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4 DIY Tire Decoration Ideas - Tire Garden and Other Brilliant Crafts

Old car tires aren't as useless as one might think. They can be very useful in the backyard. They are perfect not only as the well-known tire swing for children, but also as decorations. Tire garden is one of the most popular solutions. But there are even more creative ideas for what to do with old tires. Check the best ideas for tire crafts.

4 DIY Tire Decoration Ideas - Tire Garden and Other Brilliant Crafts

Why you shouldn’t throw away old tires

Old tires can be no longer used for their primary purpose. They can be sold or returned to a tire recycling facility, but is it really a good option? Tire garden decorations have been very popular recently. Keeping the used elements and trying to give them a second life is something worth considering. There are many options on how to repurpose them. All you need is a good idea – and you can beautifully enrich your yard.

Why you shouldn't throw away old tires

Can you repurpose old tires by yourself?

Are you afraid that repurposing old tires is too difficult, and you won’t be able to do it? Treat it as a challenge and simply try. Simple tire flowerbeds or other decorations aren’t as tricky to make as you might think. Just use a few practical tips you can find on the Web. Very often cleaning, painting and placing the tire in a desired spot is all that has to be done. Sounds like an easy task, right? And that’s exactly what it is!

Can you repurpose old tires by yourself?

Tire crafts that inspire physical activity

DIY tire crafts can be not only great garden decorations, but also an inspiration to be active – especially for younger people. Have you seen tire swings for children? All you need is a piece of rope and a tree branch to hang the swing. Toddlers will have a lot of fun.

But a tire swing is not all you can do with old tires. You can also use them to build an obstacle course. Such an attraction is a perfect idea for spending time actively. The longer the course, the better – although, of course, it depends on the size of your yard.

What’s more, old tires can also be used to create a small sandbox for children or a mini playground. The first of the mentioned crafts is quite easy to make. The second one requires more engagement, which doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Just combine a few ideas such as a tire swing, an obstacle course and a sandbox.

Tire crafts that inspire physical activity

Tire crafts - backyard playground


Tiree craft ideas - tire swing

Tire flower bed – grow your plants in tires

Are you wondering how to separate your flowerbeds with perennials? Perhaps a tire garden is a good solution. You can use it in a few ways.

If you’re just at the beginning of designing your garden, consider planting the flowers in tires arranged next to each other in a row. You can paint them in one or several colors – and match them with the plant species you are going to plant or sow.

Have you already designed your flowerbeds, but you want to separate them somehow from the rest of the yard? No problem. Simply cut a few tires in half, paint them and arrange them to divide the yard. Such flower beds look quite interesting.

Tire flower bed – grow your plants in tires

Tire decor - flower beds

Tire decoration for garden – DIY tire crafts

Do you want to make your yard look truly unique? You don’t have to spend millions to make it happen. A good idea is all you need to transform the space around you.

Are you wondering what kind of tire decor you could make? Here are some popular tire decorations:

  • animal figurines,
  • a well with flowers,
  • stairs,
  • a pond.

A bit of imagination is all you need to create beautiful projects. You can find more inspirations on the Web, with many precious tips on what to do with old tires – step by step.

Tire decoration for garden – DIY tire crafts

Garden tire decor - a peacock

Tire crafts - a bear

Tire repurpose ideas - a donkey

What to do with old tires? Turn them into practical furniture

Tire crafts can be practical. Are you wondering how? Just turn old tires into furniture and use them for comfortable relaxation.

Are you looking for very quick tire crafts? Repurpose them as poufs. Here is the instruction – it’s easy!

  • Wash the tires thoroughly.
  • Paint the rubber in a color of your choice and leave it to dry.
  • Join two tires together, putting one on top of the other – you can use special glue for plastic materials.
  • Take care of the seat – it could be a board placed on the tires or a metal mesh with a cushion on top.

You can make a small coffee table in a similar way. To make it slightly taller, use 3 tires.

What to do with old tires? Turn them into practical furniture

Old tire decorations - garden furniture

📍 How to make tire garden decorations?

Tire decor for garden is not as difficult as it seems. Painting and digging them into the ground is sometimes the simplest option – this way, you can create tire flower beds. If you love challenges, you can try making other tire crafts such as animal figures, water ponds and even furniture. There are many possibilities.

📍 What are the best ideas for old tires?

A tire swing is the basic thing you can make using old tires. It's an excellent idea if there are children in the household. Other typical tire crafts include tire flower beds, furniture, and ponds made from tires.

📍 Is it difficult to make tire decorations?

Although many people think tire crafts are difficult to make, in fact it's nothing complicated. Just decide on one idea and follow it step by step. Typically, cleaning and painting the rubber is the basic element of making tire decor.

📍 Are old tire decorations expensive?

Because tire decorations can be made by yourself, they aren't expensive. The only cost is included in additional materials such as paint, glue or e.g. a pouf seat or a rope for a swing. Even if you have to purchase old tires, they aren't usually expensive.