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6 Brilliant Front and Backyard Landscape Design Ideas

There are many different ideas when it comes to lanscape design. A particular project depends mainly on the owner of the house. Sometimes a small, seemingly insignificant change such as a blooming hedgerow might make a big difference. It might bring a character into the space and amaze everyone who sees it. Do you want your garden to be as impressive? No problem. All you need is a good garden landscaping idea. Do not waste any time - if you have a good plan, act immediately - before you forget your brilliant idea! You can use some inspirations we have prepared for you.

6 Brilliant Front and Backyard Landscape Design Ideas

Island bed - a colorful landscape design

Have you always been fascinated by garden landscaping and you decided that it’s high time you design something similar yourself? Before you begin, make sure to use some inspirations that will help you design an interesting-looking front or back garden. An island bed is one of the most common and best ideas. You can create it both on the lawn, as well as arrange it in front of the house - to enliven the paving slabs, for instance. As for the latter idea, you should plan on the island bed before designing the driveway. This way, you won’t have to remove the slabs and waste the material - which is not the cheapest.

If you decided to add an island bed into your garden landscape design, make sure to know what size you are able to afford. A large space poses no problems at all. But if the area is limited, consider creating several smaller islands. They are easier to integrate with the garden landscaping design.

Island bed - a colorful landscape design

Island bed - a stripe

Landscape design with flowers

Garden landscape design with a rock garden

Rock gardens are as popular as island beds in garden landscaping. They appear in many garden design ideas. The difference between them is not only in the particular project or used materials. Some rock gardens designs include a pond or a small waterfall. It’s an interesting addition to the landscape design.

Many homeowners are afraid of designing a rock garden because they think it requires a lot of work. As it turns out, most of the work involves just the beginning, including the decision on what plants to choose. After planting them, all that needs to be done is watering and weeding from time to time.

Garden landscape design with a rock garden

Best rock garden plant species for a beautiful landscape design

Have you decided to incorporate a rock garden in your landscape design and are wondering what plants to pick? You can choose from the following list:

  • Summer Adonis,
  • Stonecrop,
  • Edelweiss,
  • Creeping Phlox
  • Trumpet Gentian,
  • Winged Broom,
  • Platycodon,
  • Blue Fescue,
  • Purple Rock Cress,
  • Pasqueflower.

There are plenty of possibilities. You can also plant popular balcony plants in your rock garden. Just read more the topic to choose the right flowers.

A rock garden with a pond - a beautiful garden design idea

A rock garden combined with a pond is a fantastic-looking design. It’s a perfect solution if you have enough space in your back yard. If you decide on this idea, you have to pick not olny suitable rock garden plants, but also find the best pond plants.

Garden landscape design with a rock garden

Rock garden with water

Rock garden with a pond

Backyard landscaping with shaped shrubs

Landscape design often uses ornamental shrubs. Are you afraid that such a solution, although beautiful - is boring? Choose a completely different type of shrubs - shaped ones. Such plants are characteristic for parks and other public spaces. But there’s nothing against using topiary in your front or back garden.

Keep in mind that not all shrubs are suitable for shaping. Before you decide to plant them in your garden, check whether you have chosen the right ones - to avoid getting dissappointed.

Boxwood is the most popular shrub used for shaping figures. It does not mean that other species cannot be used for this purpose. The most popular ones are:

  • Wild Privet,
  • Korean Privet,
  • English Yew,
  • False Cypress,
  • Spindle,
  • Honeysuckle.

Forming the shrubs into the right size and shape is not too problematic. All you need is some imagination and good quality gardening tools. But if you think it’s not something you can do on your own - ask a specialist for help.

Backyard landscaping with shaped shrubs

Landscape design shrubs,jakie-krzewy-ozdobne-wybrac-do-ogrodu-krzewy-o-pieknych-kwiatach-i-lisciach,10424173,artykul.html

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Shrubs for garden bunny

Shaping shrubs in the garden

Landscape design - create a relaxation zone!

Everyone needs a place to rest. No wonder that garden design ideas often include a zone for relaxation, where one can spend a peaceful evening or arrange a meetup with friends. The landscape design should be well organized to make it as relaxing as possible. Therefore, if you start doing anything in your garden, create at least a sketch of a plan depicting what you want your relaxation zone to look like.

In this case, garden furniture is the basis - instead of plants. But choosing too much furniture in a limited space is the most common mistake. If done so, the back garden loses its charm, and the quality of rest is decreased.

How to pick garden furniture?

When picking garden furniture, pay attention to the style of the house itself. For instance, wooden furniture doesn’t fit everything. If you have decided on innovation and minimalism, synthetic rattan is more suitable. What elements are worth having? First of all - a comfortable sofa and chairs. If there is enough space - you can choose a hammock or a swing.

If you have enough space and money, you can also create a winter garden with infrared heating. What are the benefits of such a solution? Imagine that it’s snowing, and you just enjoy the view holding a cup of tea, not feeling any cold.

Landscape design - create a relaxation zone!

Winter garden by the house

Relaxation zone garden landscaping

Garden relaxation

Garden landscaping - remember about lighting

A well-designed lighting is the basis of landscape design. Not only it creates the right atmosphere to enjoy while resting in the relaxation zone, but it also allows to walk freely around the property.

Many homeowners are afraid that electrical wiring in the garden might not work. It should be designed by specialists who know how to do it. It’s best to decide on this element while finishing the house and before designing the garden. Otherwise, you have to be prepared for big changes on your property, including digging holes and trenches.

Do you want to avoid destroying the landscape design you have already created? Gardens often use solar lamps that charge automatically with solar power. In order to achieve the proper power, make sure to pick a good brand and the best products. This way they will not only provide enough light, but also be resistant to changing weather conditions - it is highly important.

The most popular garden solar lamps include:

  • ornamental spheres,
  • posts stuck in the ground,
  • floor lamps (installed in the pavement slabs).

Garden landscaping - remember about lighting

Lighted path landscape design

Garden landscaping lamps

Raised flower beds - create a distinctive front yard landscaping

Back and front yard landscaping often incorporated raised flower beds. Are you wondering why? The answer is simpler than you might think. They are practical and look really interesting, and they do not require a lot of work. You can use a raised flower bed for planting:

  • flowers,
  • herbs,
  • vegetables.

Creating a raised flower bed is not difficult - you can do it yourself. Just bring enough soil into the spot to create a raised surface. Then layer some stones around to prevent the soil from spilling on the sides. The last step is planting the flowers.

You don’t have enough time to create a raised flower bed? There are simpler ways! Just purchase long concrete raised planters. Then put them wherever you want - that’s it!

Raised flower beds - create a distinctive front yard landscaping,113645,16931773,Podwyzszona_rabata.html

Landscape design raised flowerbeds

Garden design ideas raised flowerbeds

📍 How to create a landscape design?

When looking for garden design ideas, make sure to know your expectations about the space - they are different for everyone. It's recommended to distinguish two zones - for plants and for relaxation. Do not forget about proper lighting to create a nice atmosphere and make it easier to move around after sunset. Back garden or front yard landscaping is easy - but if you are afraid to do that, have a specialist create the landscape design for you.