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A Cozy Attic Bedroom - 4 Fabulous Attic Bedroom Ideas

The attic is a quiet, calm place in a house or a multi-level apartment - a perfect spot for a bedroom. But an attic bedroom is not as easy to design as it might seem. A clever space management and functional furniture arrangement are key, in this case. Check what an attic bedroom can look like. We have prepared a few inspirations for you. Thanks to them, designing an attic bedroom won't be a problem, but a challenge you will easily beat off.

A Cozy Attic Bedroom - 4 Fabulous Attic Bedroom Ideas

A modern attic bedroom - interesting interior ideas

An attic bedroom is not the easiest interior to design. In this case, clever solutions are the most valuable - and those perfectly fit modern interiors. Sloped ceiling doesn’t have to be an obstacle. Although it poses a challenge, it is also an opportunity to create a really extraordinary space one won’t see in any other house or apartment.

Do you want an unusual result? Choose a combination of wood, black color, golden decorations and glass elements. You can use wood both for the flooring and the slopes. Paint the wall between the slopes black and add some decorations to express your character. If there are no large windows in the room, choose big lamps with transparent shades - they will provide strong lighting.

Is there no enough space for an office you could work in? If you have enough space in the attic, you can add a home office corner to the attic bedroom.

A minimalistic bedroom in the attic? Why not!

Minimalistic interiors have been really popular in the recent times. You can make your attic bedroom look similar. It’s possible especially if you have a separate wardrobe. This way, the attic will be a room designed for sleeping only.

Up until recently, furniture for an attic bedroom has been the main problem - it had to be custom-ordered, which would increase the costs of the renovation. Currently, more manufacturers offer unusual bedroom furniture - for the attic as well.

A modern attic bedroom - interesting interior ideas

Modern attic bedroom

Attic master bedroom with work space

Minimalistic attic bedrooom

Modern attic master bedroom ideas

Interesting modern attic bedrooom

Attic bedroom ideas - a bedroom with a bathroom

Although an attic bedroom is limited by the slopes, it doesn’t mean that it cannot become a very functional interior. Sometimes the space is surprisingly large, so you can design a bathroom in addition to the bedroom. It’s a very convenient solution - this way, you don’t have to go downstairs when you want to use the bathroom in the evening.

Not every attic bedroom with a bathroom looks the same. There are many possibilities for design, in this case. It all depends on your individual expectations.

  • If you like privacy, creating a separate room for the bathroom is the best solution.
  • Is your space very limited, and you don’t want to confine it further? Consider a half wall separating the bathroom or a metal glass-paneled wall.

Modern interiors often give up the idea of dividing the space into zones - even if the room is large. For this reason, an attic bedroom might put the bath tub right by the bed. In this case, only the toilet is placed in a more secluded area.

Attic bedroom ideas - a bedroom with a bathroom

Attic bedroom with a bathroom

Attic bedrooom and bathroom

A minimalistic attic bedroom with bathroom

An open attic bedroom

A classic attic bedroom

An attic bedroom - create an interior with a soul

Have you been always dreaming of an attic bedroom that will perfectly soothe you after a long day? Many homeowners are scared at the thought of creating such an interior. As it turns out - it’s unnecessary. Designing an attic bedroom is not that difficult. You just need a few steps and an attic bedroom will become a reality.

Are you wondering how to make your attic bedroom look really good? First of all, choose the style - it’s an essential matter. Do you want an interior with a soul? Art Deco or boho styles plus pastel colors are perfect for this purpose. Hamptons style attic bedrooms look perfect as well.

If you already know what you want your attic bedroom to look like, you can start with the practical element - furniture arrangement. Lastly, add some bedroom textiles such as blankets and pillows. Also, pick a good source of lighting to create a unique atmosphere.

If you want a truly cozy, atmospheric and exceptional interior, pick the best mattress instead of a bed - and put it on the ground. It’s been quite a popular solution recently.

An attic bedroom - create an interior with a soul

An attic bedroom window

An intiguing attic beroom

Boho attic bedroom

A cozy attic bedroom

A simple cozy attic bedroom

Attic bedroom ideas - children’s bedrooms

An attic bedroom is often one of the innermost childhood dreams. Therefore, why not designing a girl or boy bedroom in that place? It’s also a perfect idea for a teenage room.

The design depends on the size of the interior and how big the slopes are. But you can design both small and large rooms in a creative way.

An attic bedroom can be either a shared space for siblings, or an interior divided into separate private zones. The first solution is great for younger children or siblings with little age difference. A private space is an ideal option for teenagers who invite their friends over, and therefore need their own space. It’s not a problem in a well-designed attic bedroom.

Take a look at a few inspirations we have prepared and check what your child’s bedroom could look like. Pick one favourite feature from each design and create a wonderful interior.

An attic bedroom is a perfect opportunity for an outer-space lover. A bedroom with a sloped ceiling usually uses large roof windows. Just add a telescope to the room and your toddler or teenager will be able to look at the stars in the evening - not having to leave their small empire.

Attic bedroom ideas - children's bedrooms

An interesting attiic bedroom for a child

Attic bedroom for a small child

Attic bedroom for children ideas

Minimalistic attic bedroom for a child

📍 An attic bedroom - what are the best colors for the interior?

An attic bedroom doesn't need any special colors to look good. Picking the colors is a matter of your individual preferences and expectations. If the attic bedroom has little natural lighting, and you choose dark colors - make sure to add a good lighting. This is the only rule you should follow when it comes to colors in an attic bedroom.

📍 An attic bedroom - how to design a practical and trendy interior?

A practical and trendy attic bedroom isn't difficult to design. Just make sure to arrange the furniture and decorations well so that they don't become obstacles. The rest depends on you individual taste and expectations you have about the attic bedroom. You can look at some finished projects to get inspired and create a stylish interior.