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3 Best Double Door Fridges for December 2022

3 Best Double Door Fridges for December 2022
3 Best Double Door Fridges for December 2022

A fridge is one of the most important kitchen appliances. Choosing one depends on individual preferences, available space in the interior, and the number of family members. Manufacturers offer various types of devices equipped with many modern functions. Double door fridges, sometimes called French door refrigerators are among the most popular models. Check their characteristics and learn who is a double door fridge best for.

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What are the features of a double door fridge?

Double door refrigerators are among the most valued devices on the market. The offered models include the classic form (sometimes called a French door refrigerator), or side by side fridges. They attract customers thanks to their unique design, but also because of their capacity and convenience.

Double door fridges appear in two variants - freestanding and built in. Depending on the kitchen size, you can decide on a compact model, best for a small interior, or a large French door refrigerator to meet the needs of a big family.

What’s the construction of a double door refrigerator?

Depending on a particular model, double door fridges differ in construction. As a standard, the device is divided into two compartments. A traditional cooler takes ⅔ of the block, while the rest is a freezer. Depending on the model, a double door fridge can have the following additions:

  • an automatic ice maker,
  • a water dispenser,
  • a minibar, which has a small built in door (you don’t have to open the whole fridge to get to your favourite beverages).

Who is a double door fridge for?

Double door refrigerators allow for a better organization of all your groceries, while maintaining a lot of clarity when you want to see what’s inside. They are perfect for anyone who loves a classic American design or simply needs a lot of space. It’s an ideal solution for big families whose groceries never fit in a standard fridge.

The capacity of some models reaches even 600 liters, thanks to which you don’t have to cram products inside. It’s a great comfort for the user.

What are the biggest advantages of a double door refrigerator?

Double door refrigerators are valued for their modern functions. The mentioned storage space is the most important one. In some models, the freezer is located next to the cooler. Thanks to this, you can use it without having to lean to reach the freezer drawer - which is located at the bottom in a French door refrigerator.

Many value double door refrigerators for their design. Some freestanding models have hidden handles, thanks to which the front of the device looks smooth and prestigious. If you decide on such a refrigerator, you can pick from various colors or choose a variant built in the kitchen unit.

Double door refrigerators also offer a lot of interesting accessories. Which ones appear in a model, depends on the model itself. A built-in ice maker is an exciting solution - it either has a water container, or is connected with the water system. Some double door fridges offer a function allowing you to peek inside without having to open the door. The system illuminates the inside of the cooler, and thanks to a special window panel installed in the door you can see if your favourite beverage is inside.

Some double door refrigerators using the latest technologies come with a special touch screen. You can use it to control the device, make a grocery list, manage a calendar or take notes. It’s a modern replacement for sticking physical pieces of paper to the fridge with a magnet.

Are there any potential flaw of a double door fridge?

Energy use might be the most noteworthy disadvantage of double door fridges. Because of their big size, they use more electricity than traditional models. Their energy efficiency rating, however, is typically good.

The price is another drawback, possibly an important one for many customers. The simplest models cost more or less $1,200. Double door fridges with the highest number of additions, equipped with the latest, interesting and most practical functions, can cost $3,000 and more.

What are the functions of a modern double door fridge?

The latest double door fridges come with many convenient features. For instance, the Food Management function is highly useful. It uses cameras installed inside the fridge. Thanks to an app in a smartphone, you can check what’s inside at any moment. It’s a perfect solution when you’re shopping and aren’t sure what supplies you have at home.

The most expensive models have touch screens installed on the door. They allow e.g. for making a grocery list. Thanks to an app, the list can be visible to every family member.

The View Inside function is another convenient solution. After knocking on a particular spot on the door, the fridge will show you the insides.

How much does a double door refrigerator cost?

French door refrigerators, and other types of double door fridges are among the most expensive devices. The prices for classic, basic models start at $1,300. If you want your double door fridge to have many useful options such as an ice maker or a computer, you have to prepare to spend at least $2,000. But keep in mind it’s a long-term investment - the best refrigerators of this type aren’t often replaced.

Where to purchase a double door fridge?

Double door fridges can be purchased in any store with home appliances. But buying in an online store might be the most convenient solution. Online offers are more versatile, and the deals are typically better, possibly coming with some bonuses.

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