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Black Kitchen Design - 4 Most Unique 2022 Interior Design Ideas

A black kitchen is the absolute interior design hit of 2021. More and more homeowners decide that dark interiors can look good - even if they are small. What's more, black kitchen cabinets are not that difficult to keep clean - if you choose the right materials. Check out the most interesting interior design ideas and make your black kitchen look unique and impressive.

Black Kitchen Design - 4 Most Unique 2022 Interior Design Ideas

Is a black kitchen a good idea?

A black kitchen is the absolute opposite of Scandinavian style, so prevalent in the recent years. But it doesn’t mean that an interior like that cannot refer to minimalism with its stylistics. The difference is that, because of the dark colour, the whole interior looks unlike any of the standard solutions.

Many homeowners are afraid that a black kitchen would not look good in their homes, as their space is limited. There are, however, certain tricks that can make a black kitchen look more spacious. Brightening it with decorations or investing in quality lighting and large lamps is all it takes.

If you don’t want to make the whole interior black, you can choose black accessories. It could be either appliances (refrigerator, coffee machine, dishwasher, oven) or fittings. A black kitchen sink looks very elegant.

A black kitchen - is it practical?

Sometimes, instead of limited space, practicality is the issue that bothers many homeowners. Black color is the one that makes everything visible:

  • greasy stains,
  • water spots,
  • dust particles.

But other colors aren’t necessarily better in this matter. The mentioned issues also appear in blue kitchens, as well as in white ones - especially if the materials are poorly matched.

So, if you want a black kitchen and you value the practical aspects of an interior - don’t abandon the idea! Perhaps you will have to clean it more often or buy special products to help you keep it spotless. But a unique black kitchen will surely impress anyone who visits your home.

A black and wood kitchen - the hottest trend of 2021

The combination of black color and wood in the kitchen is one of the most popular solutions that is going to rule in 2021. Black color might seem cold, but wood subtly warms up the interior and gives it a unique atmosphere.

There is no single good solution in this case. A combination of black and wood looks different every time. It all depends on the shade of the natural elements you choose. Black color works perfectly both with light and dark wood - provided that the kitchen unit elements are well matched.

A combination of bright colors with black looks definitely much more elegant and lies closer to Scandinavian and industrial styles. On the other hand, if you combine black kitchen cabinets with dark wooden elements, you will get a much cozier result. A design like that is closer to rustic, English or even glamour styles. Accessories are the decisive elements in this case.

A black and wood kitchen - the hottest trend of 2021

Black kitchen wooden countertop,205091-639435.html

Black kitchen wood

In fact, black kitchens of various designs look good in any type of interior. But they look particularly good in houses and apartments with a lot of space to use. In such a case, your possibilities are practically endless.

A combination of black kitchen cabinets fronts with small pieces made of dark wood plus a very bright floor is an interesting idea to consider. Additionally, if you have enough space, you can add a kitchen island to make meal preparation more convenient. The design can be complemented with minimalistic accessories such as a lamp without shades and simple curtains in the window. This design perfectly matches loft style.

Minimalistic black kitchen with wood

Simple black kitchen with wood

Black and white kitchen - class and elegance

Is a classy elegance something you want in your home? No problem! Just match black and white colors to achieve a really posh interior. There are a lot of possibilities in this matter.

Black kitchen cabinets combined with white countertops is one of the more interesting ideas. It’s also a very popular solution one can see in black kitchens. If you are concerned about stains, choose matte fronts. They will make the interior look even better.

Black kitchen white countertop

Black kitchen non-standard

Apart from white countertops, you can pick other elements in a bright color for your black kitchen. White wall as a background for black kitchen cabinets looks very beautiful.

Are you afraid that a wall like that will look boring? Not necessarily! Instead of paint, use tiles that look like bricks. The whole design will look really impressive.

Additionally, you can brighten the interior with other accessories. To do this, choose:

  • lamps with bright shades,
  • white sugar, coffee and tea containers,
  • a knife holder,
  • a bread bin.

Black and white kitchen

Black kitchen bright accessories

Black kitchen white island

An eclectic black kitchen with golden accessories

Do you want your black kitchen to catch attention and look very eclectic? No problem! Just combine black and gold. You have a free hand in this case - you can combine basically all styles. Just make sure not to overdo it, or the design will look kitschy.

If you decided on black kitchen cabinets, you can replace the standard handles with original, golden elements. Many manufacturers offer knobs in unusual shapes. You can find handles shaped like:

  • flowers,
  • insects,
  • butterflies,
  • birds,
  • leaves.

Sometimes a small element like this can make a huge difference. So if you want a unique accent - pick one of the listed suggestions.

Golden lamps are another popular solution in this case. They are available in different variants. Thanks to this, you will be able to match them with your interior and your own preferences.

Black kitchen golden lamps

Black kitchen golden decorations

If you want to add a kitchen island to your interior and you want it to be a table as well - you have even more possibilities. In this case you might choose chairs with construction made of gold-plated metal. Tall hassocks or bar stools are an equally good choice.

A black kitchen will also look great with golden fittings. There is plenty of such elements on the market, so finding a good tap will not be a problem.

An eclectic black kitchen with golden accessories

Black kitchen - choose original black marble

Are you looking for a material to your kitchen to make the interior look truly unique? Choose black marble. Although it has been increasingly popular in home design, it rarely appears in the kitchen.

A black kitchen with dark marble looks not only elegant, but also original, which is very important.

What is the best spot to use marble in a kitchen? It all depends on your preferences. You can use it on one of the walls or over the worktop. A kitchen island with a countertop made of this material looks equally good.

Sometimes furniture manufacturers offer kitchen unit items, in which the material looks exactly like marble. It is usually a special type of veneer, marble-like material or an unusual paint coating.

Black kitchen - choose original black marble

Black kitchen black marble

Black kitchen white furniture,6268474745135742978,6268474745165103111

Black marble kitchen

Black atypical kitchen

📍 Black kitchen - what countertops to choose?

Various types of countertops match black kitchen design. You can choose a white or grey surface. A wooden countertop is an equally good solution. It all depends on the style of the interior.

📍 Black kitchen - what accessories are the best?

There are several options when it comes to the color of decorations for a black kitchen. Both white and golden accessories look really good. You can also choose silver and various shades of grey. Just make sure the whole interior looks consistent.