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4 Best Washer Dryer Combos for December 2022

4 Best Washer Dryer Combos for December 2022
4 Best Washer Dryer Combos for December 2022

Doing laundry every day might be tiresome. But usually, it cannot be avoided - especially if you have children. The more laundry, the more drying. Constantly hanging clothes is not the most desirable sight in a modern apartment. In this case, consider buying a washer dryer combo. Thanks to this, you can resolve the drying problem and speed up the whole laundry process.

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What is washer dryer combo?

A washer dryer combo, as the name indicates, is a device that combines two in one: a washing machine and a dryer. This solution saves space - you don’t have to purchase two devices separately. Thanks to this, you can use the function of washing and drying - even in a tiny apartment. If you often do laundry, consider replacing an ordinary washing machine for a washer dryer.

Washing machines with a dryer are very easy to use, so everyone should be able to program them. The models available on the market offer many interesting functions and additional options that make the whole process much easier. A properly used washer dryer combo not only doesn’t damage clothes but also prepares them for you to wear.

Who is a washer dryer combo for?

A washing machine and dryer in one unit is a very useful device for anyone who does laundry a lot and often. In this case, it’s a very economical purchase, which can save a lot of time and energy. A device of this type will surely be appreciated by big families, for whom laundry is a part of daily life.

A washer dryer combo shortens the whole process of refreshing clothes, and might eliminate the next step, which is ironing. Thanks to this, they are good to go right away. It’s important in case a dirty piece of clothing is needed almost immediately - a typical scenario featuring children and teens. When using a traditional washing machine and not owning a dryer, one has to wait for a long time until the clothes are dry. Devices with a dryer function are the best washing machines for anyone who values convenience in sudden situations. They are also perfect for busy people.

What are the advantages of a washer dryer combo?

Washer and dryer combos are valued for their diversity. Such a device washes clothes effectively, and then dries them thoroughly. Because the moisture is removed quickly, wrinkles disappear - thanks to this, you can completely avoid the ironing part of doing laundry. Combining two functions in one device results in more convenience. With the right amount of clothing in the device, you can do the whole process using just one button. In contrast, when having a separate washing machine and a dryer, you have to take the laundry out of one drum and move it to the other one - which might be tiresome.

A washer dryer combo is a much more economical purchase than buying two separate devices. What’s more, it can also save a lot of space in the apartment. It’s a perfect solution for small interiors. Contrary to the popular belief, a washer and dryer doesn’t damage clothes - but make sure to follow the guides included on labels.

Are there any drawbacks of a washer dryer combo?

Although a standard washer-dryer combo is much cheaper than two separate devices, it might not be economical at all. A washer and dryer in one unit uses more power and water than regular models. The highest energy rating for such devices is A (in accordance with European Union labeling). If you have more space it’s better to purchase two devices with A+++ rating or an Energy Star.

Using a washing machine combined with a dryer has certain limitations. If there’s too much laundry, you have to divide it into two parts after washing and dry them one after another. Otherwise, the laundry might still be wet after a cycle of washing and drying. Washing a smaller load might be a solution, but it creates the necessity to use the device more often.

In case you have a really big pile of clothes to wash and dry, a combination of two devices might be an obstacle. When using a separate washing machine and a dryer, you set another washing cycle in the washer, while the washed clothes are already drying. It’s not possible with a washer dryer combo.

How much does a washer dryer combo cost?

The prices of devices like a washer dryer combo start from $1000. The price depends on the size of a particular device and the number of offered programs and extra functions. The most advanced washer dryer combo devices are able to adjust the washing and drying program automatically. Some brands also offer models that can be controlled via a smartphone app.

Both budget and advanced appliances should be functional.

Where can I buy a washer and dryer combo?

A washer and dryer in one unit can be found in most electronic and home appliances stores. You can also order such a device without leaving your home - online. For a small fee, you can have the appliance delivered and installed, and the old device taken away. Before you decide to purchase a particular washer dryer combo model, we suggest asking an expert for help and reading some reviews about the device. Thanks to such an analysis, you can be sure that you are buying the best washing machine and dryer.

What types of washer dryer combos are offered by manufacturers?

There are many models of washer and dryer combos available on the market. Manufacturers offer various capacities - the smallest devices allow for a load of 6 kilograms (for washing, and up to 4 kg for drying). There are also compact models that you can easily fit in a small bathroom. Standard dimensions of a washer and dryer in one unit are comparable to the sizes of washing machines.

Apart from the basic washing and drying programs, a washer and dryer combo should have other functions as well. Measuring the size of the load and delayed start are the most popular ones. There are also models with functions like steaming, quick drying and automatic detergent dosing.

The market also offers washers and dryers in one unit that use artificial intelligence. Such devices are able to recognize voice commands and adjust the washing time to the weather.

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