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Boho Bedroom - Discover 3 Perfect Bohemian Bedroom Ideas

Full of positive overtones, with a hint of artistry, and rebellious at the same time - that's what a Boho bedroom stands for. Do you like this style and think it is the best expression of your character? You can arrange a Bohemian bedroom in your own home or apartment - it's not as difficult as it may seem. You can easily do it yourself. Just pick the right color palette and accessories. We have prepared a few ideas that will make your Boho bedroom look unique. Get inspired and make your dream come true - the result will surprise even you!

Boho Bedroom - Discover 3 Perfect Bohemian Bedroom Ideas

Boho bedroom color palette - what colors to choose?

A Bohemian style bedroom uses mostly classic colors, very characteristic for this style - beige, ecru, white, grey. Keep in mind that those are not the only shades you can use. But they make the so-called color basis - very delicate and neutral.

A Boho style bedroom often uses other pastel colors. Because of this, you can find the following colors in the newest designs:

  • pastel pink,
  • apricot,
  • olive,
  • blue,
  • dark blue,
  • orange.

When designing the interior, remember that a bohemian bedroom cannot be too dark. So, if you choose stronger colors, make sure to neutralize them e.g. using the mentioned bright color base.

Boho bedroom color palette - what colors to choose?

Boho bedroom colors

Boho chic bedroom - full of accessories

A Boho bedroom is mostly based on accessories that add a characteristic atmosphere to the interior, associated with rest and relaxation. They are often referred to as ethnic or oriental, as they are really associated with the Eastern culture.

The most common Boho style bedroom accessories include various:

  • macrames,
  • swings and hammocks,
  • mirrors framed with wood, wicker or rattan,
  • weaved baskets,
  • openwork lamp shades,
  • wicker or bamboo plant pots,
  • wooden plant stands,
  • rattan or wicker chairs,
  • carpets with ethnic patterns,
  • interesting blankets and cushions with tassels.

As one can note, accessories dominating in such an interior are made of natural materials associated with nature. It’s also one of the characteristic aspects of Boho style.

Boho chic bedroom - full of accessories

Bright accessories - Boho bedroom

Bohemian bedroom with plants

Is Boho bedroom decor good for any interior?

A Boho bedroom is typically associated with large, spacious interiors. In this case, you have enough room for various accessories and decorations. Such interiors typically use weaved swings and hammocks. It doesn’t mean that you cannot achieve characteristic Boho style in smaller interiors. But if the space is limited, you have to be careful not to overwhelm the bedroom. Otherwise, you won’t be able to rest well.

How to improve the looks of a small Boho bedroom? First of all, use wall decorations, e.g. the mentioned macrames. They don’t take too much space and can create the right atmosphere.

Is Boho bedroom decor good for any interior?

A classic Bohemian style bedroom - choose beige, brown and orange

Beige and brown are your basic colors if you want to design a Boho style bedroom. They are associated with earth colors and indicate a connection with nature. For this reason, they are the most popular ones. Color palettes for beige and brown are so extensive that finding the right shade to create an original interior won’t be a problem.

Such colors can be complemented with other matching shades, which is a big plus. The most common colors in such designs are orange or so called camel color.

You can also choose other colors of accessories in addition to beige and brown. Green looks particularly beautiful - especially if you combine it with live plants. Make sure to choose safe bedroom plants. This way, you will be able to rest without risking your health and well-being.

A classic Bohemian style bedroom - choose beige, brown and orange

Brown accessories - Boho chic bedroom

Cream-brown Boho bedroom decor

Bright beige Boho chic bedroom

Bohemian bedroom ideas bright ecru

A Boho bedroom with shades of pink

Although pink is typically associated with feminine interiors, such color palettes often appears in bedrooms - also in the ones inhabited by men.

Pink creates many possibilities. Delicate bright shades, sometimes even not directly associated with the color, make the most common choice. Dusty pink has been the absolute hit in the recent times, so it’s a perfect idea for a Boho bedroom. It doesn’t mean, though, that stronger shades should be avoided.

If you decide on a saturated pink, make sure that the Boho bedroom has a very delicate base - white or ecru is recommended, in this case.

A Boho bedroom with shades of pink

Boho bedroom pampas grass

Saturated pink - Boho chic bedroom

Boho bedroom decor - pink gold

Dark pink - Boho style bedroom

Minimalist boho bedroom decor

Bohemian bedroom decor - choose grey, blue or green

Grey color palette is a classic one for a Boho bedroom. Especially if it’s combined with natural materials - wood or wicker. But grey is more and more often matched with blue and green - it’s a completely new look on Boho style.

Blue color is a particularly good option for those who design small interiors. Such a shade can make the room look more spacious, so it seems larger than in reality. A small apartment bedroom with shades of blue and Boho character is a really good idea.

Do you want your Boho bedroom to become a relax sanctuary where you will be able to rest peacefully? Use green combined with warm beige. Such a design might surprise you with the results.

Bohemian bedroom decor - choose grey, blue or green

Green Boho bedroom ideas - plants

Olive Boho bedroom ideas

Blue and navy blue Boho bedroom decor

Blue and white Boho bedroom

Grey Bohemian bedroom style

📍 How to design a small Bohemian style bedroom?

It is possible to design a small interior in Boho style, but make sure to apply certain rules. First of all, use accessories in moderation - despite the fact that they determine the Boho style. To resolve this, play with the color palette and choose characteristic Boho bedroom furniture, matching the size of the room.

📍 A modern Boho bedroom - is it a good idea?

Bohemian bedroom style has been very popular for a few seasons. Do you want your bedroom to be trendy? Choose Boho bedroom design - use a bright pastel color palette and ethnic decorations.

📍 What is a Scandi Boho bedroom?

Scandi Boho is simply a combination of Scandinavian and Bohemian styles. Such interiors are very minimalistic, bright and use mostly white, cream and grey colors. They also implement natural materials - wood, bamboo and rattan.