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Best Home Gym Equipment - Home Gym Essentials Guide

Do you want to get in shape but never have time for it or your area lack an appropriate place to do it? In fact, it's not a problem at all! A compact home gym is becoming a part of many houses and apartments. Thanks to modern solutions, you don't even have to sacrifice a separate room for it. So called mobile all-in-one home gym is gaining popularity - with home fitness equipment you can easily hide in a closet or under a sofa in the living room. Check how to pick the best home exercise equipment and create you own small home gym.

Best Home Gym Equipment - Home Gym Essentials Guide

Home gym design in a separate room - the most convenient solution

The space you can spare for a home gym design is one of the most important issues, in this case. Having a half of the garage or a separate room for this purpose makes the things much simpler when creating your own home gym.

With a spare room, you won’t disturb the peace of the household when working out. The only limitation is your budget. But you can simply start by picking the most basic equipment and expand it later, when you have enough money.

A compact home gym set - is it a good idea?

Choosing the right home gym equipment for a limited space is a little bit more difficult task. It doesn’t mean, though, that living in a small apartment, you have to give up the exercise and the fight for a healthy physique.

As you pick the best home gym equipment, pay attention to how much space you can spare. Any foldable home gym machine makes things more convenient, as you can simply fold it and hide it in a closet or under a bed. Thanks to this, the machines won’t take the needed space when you don’t use them. This way, you can achieve your dream of a perfect form even when living in a small apartment, where you can create your own compact home gym in the living room or in an attic bedroom.

A compact home gym set - is it a good idea?

Which room is best for a small home gym?

A compact home gym doesn’t require spending a lot of money or sparing a whole separate room for it. If you want to spend your free time actively and take care of your health, all you need is home exercise equipment and some space. Aiming at the foldable version, you can situate your home fitness equipment in a larger room or the living room. Such interiors typically have a lot of space which you can increase even further by moving e.g. a table.

What are the advantages of a compact home gym?

Saving time and money is the main advantage of designing a gym at home. Not everyone has access to a local fitness club. Very often, one has to travel quite far to get to a gym. If living in a big city, traffic jams contribute to the time spent on commuting to and from the place. In the meantime, a home gym is always ready to use, whenever you need it. The only additional effort is having to take everything out and set up the equipment if you live in a small apartment - but it typically takes just a few minutes. It’s all you need to be able to start your daily training.

A small home gym also means that you don’t have to wait for your turn. Exercise in series is a common practice on a gym, so a particular device you’re interested in might not always be free. If this happens, you are forced to change your workout plan.

A home gym allows you to focus better on the exercise and provides mental comfort for shy people or those who have just begun their workout adventure.

Financial aspect is also very important for many people. The costs of commuting and gym membership for half a year might be surprisingly high. One can spend the same amount of money to design their own compact home gym. The initial expenses will just pay back after a while.

What are the advantages of a compact home gym?

Home gym in a garage

Home gym - design, project and choosing the spot

Having a separate room is the easiest way to set up a gym at home. Otherwise, e.g. if you live in a small apartment, you have to pick home exercise equipment you can easily dismantle and hide. Home gym equipment doesn’t consist of just a bench, a dumbbell or various weights sets. If you want to hide it when not in use, you also have to take care of the flooring, or it will get damaged from the weights you put back on the floor. For this reason, you should get special rubber flooring for home gym to protect the floor from scratching, breaking or denting.

A small home gym - what is the best home exercise equipment for beginners?

If you need a fully functional home gym system that you can dismantle and hide at any point, you have to pick the right fitness gear. As an addition to the already mentioned rubber flooring, make sure to purchase special exercise mats. They allow for various warming-up exercises and ladies will certainly use it more often for a number of fitness work-out routines.

Special mats with attachable handles are quite a novelty on the market - they help in doing push-ups and warming up certain body parts.

A bench with a special panel for weightlifting and crunches is a good option - especially regulated and foldable models. Don’t forget about dumbbells and a set of special weights. A kettlebell might also come in handy - it allows for additional types of exercises.

A small home gym - what is the best home exercise equipment for beginners?

📍 Home gym essentials - what to buy?

A home gym is a perfect solution for anyone who likes to exercise by themselves, avoiding unnecessary crowds in typical facilities. You just need a few simple pieces of equipment to start improving your shape. A simple bench and dumbbells are a good start.

📍 What kind of equipment do I need for a home gym design?

A compact home gym doesn't require any complicated devices. If you're a beginner, start from a simple bench or choose the one with additional features. As for the weights, two dumbbells with plates will suffice. Those who are seriously interested in weightlifting might also buy a weight bar.

📍 How much does a home gym cost?

A small home gym does't have to be a big investment. The cost depends on the equipment used and its quality. A cheap home gym requires just some basic items that don't cost that much. For more possibilities, one has to invest a bit more.

📍 What is a good home gym design?

A home gym design depends mostly on the space you have to spare. Half a garage or a separate room give you the most possibilities. Even if you don't have a whole free interior, you can still design a practical home gym. You can simply set it up only for the time of exercises and hide it after.