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6 Best Washing Machines for December 2022

The following ranking contains a list of the best rated washing machines available on the market for 2021. The products have been grouped into categories, to make the choice easier.

6 Best Washing Machines for December 2022

When wondering what are the best washing machines, one can note the plethora of various models of different features available on the market. It’s difficult to tell which of them is the best, as every user has different needs. If you want to find a device fit to your individual expectations, consider a few suggestions. Check the best washing machines in the following categories.

  • The Best Automatic Washing Machine:
  • The Best Top Load Washing Machine:
  • The Best Washer Dryer Combo:
  • The Best Compact Washing Machine:
  • The Best Bosch Washing Machine:
  • The Best Samsung Washing Machine:
  • The Best Electrolux Washing Machine:

A functional and efficient washing machine is an essential item in every household. Clean, fresh smelling laundry not only positively affects one’s mood but also social and professional relationships. That’s why picking the right device is a highly important matter. Manufacturers offer many types of washing machines with different features, and making a decision is more difficult than it seems. What are the features of the best washing machines?

How to pick the best washing machine?

The market offers various different washing machines. Because of this fact, picking the right model can be difficult. It’s not easy to tell which devices are the best washing machines. In reality, every user has different needs, and this is the main criterion when making a decision.

Before you pick a washing machine, pay attention to certain aspects such as size. Other similar parameters like length, height and depth of the device might be important as well. Make sure to carefully measure the spot where the washer is going to stand. Certain models also differ in loading method - pay attention to this aspect when you arrange the space. To make the decision easier, look at the best rated washing machines from a given category.

The best washing machines - how to pick the right type of the device?

Manufacturers offer various solutions to choose from when looking for the best washing machine fit to your needs. There are many criteria you can use. Load type is the basic differentiation - top or front. Front loaders are often considered the best washing machines. They are also much more popular.

The size is a very important issue. The market offers standard models, as well as small devices also known as “slimline.” Integrated washing machines are a special type - they can be hidden in a kitchen unit. Such devices are the best washing machines for kitchens or other rooms where the appliances cannot remain visible. The other types are traditional agitator washers and washer dryer combos. They all differ not only by the function range, but also by the price.

The best washing machine - what to pay attention to?

Apart from a particular washing machine type or the manufacturer, there are also other important issues you should consider. If you omit them, it might turn out that the device doesn’t match the expectations and is tiresome to use.

Many buyers forget about the noise level of a washing machine. The best washing machines are the quietest - even when spinning. Manufacturers usually inform about their device loudness in decibels. In addition, the washing machine should be properly leveled. You can also use a special anti-vibration pad to stabilize the device and dampen the noise.

When wondering which washing machine to pick, one typically looks at the price tag. But the efficiency of the device is equally important. The best washing machines have an energy rating of A or higher in Europe and a blue Energy Star in the USA. If you see such labels, you can be sure that the washing machine is effective and uses little energy. The efficiency is often disregarded - which is a mistake, as you can save a lot of money thanks to it.

The best washing machine should be capacious enough. Before making a purchase, think about how many people are going to use the appliance and how often it is going to happen. A too large or too small device can increase the costs of using it. Finally, it’s good to check the additional functions. Manufacturers offer a lot of interesting solutions such as steam washing, an extra opening for adding a piece of clothing during the washing process or device control via a smartphone app.

What are the best washing machines - front or top load?

Those who are about to buy a laundry device often wonder whether the best washing machines are loaded through the front door or from the top. There is no clear answer to this question. Although front load washing machines are more popular, sometimes the other type is a better option. A lot depends on the space you can afford for the device.

Top load washing machines are typically smaller, so you can place them anywhere. If there is a small niche in the interior, you can save a lot of space by putting the device in there. This solution is not always possible with washing machines with front doors, as they dictate a certain position of the device. On the other hand, top load washers cannot be integrated. A door located at the front is also much wider, so loading and taking off the laundry is much easier. But in this case, think whether the user won’t mind the necessity to crouch or bend over.

What is the best washing machine for a small bathroom?

Manufacturers offer washing machines in various sizes. A standard front load washing machine dimensions are 60 cm x 50-60 cm, with a height of 85 cm. Such a device might take up a lot of space in a small bathroom. It might be difficult to find the right device for a small interior, especially if you want to reconcile capacity and size.

Top load washing machines are typically very narrow and they can be placed anywhere without the risk that a wall will block the door. But such devices typically have a smaller number of functions and are less efficient than front load washers. If modern functions are among your most important criteria, a slimline washing machine is probably the best option for you. They are just simply slimmer than standard models. Thanks to this, you can easily fit the washing machine even in the smallest interior.

The best washing machine - picking an integrated model

Built-in appliances are a great way to keep the aesthetics of the room. Thanks to this, you can hide unattractive-looking devices while keeping their functionality. It is possible for washing machines as well. What are the best integrated washers? Manufacturers offer a special category of such devices. The best built-in washing machines are a bit shorter than free-standing devices, so that you can fit them under a countertop. There are no slimline models in this version, though. Keep in mind that every built-in washing machine is a front load model. Top load washers cannot be built-in because of their construction.

What are the best washing machines for singles?

Those who live alone don’t need a device of large dimensions. The best washing machine, in this case, cannot be too big - a capacity of 5 kg is enough. Such washing machines are typically quite small, so they can fit even in a small apartment. The best washing machine for a single person should be able to wash a small amount of laundry. The function of adjusting the amount of water to the weight of clothes is very useful, in this case. Thanks to it, you can save a lot on bills. The best washers for singles should also allow for setting a short washing program. Some models allow for ending the cycle after only 15 minutes.

What is the best washing machine for a senior?

Older generations still remember the times when traditional washing machines with agitators were used. For this reason, seniors might have special demands when picking a laundry cleaning device. The best washing machines for seniors should be functional and easy to use. Models controlled by a smartphone aren’t the best choice, in this case - paying for a function that won’t be used is not worth it.

When picking a washing machine, pay close attention to the control panel - it has to be convenient to use. Many modern devices considered the best washing machines have touch screens which might be problematic for elderly. Ordinary buttons are a much better option. Load method might also be a crucial issue. A front load washer requires bending over or crouching everytime you want to put the laundry in or take it out. A top loader is the best washing machine that won’t strain one’s spine.

The best washing machine for a big family. What to pick?

If you want to purchase a washing machine for a big family of four or more, there are certain parameters to pay attention to. Capacity is the basic criterion - it should be as big as possible - 6-7 kilograms is the absolute minimum. Energy efficiency is another issue - most washing machines are very efficient, so seek for the best ones if your family is big.

Automatic adjustment of water and energy to the amount of clothes is a feature that can save you a lot of money. If there are small children in the family, check if the device has an antibacterial program or a special cycle for baby clothes. Thanks to it, you can prevent allergies and skin irritation from detergents. Many washing machines also have a function of a safety lock for children, which might stop them from damaging the device.

How much do the best washing machines cost?

The best washing machine that is enough for everyday domestic use costs between $600 and $1,500. Such a model typically has a lot of functions fitting one’s needs. Sometimes washing machines are offered at lower prices, so you can save some money on the device and have them delivered to your home free of charge.

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