember - old patterns are there to break them. So, don’t limit yourself when creating your Christmas cookie designs.

Stars - creative Christmas cookie decorating

Colorful stars - Christmas decorated cookies

Reindeer Christmas cookies are the obsession among the youngest gingerbread connoisseurs. The cookies are not only tasty, but also look beautiful. If you have enough time, you can have some fun with colorful icing and create interesting designs. Don’t worry if you lack artistic skills - we’ve prepared an excellent basic variant for you.

How to decorate Christmas cookies so that they look like reindeer? You just need round cookies, a black icing pen, a bit of thick icing and small red candies. Using the pen, draw the eyes and antlers on your reindeer. Attach the candy nose using the icing. That’s all! Easy, right?

Gingerbread cookie decorating ideas - reindeer

Reindeer - simple Christmas cookie designs

Christmas trees - gingerbread decoration

Dreaming of beautiful gingerbread Christmas trees? You can make them in two ways. First, you can use icing - use food coloring to turn it green for this Christmas cookie design. Icing pens will be useful as well - draw baubles and garlands with them.

The other option involves sugar paste. Roll it thoroughly and match the shape with the cookie. In this case, you can decorate the gingerbread cookies with sugar stars and candies. Simply press them into the paste, and they will stick.

Christmas trees - gingerbread decoration,pid,430.html

Christmas trees with decorations - gingerbread decoration,pid,430.html

Snowmen make great Christmas cookie designs for children. There are many options in this regard. A combination of icing and sugar paste is the fundamental idea. Use icing to decorate the body of your snowman. Sugar paste is perfect for the remaining elements like the hat, scarf, buttons, eyes and nose.

Another, far more interesting option involves decorating Christmas cookies using marshmallows. To do this, use round cookies and put a classic marshmallow in the middle. Then, cover it with a piece of flattened sugar paste or pour some white icing over. Lastly, finish the snowman and add some details. You can use an icing pen to do this.

Snowmen - Christmas cookie decorating ideas for children

Christmas cookie decorating ideas - marshmallow snowmen

Gingerbread decorating ideas - use folklore patterns

Not a fan of typical Christmas patterns, but still don’t want to give up the tradition of Christmas cookie decorating? Folk and regional patterns are pefect for you, then. You don’t have to let reindeer and snowmen flood your house. But keep in mind that such Christmas cookie designs are much more difficult and require more time and effort.

If you want to take up the challenge and create folk designs, we recommend obtaining some professional accessories which will make the task easier.

Gingerbread decorating ideas - use folklore patterns

Folklore gingerbread men - Christmas cookie decorations

Decorating Christmas cookies in pastel colors

Is your home designed in pastel colors? Do you want to match your Christmas decorations with them, including gingerbread cookies? You don’t have to use red and green icing. You can pick, for instance, blue and dusty pink. The colors you pick depend on your preferences - and gingerbread cookies often look far better with such a design applied.

Bright pastel colors are perfect if you’re decorating Christmas cookies with your children. This way, they can design e.g. a unicorn.

Decorating Christmas cookies in pastel colors

A unicorn - Christmas cookie designs

Gingerbread men decorations - Santa Clauses

Santa is the essential Christmas symbol, so you can use it as a Christmas cookie decorating idea. You won’t have any issues with finding a cookie cutter shaped like Santa’s head, or the whole silhouette. Such decorative Christmas cookies are easy to make - just like in other variants, you can use icing in different colors or sugar paste.

Gingerbread men decorations - Santa Clauses

Santa and reindeer - gingerbread decorating ideas

Bell ornaments - how to decorate gingerbread cookies?

Gingerbread bells make perfect ornaments for a Christmas tree. Their looks depend on your individual idea. You can pick any color. Decorations are a matter of your preferences as well. Find two completely different ideas below - let them be an inspiration for your Christmas cookie designs.

Bell ornaments - how to decorate gingerbread cookies?

