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Bathroom Wallpaper - Check How to Use Wallpaper in a Bathroom

A bathroom wallpaper is quite an unusual way to finish an interior like this. But it has been quite popular in the recent years. Thanks to the modern technologies, manufacturers offer high-quality wallpapers for bathrooms which are durable and resistant to water. What's more, they are available in very interesting color palettes. Thanks to the variety of patterns, everyone can find something for themselves. Are you wondering if a bathroom wallpaper is a good idea? Do you want to learn its benefits and drawbacks? Learn what you should know about wallpapers in bathrooms.

Bathroom Wallpaper - Check How to Use Wallpaper in a Bathroom

Is it a good idea to install a bathroom wallpaper?

Most homeowners decide on classic solutions when designing their bathrooms. Tiles are the typical first choice. Although they surely look very interesting, if you want to distinguish your bathroom among the similar designs, you should pick something unusual. A bathroom wallpaper might be the answer.

Are you afraid a wallpaper in the bathroom is not the best idea? Of course, if you pick a standard material typically used in other home interiors, the result might be not thrilling at all. Instead, you need a special, highly durable and waterproof wallpaper.

Is it a good idea to install a bathroom wallpaper?

What types of wallpaper for bathrooms are available?

Manufacturers offer three types of bathroom wallpaper, perfect for this type of interior. You can use models like:

  • vinyl wallpaper,
  • laminate wallpaper,
  • fibreglass wallpaper.

Vinyl bathroom wallpaper is one of the most popular solutions. It’s a variant made of paper that has been covered with a special PVC layer. Thanks to this, the material is highly resistant to water. It means that bathroom accent walls covered with such a wallpaper can be washed without an issue.

Such a waterproof wallpaper is available in two variants. Typically, it’s thin and smooth. But foam versions are an increasingly popular option offered by many brands. It’s a great solution for uneven surfaces. It masks them perfectly, so there’s no need to use plaster. Nonetheless, this type of bathroom wallpaper is not entirely flawless. It’s less resistant to washing - a result of the delicate spongy texture. Still, it is relatively durable.

What types of wallpaper for bathrooms are available?

Bathroom wallpaper jungle

Laminate bathroom wallpaper is quite an interesting solution. If you decide to use it, keep in mind that although quite strong, it might get damaged if it’s in a direct contact with water. For this reason, many homeowners choose a set with wallpaper and additional glass protection. This way, moisture won’t affect the surface and the material underneath will stay intact.

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Fiberglass bathroom wallpaper is the last and at the same time the most durable type. It is highly resistant to mechanical damage and water. As an extra advantage, it allows for optimal air circulation in the interior. Just like vinyl wallpaper for bathrooms, it can conceal small irregularities on walls.

Fiberglass bathroom wallpaper is highly recommended to allergy sufferers. The reason is the mentioned air circulation, which means protection against dangerous mold.

Are there any disadvantages of bathroom wallpaper of this type? Unfortunately, it’s not the cheapest option. But considering the technical parameters and the high durability, it’s really worth the money.

Bathroom wallpaper - advantages

The possibility to create any type of interior design in a very short time and without too much strain is the biggest benefit of a wallpaper in the bathroom. Thanks to this, you can achieve any style you want without getting involved in big renovations.

Bathroom wallpaper is a very characteristic element of unique Art Deco or industrial style interiors. It can also be used in glamour bathrooms. Just pick the right pattern and color. Keep in mind that bathrooms are usually small interiors, so a bright color palette is the best option in most cases. For this reason, pastel colors are recommended, e.g. beige, pastel pink, blue or lavender.

The fact that purchasing a bathroom wallpaper is usually not a huge investment. So if you decide on this type of finish, you can change it from time to time to refresh the design. It’s definitely much easier than with tiles that are not easy to remove.

Bathroom wallpaper - advantages

Are there any downsides of a wallpaper in the bathroom?

Bathroom wallpapers used nowadays are relatively durable. If you pick a fiberglass variant, you can expect it will look good even up to 20 years! Of course, before purchase, it’s recommended to check what kind of warranty the manufacturer provides.

The lower durability in comparison to ceramic tiles might be considered a minus. But most homeowners renovate the interior after some time anyway, so it’s not that big of a problem.

The price of the best and most durable bathroom wallpapers might be another downside. But keep in mind that high-quality tiles also cost a lot. All things considered, the renovation costs are quite similar in both cases.

Are there any downsides of a wallpaper in the bathroom?

Is a bathroom wallpaper expensive?

Bathroom wallpapers are finishing materials, and they tend to have various prices. It’s difficult to set particular price ranges for them. As it all depends on what kind of products you choose. A waterproof wallpaper is definitely more expensive than standard variants you pick for a living room. The dimensions also matter here. If you want an interesting pattern and durable material, be prepared for a high price tag.

Wallpaper for a bathroom - how to prepare before the installation?

The initial wall preparation is the basis of hanging a wallpaper in the bathroom. First of all, the surface must be clean. It is also recommended to prime it. To do this, use a special product and a roller or a brush. After applying the primer, wait until it dries. Such a surface is ready for hanging a bathroom wallpaper.

Are you planning to renovate your bathroom? Do you like a wallpaper in the bathroom, but you already have tiles and don’t want to remove them? You don’t have to do it. Some bathroom wallpapers can be installed directly on tiles. All you need to do to achieve a proper adhesion is sanding the surface.

Wallpaper for a bathroom - how to prepare before the installation?

Modern bathroom wallpaper ideas

📍 What is the best bathroom wallpaper?

A bathroom wallpaper should be durable, therefore, a fiberglass variant is the best option. Vinyl bathroom wallpapers are quite durable as well. Laminate wallpapers are the least recommended, as they need an additional glass protection.

📍 Bathroom wallpaper ideas - how to design a small bathroom?

Apart from the type of the wallpaper, pay attention to the color palette as well - especially in small interiors. Small interiors benefit from bright pastel colors. You can also pick grey or beige.