How to decorate Christmas cookies - bells

Interesting angels - gingerbread decorating

Gingerbread angels are a slightly bigger challenge - especially for those who just have started their Christmas cookie decorating adventure. If you decide on such a design, make sure you have a lot of patience and determination to finish your creation.

Using special accessories when applying the icing on your gingerbread cookies is the easiest method. You might need special nozzles, a toothpick or an icing pen. This way, you will surely create something truly special.

Interesting angels - gingerbread decorating

Angels - gingerbread decoration

Although a rocking horse is not a typical Christmas decoration, one can note that it often appears - also as a gingerbread cookie - on Christmas trees. Many are anxious about creating such a decoration, fearing it’s too difficult to make. Surprisingly - it’s one of the easiest Christmas cookie designs.

If you have the right cookie cutter (you can find it at many stores), you’re already halfway through. Just add a few decorative lines after baking the cookies - use icing pens. Decorating a rocking horse won’t take you more than a minute, unless you decide on a more complicated version - in this case, the design requires more effort.

A rocking horse - traditional Christmas cookie decorating

A rocking horse - gingerbread decorating

Snowflakes - quick and frugal gingerbread decorating ideas

Is lavishness not to your taste, and therefore you prefer simple, yet elegant gingerbread cookies? Choose snowflakes which carry these exact features. You just need some icing and patience to create a beautiful design. You can garnish the middle with an edible pearl or glitter.

Snowflakes - quick and frugal gingerbread decorating ideas

Gingerbread snowflakes ornaments - Christmas cookie decorating

Christmas penguins - how to creatively decorate Christmas cookies?

Christmas penguins are another option for gingerbread decorating with children. If you create such cookies with them, they will surely be overjoyed. Just like in every other case, there are a few methods for their preparation - everything depends on your skill level.

Round cookies are very universal, therefore they are the simplest solution. You can pour some white icing over the surface of a cookie. After it cools down, cut a shape resembling an “M” or the upper part of a heart and stick it to the gingerbread. Using a different color, add some details - a beak, paws and other penguin elements.

Christmas penguins - how to creatively decorate Christmas cookies?

Simple penguins - Christmas cookie decoration

A nutcracker - gingerbread man decorating for pros

Do you have a long-time experience in gingerbread decoration and are looking for a real challenge? A nutcracker is an interesting inspiration - you can design it in different ways, using different materials. You can find many ideas on this topic on the Web. You already know the basics of Christmas cookie decorating - now, you have to just work on your designs.

A nutcracker - gingerbread man decorating for pros

Pastel cookies - gingerbread nutcrackers

Do you love glamour style and everything that looks elegant? We have good news for you - you can decorate your cookies in glamour as well! To do this, use white icing in a creative way. Other decorative elements are good additions. You can use, for instance:

  • edible pearls in various sizes,
  • edible glitter,
  • edible paint.

Christmas cookie designs - glamour gingerbread

Stylish Christmas cookie decorating,pierniki-na-ostatnia-chwile

Christmas houses - creative gingerbread cookies decoration

Christmas cookies shaped like houses are very easy to make and impressive decorations. There are endless possibilities for their design. For example, you can make the roof of such a house using sprinkles or chocolate shavings. Use an icing pen or a pastry bag with a small (the one for writing) nozzle to add details.

Christmas houses - creative gingerbread cookies decoration

We already mentioned gingerbread men, but in the very basic form. If you’re looking for something more, we have an inspiration for you - gingerbread men in Christmas sweaters. Surprisingly, creating such cookies is not difficult at all - and the results are surprising.

Alternatively, you can make the sweaters only. Such Christmas cookies perfectly complement other cookies. Thanks to them, you add something unusual to your house.

Gingerbread men in sweaters - quick Christmas cookie decorating

Christmas ugly sweaters - gingerbread cookies icing

Did you know you can use gingerbread cookies to create even a Christmas wreath - and it doesn’t require a lot of work? There are several options in this regard - you can, for instance:

  • combine the cookies, e.g. stars on a round base at the stage of baking,
  • decorate a cookie with icing and add small decorations to it,
  • pour some icing over it and decorate using an icing pen,
  • use sugar paste and add decorations like sugar stars and edible pearls.

A Christmas gingerbread wreath -  an unusual Christmas cookie decoration

Wreath made of icing - Christmas cookie designs

Christmas hearts - quick and easy gingerbread decorating

Have you decided to decorate gingerbread cookies but you only have heart-shaped cookie cutters? No problem - just make sure the decor refers to Christmas. Simply use a few characteristic colors - white, red or green. It’s a very easy way to decorate gingerbread cookies, and you will surely do it without any issues.

Christmas hearts - quick and easy gingerbread decorating

Red hearts - Christmas cookie decorating

Gingerbread man decorations - gummies

Do you want your Christmas cookies to look interesting but you ran out of ideas on what to use? Sometimes, the simplest ideas are the best. Do you have some colorful gummies at home? Thanks to them, you can make your gingerbread cookies look unusual.

There are no limitations in this regard. You can use whole gummies or cut them in pieces, depending on what you need. Let your imagination lead you and see the result.

Gingerbread man decorations - gummies

A 3D gingerbread Christmas tree - a curious and simple decoration

Do you want to surprise your whole family this year? If you don’t want to waste time, perhaps creating a gingerbread Christmas tree is a good idea. Do you think it’s difficult? Just take a look at the photos below - it’s a simple task, and the result is truly impressive.

You just need star-shaped gingerbread cookies in various sizes and white icing. Begin assemblinng your tree by putting the largest cookies at the bottom. Decorate the sides with icing, and put a large blob in the middle to stick another layer.

A 3D gingerbread Christmas tree - a curious and simple decoration

Cookie Christmas tree - gingerbread decorating ideas

Bear-shaped gingerbread cookies are unusual Christmas elements - but toddlers will surely love them. Such cookies are banal to make. Just cut the right shape - using a cookie cutter is the easiest way. After baking, you can decorate the bears using an icing pen, glazing and other, store-bought products like mini-marshmallows.

Winter bears - a Christmas cookie design for children (and adults)

Using M&Ms for gingerbread decorating

M&Ms candies are not only very tasty, but also you can use them for Christmas cookie decoration. They work perfectly as reindeer noses, cover for house roofs and Christmas tree baubles. There are plenty of options - especially that the candies come in different colors.

Using M&Ms for gingerbread decorating

M&Ms roofs - Christmas cookie decorating

Do you have a lot of experience in Christmas cookies decoration? Perhaps it’s high time you accept the challenge and make a gingerbread house. Such decorations are truly unique, and each looks completely different - depending on who creates it.

We recommend starting building your gingerbread house a few weeks before Christmas. Remember that each element requires a lot of work, and there’s always a possibility of something going wrong. A cracked wall is the biggest hindrance that might happen while assembling the house. In such a case, you have to make a new one, which takes time.

A 3D gingerbread house - Christmas cookie decorationg for determined ones

Gingerbread house - Christmas cookie designs

📍 Decorating Christmas cookies - how to do it?

The easiest way to decorate gingerbread cookies involves using icing. You can make it at home or buy some at a store. Melted chocolate and other decorations like stars, pearls etc. are also great for this purpose.

📍 When can I start decorating Christmas cookies?

You shouldn't begin decorating your Christmas cookies right after baking them. Make sure to wait for a bit, until the gingerbread softens. If you start decorating right away, they will look great, but might turn out inedible.

📍 What are the best accessories for gingerbread cookies decoration?

A pastry bag with nozzles is one of the most popular Christmas cookies decorating tools. Apart from this, you might needs a sugar paste modeling kit, a spatula and icing pens.

📍 What to use for gingerbread man decorating?

Icing is the most important Christmas cookie decorating element. You can also use other effective methods like sugar paste and chocolate. Edible paint, glitter and candies are also good options.